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In the Crosshairs of a Mother's Eye

By Rebecca Crawford

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Copyright 2003 Rebecca Crawford





     Lee showed up on the dot, at 7:30 p.m.  Liz hollered for Robin to get the door, as she set the table for dinner.  Robin came out of the bedroom running her hands one last time over her hair, before pulling the door open.

     “Hi, Lee,” Robin stood there looking at his tight fitting jeans and short sleeve western shirt.  He had a belt buckle that was engraved with an eagle in brass and silver.  He wore his hair cascading down his shoulders.  The front was cut short but the back kept long, Robin found it very attractive.

     “Are you going to ask me in?”  He smiled.

     “Oh, yeah, come on in.”  Robin, moving aside, letting him enter, then shut the door.

     “It’s ready!  Come to the table.”

     They all sat down to eat dinner.  “Looks great, Liz.”  Lee complimented.

     “If it taste as good as it looks, then compliment me.”  Liz grinned.

     After dinner, Liz voted to clean up, “You two go visit, I’ll get this.”

  Lee and Robin went out to the porch sitting next to each other on the steps.  They talked about their families.  Robin looking at Lee asked, “So, exactly how old are you?”

     “How old do I need to be?”  Lee said teasingly.

     Robin hit him on the shoulder, “Lee!  I’m serious.”

     “Me too,” He chuckled.  “I’m twenty three.”  Lee turned to Robin grabbing her hand, “And I’m very interested in you, Robin.”  His eyes pierced her.

     “I like you too.”

    “We know a few things about each others families, but have forgotten to exchange our last names.  “I’m Lee De’Marco,” he said, still holding her hand and gazing into her eyes.

     Robin sat still, suspended in his eyes, “Robin LaCrosse.”

     Lee leaned toward her slowly and embracing her gave her a kiss.  Liz came out about that time, “Anybody for Coffee?”

     Robin and Lee about jumped out of their skin.  Robin could have choked Liz, “No thanks, Liz.”  Robin giving her that ‘could you leave look.’

     Lee smiling at Liz, “No, but the dinner was wonderful.”

     Liz felt like an intruder, “I think I’ll run to the store, I won’t be gone long.”  Liz went in getting her keys and coming back out.  “See you two in a bit.”

     Robin thanked Liz with her eyes, smiling, “Okay.”

     Liz got in the car and drove off.  Lee looked at Robin and they began laughing.

     “Liz has a lot of energy!”  Lee said.

     Robin grinned, “You have no idea.”

     Lee reached up and twirling one of Robin’s curls on his finger, leaned forward kissing her on the lips.

     Robin had never felt such a powerful desire to have a man like she did now.

     Lee, pulling away from her, had the same look, as if a spark had ignited between them.  “I want to know you, Robin, everything about you.” 

     His look melted her, making her heart race, “I would like that too.”

     Lee stood up pulling Robin up with him.  “Let’s take a walk.  The moon is full and will act as our light.”

     Lee knew the territory like the back of his hand.  Robin felt safe with him, “That sounds nice.”

     Lee held her hand in his. They went up the trail by the cabin.  The walk was long, “Where are we going?”

     “Not much further.  There’s a clearing up ahead with a large old tree with great arms, reaching toward the sky.  The moon there seems close enough to touch.”

     Just as he finished his descriptive view, Robin, saw the scene ahead; as they came closer she understood why he chose this spot.  The land stretched out into a valley with an open meadow field, with just that one tree in the midst of it.  The moon glowing above gave it such a spiritual feeling, it was calming and enchanting.

     They went to the tree and sat down with their backs against it.  “I call this my thinking tree.  I came here over the years of my life when I needed time to focus and strengthen myself.  My mother said her people call it the tree of wisdom, that through time many came to this very place to feel at one with the spirits.”

     Robin loved the way Lee spoke, “I would love to meet your mother one day.”  Lee had a way of making Robin feel special, as well as, desirable.

        “Lee, this might sound a little too much, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.  I feel so safe when you’re with me; I wish I never had to go after this summer.”

        “No one says you have to, Robin.”  Lee turned looking at her with sincerity.  He kissed her again, only this time more deeply, piercing her mouth with his tongue.  They lay together beneath the large tree kissing and embracing each other for some time, enjoying the warmth of one another.

     Lee finally broke their embrace.  Robin was awakening feelings in him that he wasn’t ready to engage in with her yet.  “I should get you home now.”

     “Lee, I’m eighteen now, what’s the hurry?”

     “Yes, officially you’re an adult, but spiritually you’re a dove.  I have great respect for you, Robin, and when we do lay together in love I want it to be right.”

     Robin did her best to diminish the heat that leapt through her veins.  She wanted him so much, but not just for one night, forever.  She knew at that very moment she wanted to spend her life with him.

     Lee pulled her up kissing her on the nose. “Come, Robin, before I change my mind.”

     They got up and went back to the cabin.  Liz was setting in the rocker on the porch when they returned, “There you two are!”

     Robin stood laughing at her, “What?  Did you miss me?”

     Liz smiled slightly, “Yes, but not your snoring.”

    Lee looking with disbelief at Robin, “You snore?”

    “Liz!”  Robin said.  They all started laughing.

     “I should probably be going. How about meeting up with me tomorrow?  I’m off work; we can go for a scenic canoe ride.  Do the two of you like to fish?”

     Liz laughed, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

     Lee liked Liz’s humor, “Okay, well, bring fishing poles too.”

     Liz bid Lee a good night and went into the cabin.  Robin walked Lee to his truck; Lee gave her a kiss and got in. He cranked his truck and said softly, “Sweet dream’s, white dove.”  He drove slowly away.

     Robin went into the cabin shouting, “Yes!”

     Liz stood at the doorway with her pajamas on, “Yes what?  Yes you’re coming to bed, or yes, you’re in love?” 

     Robin bounced into the bedroom throwing on her night clothes and jumping into bed. “Yes, to both!  I can’t wait to see him again!”

     “Go to sleep so I can read my book.”

     “He is so wonderful, Liz!”

     Liz glancing in Robin’s direction, “Yes, Robin, he really is, now go to sleep would you?”

     “I hope I snore you out of the room!”

      It wasn’t long before Robin drifted off to sleep, leaving Liz some quiet time to read.  She just wasn’t interested in a guy yet.  When Liz finally went to sleep herself, she dreamed again of a dark haired man with icy blue eyes.

       The next morning began like any other.  They got up dressing for their canoe and fishing trip.  It was 9a.m. when Lee drove up.  Robin raced to the door opening it.

     Lee came walking up the steps wearing hiking boots, jeans, and a T shirt.  He had his hair back in a ponytail.

     Robin was unable to contain her feelings, “Hi, Lee!”

     “Glad to see you’re ready.  Women usually take longer.”

     Robin opened the screen door inviting him in.  “Hey, none of that woman stuff!”

     Liz had just made coffee, “Hi, Lee, want a cup of go-go juice?”

     Lee walked to the kitchen getting the cup she poured for him. “Sure, Liz, that would be great.”

     The three of them sat at the table.  Lee sat looking at Liz, he had the ability to read people; “You look like something is on your mind.”

     “Ah, nothing really, just a dream.”

     Lee asked without pressing, “Anything you care to share?”

     “Oh, you’d probably think I’m crazy.”

     He laughed, “Maybe, but I doubt it.  I believe dreams have meaning.”

     “Well, I’ve had the same dream twice already, about a dark haired man with icy blue eyes.”

     “It could be that you will meet a person like this.”

     Robin began laughing now, “Yeah, her drill sergeant, more than likely.”

     Liz started laughing at that, almost spitting her coffee back in her cup.

     Lee stood up, “Let’s go, we have a full day ahead of us, and there’s a lot I want you both to see.  We’ll take my truck, there’s no sense in taking two vehicles.”

     Liz and Robin both spoke in unison, “Okay.”

     Lee stood there smiling, “Are you two twins?”

     No, we’ve just known each other since we were five.  We’re like sisters but not blood relation.”  Robin stated.

     They left the cabin piling into Lee’s truck.  Liz made Robin sit in the middle next to Lee.  Liz felt more brewing between them than a standard lusting relationship; it made her heart feel happy.

     They reached the canoe rental shop and paid for the day.  Lee carried coolers and a bag he had brought, while Robin grabbed the fishing poles.  They climbed into the canoe and Lee kicked the canoe off the rivers edge.  He headed downstream; paddling like he had done it all his life.

     Robin laid back watching and soaking in his powerful arms and steady control.  Lee pointed out beautiful historical sites while giving the history of each.  Liz and Robin were quietly engrossed in all the interesting details.  An hour later, Lee began paddling over to a beautiful spot of trees with a rocky bank.  “I hope this will be suitable for fishing.”

     Robin was captivated by Lee’s intellect and keenness; she turned looking back at him and smiling.  “This is wonderful, Lee!”

     Lee tied up the canoe and the three of them began grabbing what they could carry to the bank.

     “Hey, what do we do about bait?”  Liz asked.

     “We dig.”  Lee replied.

     Liz grinned, “With what? Our fingernails!”

     Lee got his bag in which he pulled out a small shovel.  They went about digging up worms, which surprised Lee, as neither Robin or Liz were bothered by the digging, or baiting their own hooks.

     They spent the day catching nice sized trout.  It was 7 p.m. when Lee decided that they should go back with their catch.  “Looks like fish for dinner tonight.”

     “Baked or fried?”  Liz questioned.

     “I prefer fried with all trimmings.”  Lee said.

     They gathered up their gear and got back on the canoe, with Lee in full control.  They returned the canoe to the rental shop, putting all their supplies in the back of Lee’s truck and heading back to the cabin.

     “Lee, I had a great time.”  Robin said.

     “Me too, I love fishing!”  Liz replied.

     Lee drove smiling, “Well, you both surprised me, most girls hate getting dirty, much less touching worms.”

     Liz leaned forward looking at him, “You should have seen us when we were kids.”

     When they reached the cabin, Liz and Robin went in to heat the grease for the fish, hush puppies, and fries.  Lee was left with the task of cutting and cleaning their catch.

     They ate heartily that night and talked about all they had seen that day.  After dinner Liz excused herself to bed giving Lee and Robin some time to be alone.

     Once Liz disappeared into her bedroom Lee walked over to Robin.  “It was hard keeping my hands off of you today.”

     “It was harder on me! Watching you paddle that canoe really excited me.”  Robin said looking into his eyes.

     “I want to have you, Robin.”

     “Just say when and where.”  Robin said playfully.  “So, where do we go from here, Lee?”

     “We follow the voice of our hearts.”

     They went outside, holding, kissing and caressing one another.  Before Lee left he gave Robin a hicky on her neck.  “Hey!”

     “Just marking my territory; I’ll go for now, but I will see you again tomorrow after work.”

     “I’ll be waiting and watching for you.”

     Robin watched as he drove off, she knew he had captured her heart and her soul, she wanted him.



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