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Food for Thought in a Time of Famine

By Julie Pisacane (USA)

Empty Plates  

The trust and honesty plates are empty. These need filling before it is too late. Who will fill them?

 Greed and violence have full plates but those are the wrong plates to be full.  Political leaders that claim “all is well” are only speaking for themselves and hiding behind the doors of their luxurious homes with guards to protect them.

People all over the world are starving for basic needs to be met and meeting basic needs should the first step to a better earth and a better life for all people. Why do our world leaders neglect this fact? The answer is they do not care. If they cared, the dividing line between the very rich and very poor would not be so thick. Corruption would be smaller scale but look around and you will see it is has increased everywhere. It is an observation anyone can make outside of countries and regions where armies are formed out of the poor and illiterate. These armies are starved for food and for purpose. Corrupt and violent leaders give them their purpose as the individual people of such armies are not allowed to think for themselves. Such leaders treat people and the earth like garbage. They must be stopped. 

We must elect leaders with good moral values to take corrective action, leaders with real solutions and plans for the starving, the homeless, and the jobless. The values that were once respected in every home on every land have practically disappeared. It is a time a great famine in the year 2016. All of us that recognize the problems in our communities and across the seas must get involved with phones calls, emails, meetings, blogs and letters to start making a difference that can help change this world for the better.

United we stand. Remember those words? Remember living in such times? They do not have to be memories that lay dormant. We have the opportunity and the right to be heard. This freedom is our power and it has not yet been taken away but the days for certain freedoms are truly numbered. If you see issues in your own neighborhood getting worse, bring it to the attention of those that can do something about it. Be the Good Samaritan and not the one who just walks on by. Keep in mind the image of the ripples in a pond when a stone is thrown into it. This needs to happen as too many places are frozen in fear under the rule of violent and corrupt leadership.


Food For Thought: Peaceful measures and actions can be taught by example. Be the example. Be the leader you want to see in others. Fill the right plate in your life and the lives of others. We are hungry for unity among our own people in this land and hungry for peace with our neighbors across the sea. There is a sacred law written on every heart. All the answers are within. Do no harm to one another. 


Educational Famine

Can you read this? The message in it is for you but it is also for those who cannot read it. Those who are slaves and born straight into a trap cannot read what you are reading right now.

Every land is hungry for the example of calm, smart, educated and courageous leaders. Every continent is starving for balance.  Religious leaders that order others to kill are not practicing any religion but are murderers of men, women and children.  

Religious texts have been changed and changed again in all generations and written with poisonous minds. People that can read, study and compare know this to be true. Reading is a freedom and not all have access to education and teachers to help them out.

Leaders of any religious institution in any part of the world that continue to remain silent against the violence that is being done in the name of God or their religion are permitting that violence to continue. Do not claim to be a people of peace if you are not using your voice to take a stand. There are worse things than death.  You are robbing the future of our children every time you do not speak out.

A religious mindset has taken over in certain countries for hundreds of years, to throw off the balance and mutual respect of people. Every mind is entitled to an education.

Did you ever stop and think about what the gift of literacy can accomplish to those still in need?

There is an educational famine in our world and this is a plate that also needs filling.

Food For Thought: A starving mind cannot cry tears that you can hear but it does weep. A mind starving for teachers and education is a mind that will be trapped by others with ill-will. A starving mind remains in turmoil. It doesn’t have to be this way. Can you picture the joy of someone who went half their life unable to read and then someone finally teaches them?  It is the same joy a child experiences when they first learn how to read. Can you remember favorite books?  Think of all the children and adults right now in the world today that cannot, as they are forbidden to have teachers and books.  No place on the earth in the 21st century should be turning anyone down to any form of a decent education. This is the crime of our time.


Food and Water

The planet Earth is borrowed by all generations. It is not ours. Every human being lives here for a short span of time. It is truth to say all of our days are numbered. 

The famous Sea Explorer Jaques-Yves Cousteau is known to have said, “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”

It is going to take global thinking and global initiative to save our water systems.  There is so much attached to our ocean, lakes and rivers that when we make it as garbage can, many forms of life die off and we are indeed included.

It doesn’t take much to pollute the earth, land and sea whether is done intentionally or accidentally. It will take great effort to restore but unless all citizens of this planet come to agreement we will continue down a wrong path of destroying this beautiful world.

Food: Buy fresh produce. All farmers work hard to maintain crops to feed the people. The human body is a temple. Feed it the right amount and don’t waste. When you throw food away think of another on this earth who just died from starvation.  This is reality. Give to your churches food for their pantry whenever possible. Hunger is everywhere. It’s just hidden a little better these days in certain communities.

Food For Thought: Plan now your part in helping to recycle, restore and renew the grounds we live on and the water we drink. Test your water. How safe is it to drink?  Conserve water whenever possible and contact your water services department in your area when you have discovered a problem. We all live on borrowed time. How can we make this world a healthier one for the children of tomorrow?



Prayer is personal and there is power in prayer for the person praying and for those they pray for. Prayer is your time with God. Let no one interfere with it.  Don’t set a clock on your prayer time either. Whether it is a quick seven second prayer or an hour, use your time in prayer as you can. IT is always the right time to pray. Prayer comes with feet though. As much as prayer is an action there must be another action to follow. We were built to be active with servitude.  We serve others and there is nothing better than to help those in need. Pray alone and pray with others. The support of others during certain times is very important. Come together with others to talk of solutions. God speaks to your heart and mind. I am thankful always for the times of praying with others and thankful just the same for those who have prayed for me.

Many have stopped believing in God. Pray for them. Sometimes it takes a powerful situation to turn a person around to believe in our Creator. 

God answers prayers but God is now waiting for prayers to be spoken. There is plenty to pray for. The world is terrible shape. People are desperate for basic needs, violence is growing, hatred is harming and all kinds of diseases are destroying. The world is noisy and out of harmony Pray for the world to understand that war is not the solution. . Pray for the world to know peace on all lands.



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