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By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPI)



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Reconciliation may mean the following:..

Reconciliation may be seen as part of a process of a relationship gone wrong, typically as the result of one party causing a rift, by putting an end in a relationship of enmity and by substituting for one of peace and good will.

This may be a relationship between individuals or between nations. And reconciliation mainly is aiming at a peacebuilding process or bringing about peace in the aftermath.

The conflict itself should be seen as normal life, in our diversity, since it is generator, operator and destroyer (G.O.D.). But its impacts sometimes go beyond normality, and the escalation of conflict can cause a lot of damage.

The negative impact of conflict, as the 3rd level of it, is a crucial time for victims of it, and a hard time for victimizers, because the lack of harmony between both sides impedes their well being, due to the mistrust of both side.

Nevertheless, some steps must be taken in order to bring any kind of sustainable reconciliation:

Victim side

1. Rebuilding/reconstruction physically/psychologically (confidence & trust, and self confidence)
2. Responding to the victim's needs
3. Working hard on measures to prevent any de-escalation
4. Create open space for both sides in order to bring back harmony and to avoid any mistrust and give a chance for better understanding.

Victimizer side.
1. Recognising the mistake/crime/- damages made
2. Bring contribution to the victims with self willingness and consent
3. Continuous dialogue with victim/s for building a better, more harmonious future.

If all of the above was done without whoever/whatsoever pressure, sustainable
reconciliation among former enemies is possible.