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REMEDY: Article III state Judiciary Court

By William Dixon


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REMEDY; Article III state Judiciary Court

Special Appearance In Propria Persona to challenge jurisdiction of agency Without Prejudice UCC 1-207.

Agency of State is commercial Charter of Maritime jurisdiction; I hereby refute agency terms of Uniform Commercial Code 3-104 "promise" and reject "unconditional" instruments as "unconscionable" at UCC 2-302.

The Constitution is not a defense in "satisfaction and accord" commercial venture unless "dishonor" of negotiable instrument is in dispute or fraudulently represented. If no contract exists, there can not be an "action" to force acceptance of obligation if the Citizen remains In Propria Persona upon a W-4, license or summons. In Propria Persona upon an instrument would look like this; "Without Prejudice UCC 1-207", written above your signature reverts the burden of proof and places terms upon agency. Individual terms are non-negotiable with agent/police power and must be accepted. The Citizen is then protected by the very statute meant to subject him to jurisdiction of commercial agency for same is non-assumpsit. Agency charter must follow U. C. Code or suffer the wrath of Their father.

Blks Law 5th In Propria Persona. "In ones own proper person. It was a former rule in pleading that pleas to the jurisdiction of the court must be plead in propria persona, because if pleaded by attorney they admit the jurisdiction, as an attorney is an officer of the court, and he is free to answer charges after "taking leave" of the accused, which admits the jurisdiction."

In Propria Persona is "in your forehead" and guides your fleshy "right hand" to worship foreign instruments which causes your heart and Soul worry by subjecting your flesh ‘in-personam’ to slavery. In-personam admits to the jurisdiction because you waived the wisdom of God and the Bill of Rights by accepting those of the 14th Amendment for Federal citizen "privilege and benefit." Your attorney speaks for you by procedural process and knows nothing of God or The Bill of Rights.

Blks Law 5th Non-assumpsit. "The general issue in the action of assumpsit; being a plea by which the defendant avers that "he did not undertake or promise as alleged."

When the Citizen is aware of a controversy regarding agency practice, they may elect to protect their In Propria Persona Citizenship status. Writing/signature upon a "required" "unconscionable" unit of Without Prejudice UCC 1-207 will render the unit non-assumpsit and reserves Rights upon the instrument. The non-assumpsit does not grant "satisfaction and accord" to agency. Thereby no expectation or "promise" at UCC 3-104.3.

Taxes do not buy anything; they only perpetuate inferior Article II Executive Departments to acquire more "persons" to collect them for Article I Congress. The People get raises on wages, rent, taxes, and insurance at the pleasure of the Federal Reserve. The wage earner is the most studied of mankind and risk loss in case of financial emergency. Insurance, interest rates, and medical expenses take the very little left over pocket money. Agency is very aware of this matrix but do not offer relief or even an ear. "Obligation of Contract" at Article I, Sec. 10, Cl.1, is the Law of the land, even if Admiralty has a claim. We Thee People must watch the wall of Truth, for when agency demands obedience, We The People must prey for proper knowledge.

Many purchase what they may because their money does not cause inflation. Citizens who toil daily and pay the IRS the price of a car payment or bicycle are the ones who cause inflation. We The People are in control of the buying if and when we may save enough to finance a vehicle, television or refrigerator. Agency is in charge of how much we purchase by using the tax to control this everyday life sequence.

Our seniors live on fixed income and their spare money is dolled to the pharmaceutical manufacturing stockholders which operates against the "taxpayer" by using the same spending principal. The Federal Reserve knows exactly how much money those on Social Security have and the agency pays out according to the stress matrix of the senior "class." The proof is; Canada sells U. S. drugs at far less the price than Americans may purchase them in the U. S. There are two laws of this principle; Power and Greed and power and greed. No "benefit" because the "taxpayer" is tithing the wrong Master.

"Righteous" men had "entrusted" the Peoples’ Lawful money to usury by devise long before the Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devise was a reality. The "Great Depression" should have been the first sign of today’s resultant agency power. Congress controls the flow of F.R.A.U.D.s through their banks by raising and lowering insurance, interest and taxes. "District" circumstances may be manipulated by agency to take advantage of currency issues involved with as little as the Red Cross and as much as the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Mortgages, tuition, and taxes endanger the Citizen with threat of loss through foreclosure, confiscation of equipment, children or a ferret in the State of California. Households must ‘work’ all hands in order to survive and pay interest and taxes. Farmer’s loose vast acreage for lack of Frauds and thereby agency bankers, bond holders and insurance companies prosper.

Many Patriots have fallen pray to the 13th Amendment with their lives, property and Spirit. Those who seek Truth must be made aware of their "worship" to this "procedural" Penumbra of "inferior" officers and agency courts. The individual must gain knowledge of agency and rid themselves of their inequity or be enslaved by adhesions far greater than now exist.

Blks Law 5th Penumbra Doctrine. "The implied powers of the federal government predicated on the Necessary and Proper Clause of the U. S. Const., Art. I, Sec.8 (18), permit one implied power to be engrafted on another implied power." Kohl v. U.S., 91 U.S. 367, 23 L.Ed. 449.

This is a "stare decisis" or bench statute and does not apply to Article III Judicial Power or "natural born Citizens" of the respective states. Article I Legislative and Article II Executive are the implied powers which are engrafted at the "inferior" Fed/State forum court. A contract of corporate cause from Article I delict gives police power to agency via Article II Executive and puts the burden on the Citizen to prove he has not violated an agreement. Penumbra Doctrine does not include Article III, which is not an "implied" power.

Article I, Sec. 8 Cl. (1), "The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, and Impost and Excises."

None of these constitute wages or Right to employment and church without agency License. Neither is Congress authorized to delegate tax authority to any of the other "implied powers." The Penumbra Doctrine allowed "implied powers" to be "engrafted." Article II Executive to collect the tax with "implied" police power, but no delict to destroy diversity of Citizenship. Article I Legislative is the other "implied" power and together makes third party instruments "presumed" to obligate the state Citizen.

These instruments fail to fully disclose their misrepresentation, omission, concealment, and are of collusion and conspiracy. The flag of Article II Admiralty is proof of third party Department of Justice Executive, using Article I Legislative statute to dispense Law Merchant procedure. Third party units are voidable and both inferior powers must prove their jurisdiction to use the police power enabling clauses within their own system charter.

An Article I witness must verify accuracy and validity of its commercial "officer of the court" summons to the proper "persons." Article II Executive must witness to the validity of proper instruments agency is "carrying into effect" and validate the unit’s application to the proper subject and class. Article III Judicial will not be present, only commercial entities are subject to procedural due process "justice." All accusers within a commercial forum have a sworn duty as "officers of the court" to protect both Articles. All three Separation of Powers are required as witness and officials in a state Court. A state Court using Federal Rules are of the Penumbra Doctrine and may be made totally "dead in Law" by a Citizen who reserves his Rights to state Court.

The Department of Justice uses Federal Code of Civil Procedure and only has dejure power over subject corporations and resident persons "within the jurisdiction of the United States" Territorial limits, "(not exceeding ten Miles square)" of the Washington "District." Police power is presumed to apply to the "natural person" via summons, actions, and presentments which are contracts of Maritime nexus and require a "respondent" to prove innocence or "dishonor" of contractual "promise" will issue. The Citizen is presumed to know what has "made liable" there "in-personam", and police power will "Miranda" your answers to the proper authorities for "scourging."

ACTS; 22:25 And as they bound him with thongs, Paul said unto the centurion that stood by, "Is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman, and uncondemned?"

Paul of Tarsus said to the Centurion; I am a Child of God and no man may have sovereignty over me without permission. He would have given jurisdiction to be scourged if he would have been "tacit" in the presence of the agent or appealed for an attorney instead of a personal counsel from God. Paul was being threatened within the presumed jurisdiction of defacto Roman law or U.S. Article II. No conviction, only "public policy" of Article I was the "cry of the people", even with Jesus. All procedure within its Territorial limits, which were "necessary and proper" for his presumed subject citizenship status, would have prevailed. Paul demurred by challenging the "enabling clause" of the "police power" to scourge Him. His Sovereignty as a "state Citizen" was "declared" and Paul was "entitled" to "privileges or immunities", for His body was in Christ and bound thereto.

John 8:36

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Jesus gave Paul marching orders to go unto the Gentiles and He would tell Paul what to say. Paul himself had engaged in the same killing, scourging and confiscation of property with license of State, as the centurion was about to render unto Him. He deserved it more than those who had preceded Him. Paul was a chosen vessel of Jesus Christ and never a more powerful statement at Law of Gentile was made prior neither to that day nor since. A Sovereigns prayer to God in Jesus name is intercede and Remedy, even in these end times in the united States of America.

Many Nations have treated their Citizens the same way Paul was threatened, with Godless Government. In these United States, agency must contract prior to scourging, after all We Thee People must follow the "rule of Law."

Jesus was present when Citizen Paul asked about the Law of the Free Born within an occupied Territorial State. There are those who cherish the same ever presents of God and seek knowledge to prevent their very slavery to man. Truth cannot Satan hear, and the dullness of Penumbras sphere hides the bright Star that comes as a thief to reap those who have falsely taught the Law of Man. Paul’s plea was from His Spiritual heart and In Propria Persona. Today the citizen who contracts or "tacitly" concedes to obligation are those scourged with Maritime jurisdiction.

Acts 23; 26-28 "when the centurion heard that, he went and told the chief captain, saying, Take head what thou doest: for this man is a Roman. 27, Then the chief captain came, and said unto him, Tell me, art thou a Roman? He said, Yea. 28, And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born."

The agent was put on "Notice" (UCC 1-201.26 "Color of Law") of Paul’s immunity from being held without victim, witness or warrant. The centurion must be very careful for this type of plea from a sovereign Citizen must be heard because even the Captain had not jurisdiction to proceed and could be sued by the victim of false persecution. There was no victim, nor "verified complaint", based upon "probable cause" prior to having paid a fine or confined to hardship within Federal Rule 12 (b) commercial Tribunal. The captain was well aware of Title 18 statute and said to Paul he was also Roman which assented to ease Paul’s issue. The Captain said he purchased his "artificial" citizenship with approval of Congress and codified within the 14th Amendment. "BUT", Paul said, "I was free born" and God’s Bill of Rights is intercede. Paul new there were different Laws for "artificial" diversity citizenship and made sure the agent was aware that His was Sovereign. Not "subject" as that of the occupying "resident" captain who was an "officer of the court" within the jurisdiction of Caesar.

The Ten Commandments are forbidden in Federal/State court because a state Citizen has not been indicted by The People, but summoned before an inferior magistrate for gain. The Ten Commandments stand witness to the fact that very few of Gods Laws are broken and you are being forced into the synagogue of false teaching. Agency uses the Bible as a convenience to placate the victim witness of false testimony, when no crime has been committed. If not a crime against God, State cannot bring action. Paul had broken the law of man by teaching in Jesus name, but civil Law is forbidden from harming Gods chosen in this Nation. When Gods children testify "procedure" to placate the State; false witness is manifest.

Zech 5:4

"I will send out the curse," says the LORD of hosts;

"It shall enter the house of the thief

And the house of the one who swears falsely by My name.

It shall remain in the midst of his house

And consume it, with its timber and stones."


The beguiled Emperor conceived he was enthroned with the robe of concealment, he revealed himself by violating His seat of Covenant with God. The Ten Commandments are not the Law of his synagogue. His subjects hide the obvious banishment of reality and tempt God to marvel The People with blindness of elliptical Penumbra. A false witness may send an innocent to prison and the beguiled to Purgatory.

A policeman has only the power of arrest granted them by their Masters charter. The FBI, IRS, ATF, license bureaus, municipal tax, and police power are all heads from the same dragon, and only differ contractually. If the contract they presume to exist is "dishonored" for your failure to do or not to do a thing, the centurion will summon even the free man to Tribunal if he does not reserve his Rights as Paul had. The Bills Of Rights are "occupied" by elliptical words of art and Maritime Contract. A commercial action must be met with a commercial response for agency knows not the Rights of the individual who signs their "one status fits all" instruments "unconditionally." We the People have lost the ability to avoid agency insistence upon our cooperation and are void of answers to their "mail box" policy and resultant court appearance within agency jurisdiction.

Blks Law 5th Tacit quaedam habentur pro expressis. "Things unexpressed are sometimes considered as expressed."

Simply responding to summons, presentments, depositions or refusing to enter a plea are all tacit admissions to the jurisdiction of the court. Try throwing a presentment in the trash and it will haunt you when the judge certifies payment is due for evasion. "Dishonor" will be verified if the Citizen does not respond with Rights reserved upon the negotiable summons/instrument/claim.

Blks Law 5th in-personam. "The action in personam is that by which we sue him who is under obligation to do something or give something."

A W-4/summons/license is presumed to be voluntary, knowingly, willingly and intentionally signed by the Citizen. A negotiable instrument is Constitutional, no matter what Rights the Citizen is restricted from uttering, for same are waived and therefore frivolous. "Obligation of Contract" applies to all parties. Article III is bared from interfering due to the Separation of Powers and lack of nexus, no matter which class of Citizen has promised to ‘benefit.’ Unconstitutional will not serve Remedy to an "unconditional" and voluntarily signed contract. Maritime Jurisdiction is not in the business of advising its "clients" how to protect their Bill of Rights upon any negotiable contract.

The Citizen may remain In Propria Persona and have the same "benefit" of license if he desires. The W-4, summons, or license to practice medicine, pilot, or contract may be made non-assumpsit by the individual Citizen who is knowledgeable in the Law.

Blks Law 5th Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. "Body of procedural rules which govern all civil actions in U. S. District Courts and after which most of the states have modeled their own rules of procedure. These rules were promulgated by the U. S. Supreme Court in 1938 under power granted by Congress, and have since been frequently amended. Such rules also govern bankruptcy proceedings in the bankruptcy courts; and, Supplemental Rules, in addition to main body of rules, govern admiralty and maritime actions."

Thereby the gold fringe which has federalized the state courthouse flag with "forum" Article I Legislated statutes of Congress and Article II Department of Justice Admiralty procedures. The activation clause for police power is by the hand of the contracted "subject", which assents to agency idolatry. Congress contracts police power when "dishonor" of its instruments may be verified for "reasonable cause" to believe the tax, summons, or license has not been paid as promised by the "subject" Citizen. Article II D.O.J. lends its "implied power" Penumbra to execute procedures for collection, which violate the Separation of Powers Doctrine. If the Citizen does not have knowledge of the transgression, so be it, for the Citizen is presumed to know the Law and may not use any other documents to excuse ignorance.

"Subject" citizens are bound to follow procedural rules in civil actions, even if they do not speak the dialect or understand the law. When the Natural state Citizen remains In Propria Persona, Article III Judiciary requires "probable cause" or Citizen may not be "held" prior to "indictment" of The People per the 5th Amendment. A state Citizen is only as free as his knowledge of elliptical Citizenship devise within agency contract. A state Citizen is not required to follow Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for same are "without" jurisdiction. If voluntary assent is subscribed by non-disclosure or fraudulent representation, the contract is a nullity and "dead in Law" when the instrument is brought before the proper Tribunal as "unconscionable."

Your state "modeled" their procedures which are "necessary and proper" to qualify for Fed funds to build the courthouse to try the state Citizen and "occupation" Territory per District statute. Federal Rules within a state court will not convince God of His Peoples Liberty. The Masted Federal flag is warning to all; Maritime Jurisdictional Civil Law will dispense "forum" procedural "due process" to any who enter by contract or "tacit" compliance. The state only has the presumed power over the Citizen when Maritime jurisdiction has been empowered by "subject matter and in-persona jurisdiction" at Rule 12 (b) which delict false citizenship and obligates We The People as "subjects."

Federal Rule 12 Defenses and Objections-(b) "…the following defenses may at the option of the pleader be made by motion:

lack of jurisdiction over subject matter. (commercial "class")

lack of jurisdiction over the person (contracted artificial subject v. natural born)

…a motion making any of these defenses shall be made before pleading. (Administrative level)

(h) (3) "Whenever it appears by suggestion of the parties or otherwise that the court lacks jurisdiction of the subject matter, the court shall dismiss the action."

In military terms, the prisoner must be remanded to a state court for Remedy. State court requires indictment by the People and Probable cause to issue a warrant. No "crime" has been committed within the jurisdiction the People and the subject matter cannot "go forward" for no "verified complaint" exists and the court is entirely without "cause of action."

"Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207 is much more than a "suggestion" when written above your signature. A reservation of Rights vitiates the W-4/license/summons by placing a non-assumpsit "condition" upon the now non-negotiable unit at UCC 3-104.2. The "promise" of UCC 3-104.3 is void ab anito and cannot "make liable" the "promise" under penalty of perjury at UCC 3-104.3. No performance is required for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and "lawful money of the United States" is not germane to "relief sought."

Subject matter is as simple as understanding that there must be a contract, summons, or tacit "dishonor" of Maritime jurisdiction. Subject matter is the "nature of cause of actions and of relief sought."

Blks Law 5th Cause. "Something that precedes and brings about; to effect as an agent; to bring into existence; to make to induce; to compel."

Operating a vehicle on the street "requires" license of commercial operators. Your "unconditional" signature upon the unit gives "police power" to agency per agreement signed with full knowledge of its content. The subject is commercial and you are a card carrying member of Maritime Jurisdiction and "accepting benefit" of "trafficking."

The Sheriff is the only Constitutional police officer of Article II Executive Branch. The state Citizen who commits a crime against the People must have "indictment" for "cause" to exist; the sheriff is the one who should pick you up. Municipalities and state police are "resident" 14th Amendment due process officers of the court and have very limited jurisdiction, whose subject matter is commercercial gain. Vehicles are registered and held in trust by the "trafficker" and the summons is for "failure to perform legal obligation to do, or refrain from performance of, some act" involving State business.

The Citizen must rebut the "cause of action" a little different than Paul did. The Free born must deny all jurisdiction of agency to remain In Propria Persona. We do not accept the "benefit" of agency "due process" and aver to the God given Bill of Rights. By not accepting another "officer of the court" as attorney, agency is estoppel of procedural "due process" by adhesion, for no one has your "power of attorney" to "take leave" of your Bill of Rights.

A Christian Man must be aware of the Spiritual cost of waiving any Rights what so ever. When asked if the charges are clear, a NO will demand the "cause of action." The "proof of the matter stated" is contract or lack thereof and a statement of "Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207, I wish to remain silent" will estoppel agency and stay the matter at the administrative level. "Without Prejudice" is "notice" to agency that a "suggestion" has been made to deny jurisdiction per Rule 12 (b). "Color of law" statutes are very clear, and "the court shall dismiss the action." The judge would violate his oath to act in a personal manner to harm anyone and "made liable" and "obligated" to the Citizen for violation of Rights. The court officers 12 (6) "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted", is fatal. The officers "service" of summons would also be flawed if a reservation of Rights were visible above the Citizens signature on W-4/license/summons, for no indictment, no "arrest" by surrogate is admissible.

The Supreme Court only "hears" what it may under guidelines set forth by the commercial agency bringing action. A knowledgeable state Citizen may not be actioned against by "persons" of Federal situs, unless they contract via "unconditional" negotiable units activated by agency executor at "promise." Supreme Court settles "subject matter" issues between corporate "public policy" and subjects.

A reservation of Rights upon the W-4/license/summons, or ferret bill of sale estoppels the collection executor, for no verification of negotiability exist. None may be "made" for you as "single and one dependant." Resident subject citizens are obligated by contract and an unauthorized pet may be seized by agency contraband confiscation procedure and "mail box policy" of fear and intimidation.

The ferret becomes property and probable cause and warrant is required to seize property.

The Bill of Rights has already been decided as Law and therefore no reason to go to Court unless indicted by the People for a "crime." Civil actions are not the laws within the jurisdiction of the Bill of Rights, for same may be amended at Congressional delict. A state Citizen of Article III may seek the "original jurisdiction" of the Supreme Court to protect religious Rights. A state Citizen who is in-personam/contracted to agency admits to the jurisdiction of "subject matter" issues and succumbs to Rule 12 (b).

Amendment I stands on its own as "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishing of religion." The IRS will license Church tithes with IRS Code Section 501 c (3), giving defacto Federal permission to teach and contractual exempt status to accept tithes. Paul was freer than the church and God save us, it should be the other way around. The difference; Paul prayed for the knowledge to free Him, the church does not seek "prognostic counsel" nor does the "authoritive" Shepherd, ASK Luke 11:9.

"It is an elementary rule of pleading, that a plea to the jurisdiction is…a tacit admission that the court has a right to judge in the case, and is a waiver to all exceptions to the jurisdiction." Girty v. Logan, 6 Bush Ky. 8.

Jesus made a "tacit" admission to Pilate when he responded to the question; "Art thou the King of the Jews." "Thou sayest it" was not an admission, nor was it denial, but enough for Pilate to have "clean hands" for the "tacit" answer. The Magistrate was granted permission to heed "public Policy" and judgment was sealed and "legalized." In today’s court Jesus would have been pled not guilty by the judge and at least would have had a real commercial trial prior to being flogged within Caesars’ synagogues. Jesus would have been tried in-personam with "subject matter" contingent upon the prevailing agency procedures of the Tribunal. Procedures forbade those who would be King of anything to utter it even as "tacit" mumble. Simply stated; a subject may be tried by any agent who has jurisdiction granted him by the victim who has not declared Sovereign Rights. The Tribunal is immune from violating any Rights for same have been waived and issues of status are settled. Speak up, as Paul was instructed and reserve all your Rights with knowledge.

A valid "writing" at UCC 3-104.1, made "unconditional" at 3-104.2, will sustain the "promise" at 3-104.3 regardless of Constitutional arguments by the Patriot. This is jurisdiction of agency over the subject Citizen. Negotiable Instruments Law is UCC 3-104 and agency "must" follow the charter rules of its Master; Congress. Remedy is UCC 1-103.6 for "The code is "Complimentary" to the common law which remains in force except where displaced by the code…"

A Church is not protecting its flock by "exempt" procedural contracts with the IRS. A Church who "must" collect Social Security numbers from an infant is not teaching posterity among the flock. Neither does "head of household" who deducts his infant as a tax benefit. God has allowed us to fail, but now awaits His obedient Children.

Man's Law has adulterated Gods Holy places and "works" must be completed so the altar is made ready for Christ. Christian Men and Women are not required by God to license any Right. What then gives the Shepherd license to teach with Authority within a synagogue where the "marriage veil" is split for worship of agency; Apocrypha?

Common Law Copyright: REMEDY; Article III state Judiciary Court

August 29, 2003

All Rights are Reserved and Protected under the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights

by William Dixon