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Literature Discussion -


Theorized probable reincarnation, immortality, soul-spirit essence living

By George Chun Fat (San Diego, USA)


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Chapter 5  Physics

Transfinite mechanics:  the soul set theory of spirit mechanics that is a standard of afterlife mechanics.

Practice chronological spectrum analysis.

Use cardinal and ordinal numbers that are positive for a positive manifold existence.

Try to use any combination of green, yellow and orange numbers for an electroweak manifold existence.

Afterlife mechanics includes surreal physics, positive number transmigration, electroweak manifolds, transfinite mechanics, ontological fancies, strong force immortality.

Pray about high order mathematics for your afterlife.

Use the ranking of Ontology in Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters for practicing ontological fancies.

Try to define physics that has positive uses of black light.

Use the transfinite mechanics of light for a good afterlife.  Pray to the celestially angelic.

New definition of the nonlife significances of death in Life and Living:  Consider the negentropy of the black part of light, then the negentropy of diffractive mathematical notation, then the psychometrics of cardinal numbers, then the psychometrics of ordinal numbers as afterlife possibilities.

Negentropy spectrum analysis:

There might be another law of thermodynamics:  the accumulation of entropy.  You want to avoid afterlife areas of accumulated entropy.  Because that makes you transmigrate to small numbers of the material earth.  You want afterlife areas of accumulated negentropy for a good afterlife.

Try to define the universal set theory of soul-spirit mechanics.

The physics of the material earth:  logarithmic numbers, surreal numbers, real numbers

The useable physics of the material earth:  positive real numbers, soul-spirit mechanics

The physics of the atmosphere:  real numbers

The useable physics of the atmosphere:  positive real numbers, soul-spirit mechanics

The physics of outer space:  transfinite numbers

The useable physics of outer space:  positive transfinite numbers, soul-spirit mechanics

The universal set theory of physical lattices:  real numbers, transfinite numbers, cardinal numbers

The soul-spirit mechanics physics interactions with the earth:  logarithmic numbers, surreal numbers, and real numbers

Try to define the reversibility of zero numbers:  try to use a larger set of real numbers, try to use soul-spirit mechanics

There exists potential space, mechanics space, variable space, and dead space.  You want to use transfinite numbers for potential space.  You want to use spirit mechanics for mechanics space.  You want to use real numbers to manage variable space.  You want to use real numbers to manage dead space.

Use spirit mechanics of large numbers to manage the determined determinants of small number variable space.

Practice spirit mechanics of using potential space and mechanics space for traversing positive domains of the afterlife.

Try to define positive number mechanics of the spirit:

Try to define large number mechanics of the spirit:

Fractals exist everywhere including in the afterlife.  Your fading consciousness could transition to diffractive mathematical notation fractals and meta-mathematical fractals and even soul fractals and spirit fractals.  You could use fractals to find out-of-body chakras.  Fractals exist in a fading consciousness because fractals exist everywhere.  Fractals extend into transfinite number and the heart of the spirit.  You can even see fractals on the ground.  Learn about the universal set theory of fractals.  Try to let your fading consciousness travel along fractals to transfinite numbers and the heart of the spirit.

Positive fractal number transmigration:  electroweak functions of the consciousness seeping out of the body; along positive electroweak force transmigrations lines of fractal numbers.  Out-of-body fractal number chakras.  Your fading consciousness could fade into a very tiny fractal chakra (at the least); then you could have the possibility of transitioning your soul to electroweak chakras—because of fractal structure.  Then you could transition to transfinite numbers and heart of the spirit.  Practice chapter 1 of Life and Living.

Positive strong force number transmigration:  strong force transmigrations lines of probably number mechanics of the spirit.  Strong force number lines of the heart of the spirit.  Some high order chakras are probably strong force number lines.  Soul-spirit mechanics of high order chakras to transition to strong force number lines.  Practice chapter 1 of Life and Living.

The probability that your soul and spirit transitions to another set of numbers; is because of meta-mathematics and fractal numbers.  Using fractal numbers is at least some of the electroweak force set of existence.  Then you would not have to worry about decomposition of your body.  Your soul and spirit would exist in the electroweak range of existence.  Then you could use the set of real numbers for transmigration.

Fractal afterlife mechanics is the electroweak ghosts that you might have noticed.  You got the possibility that your feelings transition to electroweak fractal numbers as a natural progression of dying.  You would exist as a fractal number ghost in the electroweak range.  You would be a conscious ghost that lives in the atmosphere.  This existence is probably the easiest afterlife mechanics.  The dying process of transmigration into an electroweak fractal number ghost.

The fading consciousness could transmigrate into fractal electroweak numbers as a process of dying.  You get at least an electroweak ghost existence when you die because of this.  If you want more than an electroweak ghost existence you must use soul chakras and spirit chakras somehow.  Probably an active afterlife mechanic.  Otherwise you become an electroweak ghost.

Meta-mathematics is best for transitioning to real numbers while you die.  You probably might start at the number 1.  You want to transition to larger real numbers somehow.  The potential of the spirit might let you transition to larger real numbers.  Somehow your soul has to use the number 1 to initialize use of the spirit.  Your soul might notice various spirit potentials to transition to larger real numbers.  Using meta-mathematics to use spirit potentials might let you transition from the number 1 to larger real numbers.  Meta-mathematical function is capable of methods to use numbers.  You might initialize number mechanics of the soul and number mechanics of the spirit.  By doing so, you could transition to larger real numbers.  Then you could be an electroweak ghost or a spirit being.  If meta-mathematics is the method to transition to larger real numbers; that is what you want to do when you die.  Somehow your soul has the number 1 while dying because of universal set theory.  So practice soul-spirit mechanics of transitioning to larger real numbers.

The variable vectors of down is low order algorithms.  The variable vectors of up is high order algorithms.

How to significantly real manage the dead realm:  you have learned how to exist as an intact mathematical space algorithm in this book.  The number bandwave continuum for intact mathematical space algorithms could let you traverse the logarithm region, the zero region, the negative region of the dead realm.  Read all of chapters 5, 6, 7, and 11.  Pray to the celestially angelic.  Practice counting large numbers.

The information content size of your mind and consciousness; the probabilities you got for long distance travel out of your body after you die:  I have seen afterlifers that had traveled out of their bodies’ long distances.  I have seen people caught in wood, and asphalt and cement.  The information content size didn’t seem to matter.  It was the avoidance of logarithmic numbers, zero numbers, and negative numbers for the afterlifers I believe. 

How all the possibilities of the transitioning individual could manage and travel the event horizons of black holes:  Try to function as an intact mathematical space algorithm that is transitioning through negative numbers.

Continuum space is very primary.  Nothing prevents your seeping thoughts to leak out into continuum space.  Seeping thoughts have already been proven to you in this book.  So then all the potentials of continuum space—your seeping thoughts could connect to (latch on to) for progressing as an intact mathematical space algorithm.  So you could conceivably exist as an electroweak ghost or if good enough a strong force immortal.  The combination of continuum space, mathematical space and number space has sufficient equations of very fine meta-mathematics and physics that your consciousness is allowed to exist larger than zero after your die and seep out into these total spaces.  So then this proves that you get to think and probably feel something after you die and can try to use these space potentials and energies and 100% cosmology.  Therefore practice living after dying. Pray to the celestially angelic and the eternals.  Practice counting large numbers.  Good luck!

Try to figure out if number bandwave continuum waves exist:

How to access and go to high order math and numbers for traveling the various realms of the galaxy:  The possibility of existing as an intact mathematical space algorithm; that has the potential of it’s afterlife consciousness knowing how to use itself for transition mechanics-- from afterlife consciousness to high order math and numbers galactic traveler.  You let your transition mechanics discover the high order math and numbers of the various galactic realms.  So you would be some kind of immortal for using high order math and numbers.  I have seen many do that.  Practice number theory as much as you can.

Try to figure out if black hole waves determine logarithmic traps:

If a sufficient amount of order exists for after dying living; like I have defined for you—then you need to practice.  The probabilities are at least 100% that after dying living is possible.  But the possibilities are very significant for after dying traps of some orders.  So you must learn to feel positive of good orders of the out-of-body chakras and equations.  You must learn to function with the large number potentials of the spirit and of intrinsic significances of reality—for transitioning to afterlife orders.  Pray to the celestially angelic and the eternals.  Practice order coordination. 
Do not freeze up your coordination and possibilities.

Space continuum mechanics:

High order afterlife potentials and possibilities:  As you become an intact mathematical space algorithm; that the truth of mathematical space has you figuring out the realms of high order math and numbers.  You might use such real transition mechanics that you make yourself a universal immortal.  The 2000’s had very many universals visit earth.  They probably did this paragraph and the afterlife is much bigger than terrestrial life.  Practice accepting transition mechanics.

Practicing high ordered human traits might be enough for mastering transition mechanics.  You should pray to the celestially angelic and the eternals.

The high order realms of high order math and numbers include and contain the afterlife continuum because of how the human spirit is a part of cosmology and because that is how the heart of the spirit functions.

You should try to prove to yourself that continuum physics exists because of the clouds, the galaxy-level humans, and the astral adepts.   Eat bananas so that you won’t be hurt by them too severely.  You could use continuum physics for afterlife transition mechanics.  Continuum physics has the possibilities of mathematical space algorithm for your transitioning afterlife.  Continuum physics has the possibilities of number realm interaction with all your variables of dying and transitioning.  Continuum physics has determinants for the possibilities of distance traveling in your life and afterlife.

More definitions of space that permeate the ground:

More ways to see reality:

Probabilities and possibilities of continuums and realms existence:

List of continuums:

List of realms:

Try to refine the human condition continuums:

Your out-of-body death must get to transition symmetries for the soul and spirit and consciousness; of useful continuums and realms.  So then all progressions of dying must feel and use the various determinant symmetries that exist for transitioning to the afterlife.  Traps are the variables that aren’t useful for symmetries.  It seems like the useful transition symmetries are at least the positive number line.

Internal symmetries of reality determinants; some of them are connected to out-of-body transition symmetries.  You should try to figure out the internal symmetries of all the dying time.  So that your consciousness knows how to transition to out-of-body external transition symmetries.

Figuring out transition dimensions of the afterlife and immortality is best possible probably by commanding all 24 dimensions of existence.

The super high frequencies of the pineal gland are sufficient for cellular regeneration of the body, so you won’t age; and strong force command so that you could live forever without dying.  Also, the super high frequencies of the pineal gland and even high frequencies of reality could let you transition to very nice afterlife realms.

Getting trapped in wood, cement, asphalt, and steel is because these materials are low-order algorithms.  Clouds and space are high-order algorithms.  You want to use your afterlife mechanics skills to access high-order algorithms.

What the possibilities are for electroweak mathematical space algorithms afterlifers within the electroweak domain of reality:  I have seen such afterlifers.  I believe that all the electroweak cosmology is the domain for afterlifers.

How to make the finite capacities enough for transitioning to an afterlife:  You still might estimate that all your finite capacities of yourself fade to nothing.  The finite capacities really go into the out-of-body chakras because your soul and spirit are subsets of these chakras.  Because you want to persist as a mind.  The finite capacities are line segments that transition connections to other line segments of mathematical space at least.  So then you’re larger than zero finite capacities got some potential for going out of your body into all the potential of the physical universe.   Practice transition mechanics.


Note from author:  I have asked you to read the entire file at least 6 times.  That is because I add to various chapters randomly.  I hope you appreciate the improvements.  Slowly, but surely I am writing a book of immortality.  You should try to learn the new additions to the book as much as possible.  Soon this book is going to be 60 pages.  Then I’ll get my 60 seconds and 60 minutes.  You should have read the latest versions of my books Conceptual Principles of Existential Parameters, Intuitive Happiness, Stress Management, Life and Living and How to Feel GoodHow to Feel Good is pretty good at describing the afterlife.  Of course, this book is more comprehensive.  You really should try to practice number mechanics of the spirit for your afterlife.  Thank you.  Until next time.  George


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