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Romania, 1989




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The novel 'The State of Normality' is about life in Bucharest (Romania's capital) and the rest of the country during Ceausescu's government - with its evolution, the revolution and through the day the miners came.

I think these are important moments in Romania's history.

The main character of the story Col. Petre Negulescu is a high ranking Romanian Security agent who during one day (the day when the miners came to Bucharest to beat the protesters), in his office recalls his, and his friends lives during the last twelve years.

Opening the safe containing his friends' files he finds photos, diaries, notes, declarations - memories, ash. The conclusion at the end of the day?

The end has the ambiguity of Petre's life: "The difference between what it was and what it could be reminded him very often of the final jump of the red ball [of a roulette], from a point that seemed to be given to a different one if not to a complete opposite one."


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