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In the Beginning

By Julie Pisacane (USA)

In The Beginning

Where did everything begin? Is there a beginning and an end or is it all one continuous circle with everything connected to everyone from generation to generation in some way? What lessons will be learned and which ones will be unfortunately missed?

Often, I ponder how time passes quickly and ask myself whether or not I am doing enough with my life. I am not is definitely the correct answer. Others that love me would tell me I am, but I disagree. When I look around and see more chaos and violence in the world I believe that I have somehow failed. With that fact, others are failing alongside me. Anytime that I have wasted the gift of time would be a negative contribution of my own doing - to others and to this world. It's a shame and I am ashamed.

We are talented, intelligent beings destroying our waters, polluting our earth and allowing things to get terribly out of control. We are becoming a desperate kind of people in every country and it doesn't have to be this way and we all know this. This was once a beautiful earth and life was not so complicated. What have the nations done that wisdom weeps more and more each day? There is a huge social disconnect with all the technology that is strapped to our ears, monitors in our faces and cell phones in hands. How much has changed in twenty-five years. People don't take the time anymore to really get together person to person for conversation, company - for love. Who doesn't see the great crime of this all around us and it is this same technology that is now being used in a vicious manner to coordinate with others for the purposes of taking lives.

Peace is always present but we have discarded the sacred way of peace. Every generation will have it tougher now unless there is a global initiative fully focused on meeting the basic needs of every individual to include: education, teaching skills, healthy living, proper values, thoughtful choices and respect. I want to believe that everyone shares this vision but with all the corruption, greed, drugs, religious wars and violence it would seem there is a blindness to the greater good that is within everyone's reach.

I want to make a difference for future generations- for the children that are being born right now. What kind of tomorrow is left to them? Will there be a tomorrow? I don't ever take a single moment for granted anymore. Train up a child the right way and all things will flourish. Plant the seeds of goodness to the firm foundations of a blessed, seeking heart.

Everyday can be a day of new beginnings to help the children of tomorrow. Imagine if everyone was of one mind to make the positive choices needed and we all have the power within us to accomplish so much for the greater good. The only one stopping us - is us. The only one to have stopped me - was me. There is no one to blame but me for any bad choice I made.

I am but a small voice but I do believe there are others like me and if we were able to all come together on great efforts toward peace initiatives, well I trust that we can accomplish anything. All life is sacred and the children of tomorrow are the treasure of this earth. 

In the very beginning there was peace, liberty, light, joy, love and harmony. Let's get back to the beginning again while the clock is still ticking and make a difference for the future generations.  Let's not have it end when we all know deep inside of us how great life can truly be.

Julie Pisacane 1/19/2016




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