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In the Crosshairs of a Mother's Eye

By Rebecca Crawford

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Copyright 2003 Rebecca Crawford




     The next morning Liz woke up in Calvin’s arms.  She really didn’t want to move, it felt wonderful.  She slowly rolled over to face him, he was so handsome.  She lay soaking in every detail of his face.  His eyes slowly fluttered open to find her staring at him.

     “Good morning, Mrs. Richards.”

     “Good morning.  You know, it will take me a while to get use to my new last name.  I’ll have to get new name patches for my uniforms.  We should get up.  I want to call my grandparents to tell them the shocking, but wonderful news; they’ll never have dreamed this would happen right now, me married.  Well, maybe Grandma might know, she seems to know a lot of things about me, we have a special bond.”

     “We have a special bond too.  I can’t wait until my parents met you!  They’ll love you as much as I do.”

     “Want to take a shower with me?”

     “Like I would say no, Liz.”

     Liz tickled Calvin, “Let’s go big boy.”  Liz rolled over him getting out of bed.  Calvin grabbed her before she got up pulling her back to him.  “Not until I get my morning kiss.”

     Liz began kissing him all over.  “How’s that?”

     “You missed a spot.”

     “I’ll get it in the shower.”

     Calvin got up nearly knocking Liz on the floor.  “I’m ready for that shower now.”

     Liz grinned, “So I can see.  Race ya!”

     They took off for the shower laughing the entire way.

     When they finished their shower and were dressed and ready, Liz went to the phone calling Grandma and Grandpa Shamblee.  Grandma answered the phone, “Hello?”

     “Hi Grams, how are the two of you?”

     “Fine, dear.  I had such a wonderful dream of you last night.  I dreamt of a dark haired man in a gold circle reaching his hand out toward you.”


     “Yes, he had such love in his eyes for you.  They were the color of the sky.”

     “I guess we really do have a special connection Grandma.”

     “Why? What is it honey?”

     “Well, I got married last night.  His name is Calvin Richards.  He has dark hair and icy blue eyes.  Grandma, that’s weird.”

     “You were married?  Oh, Liz, I hope he’s everything you wanted.”

     “He is, Grams, and more!  He’s sweet and smart, and well, handsome too.”

     “Oh, your Grandpa will be happy for you!”

     “When we get it figured out we’ll be up for a visit in seven months if possible, after my schooling.”

     “I look forward to it.  I miss you sweetie.”

     “I miss you too.  Give Grandpa a kiss for me, okay?”

     “I will, dear.  You take care of yourself and your new husband.”

     “We’ll be fine, I’ll call you soon.”

     “Bye, honey.”


     Liz hung up the phone feeling the full impact of what her grandma had told her before she left home, how they were connected.

     “Hey, Liz, snap out of it!  You look like you’re in another world.  What did your grandparents say?”

     “Oh, they’re happy for us, and look forward to meeting you.”

     Calvin sat down; calling his parents.  They were overjoyed with the news and expressed their anticipation at meeting their new daughter in law.  Calvin hung up the phone; turning to Liz.  “I can’t wait to show you off.”

     “I feel like a Barbie doll!”

     “Yeah, well, I’m Ken.”

Calvin pulled Liz onto his lap.  “I hate it that I have to leave today, but knowing that you’re mine gives me so much to look forward to.  Next week you need to report in taking our marriage license to get your name change done, and once it’s reported we’ll have more pull in getting stationed together.”

     “Don’t worry, that’s first on my list of things to do.”

     “We need to get back to the base, Liz.  I need to get ready to go to the airport.  My flight leaves at 7:00 p.m. tonight.”

     Liz kissed Calvin on the forehead; laying her head on his shoulder, trying to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes, “I’ll miss you everyday.  I hope the days go by fast here.”

     “Liz, I’ll call you every night.  Don’t worry, things will be fine.”

     “I know they will, it’s just the separation from you, I love you Calvin.”

     Calvin pulled her up to face him, “You stay strong for me, Liz.”

     “I will.”

     Calvin kissed Liz ardently, and then looked her in the eyes.  “We’ll make up the lost time when we see each other again.”

     Liz finally laughed, “Oh, how I’ll make you pay.”

     “Aren’t I the lucky one?  You won’t ruff me up to badly will you?”

     “We’ll see now won’t we?”

     Calvin, grinning, got up with Liz in his arms.  “I’m willing to pay some now.”

     Liz felt a rush of heat overcome her, “Only if you make it worth my while.”

     They couldn’t undress fast enough.  The fire was burning between them.  Calvin took her with such passion, thrusting deep inside her making her mind reel into such an abyss.  All she could do was moan from the wonderful feeling he gave her.

     Calvin stopped for a moment causing Liz to grab him.  “Please, don’t stop, Calvin!”

     He entered her again with such a forceful penetration it caused them both to saturate each other with overwhelming orgasms.  They lay there on each other breathing heavily, returning from the chasm of pleasure they had just experienced.

     Liz had never felt such great love, “I don’t know if you could ever out do that sensation, Calvin.”

     Calvin, smiling at her, said, “You just wait.  I’ll take you to another planet!”

     “You’re on.”

     They both lay there giggling feeling happy and deeply satisfied.

     “Calvin I could lay here with you forever.”

    “Don’t tempt me; I could easily go absent without leave (AWOL) for you.”

    “Hmmm, do you think we could still make love with shackles and chains on?”

    “I’d sure try!”

    Liz and Calvin got up; getting dressed.  Calvin called a cab, gathered up their belongings and placed their bags on the bed.

    Liz stood staring at Calvin; soaking in his captivating good looks.  “I’m so glad I found you, Calvin.  I never would have thought I would discover a gem as rare as you are.”

    Calvin chuckled, “Never thought of myself as a rare gem before.”

     Liz gave Calvin a soft punch, “Quit laughing at me!  I’m serious!”

     “I know!  I know.  You just stay under my spell, you hear?”

     “I will Mr. Richards.”

     A horn honked outside the room, “There’s our cab.”

     They grabbed their bags and went out.  Liz got in; looking out the window at the Inn, she would remember it always.  The cab slowly pulled away, she turned to Calvin, “This will always be my favorite place.”

     Calvin reached over placing his arm around Liz.  “Maybe one day we’ll come back.”

     When they arrived at the barracks, Calvin paid the cab driver, got their bags out and placed them on the curb.  “I’m going to get changed and get my duffle bag.  I’ll meet you out front of your barracks in an hour.”  Calvin pulled Liz’s hand up, kissing it; and then walked away.  She watched him walk away feeling happy and proud.  It was 11:30 a.m. when she entered her barracks.  None of her roommates were in, which was fine with her, as she was lost in her own thoughts.  Liz sat on her bunk admiring her pawn shop wedding ring and the reason it was there.  She vowed at that moment that she would never take it off, no matter what.

     Liz decided to go outside and wait on Calvin.  She sat in the break area thinking of what she and Calvin’s life would be like together.  She was excited for Robin and Lee to meet him. 

From a distance she spotted Calvin strolling her way with his duffle bag thrown over his shoulder and a bag in his hand.  He was dressed in his class “A” uniform.  The closer he came the more handsome he was.  “Hi soldier, would you like some company?”

     “Only if their built like you and have your beautiful smile.”

     Calvin laid his duffle bag on the ground with his carry bag and then sat next to Liz lighting a cigarette.  “I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

     “Oh, yeah!  What do you have a four leaf clover in your pocket?”

     “Finding you makes me feel like I have a dozen four leaf clovers.”

     “Wonder if you’ll say that four years from now?”  Liz gave Calvin an adoring gaze, “How I will miss you, my Mr. Richards.”

     “Time will go by quickly and I’ll call you every day, just as I promised.”

     “I have your name now, so at least I’ll have that while you’re away.  And I’ll carry it with pride and love.”

     Calvin put his cigarette out looking around to see if any of the upper command were nearby.  He grabbed Liz pulling her down and kissing her with a bruising force, then released her; holding her ring hand in his.

     “Until death do us part.  I will honor and cherish our bond, Liz, and do my best to give you anything your heart desires.”

     Liz laced her fingers tightly within Calvin’s, “You have given me all I could ever need, you.”

     “I’m one fortunate man.”



     “Do you think your parents will really like me?”

     “If they don’t we shall shun them from our lives.”

     “Calvin!  Really, do you think they will?”

     “Yes, Liz. Who could resist your beauty and wit?  They’ll treasure you as much as I do.”

     “Oh, I truly hope so, I would hate for them to be disappointed.”

     Calvin laughed, “That will never happen.

     “We have so much to learn about each other.”

     “That’s all the fun of it, Liz, learning the little things that make us tick.”

     “I know one way to make you tick.”

     “Don’t ever forget it.”


     Calvin saw the cab approaching.  “It’s time for me to go, Liz.”

     “Yeah, I know.”

     “Don’t look so blue.”

     “It’s hard to avoid, but I’ll try to put on a happy face for you.”

     Calvin stood up slinging the duffle bag over his shoulder and grabbing the smaller bag.  “Darling, will you escort me to my chariot?”

     “With delight.”

     They walked; looking frequently at each other.  The cab driver opened the trunk, Calvin placed his bags inside.

     “Where to, sir?”

     “The airport, just a moment please.”

     The cabbie took Calvin’s hint, “I’ll be ready when you are, sir.”

The cabbie got back into the cab; waiting patiently.  Calvin turned toward Liz, “Well, Babe, this is it, the moment of true test.”

     “The only thing that will be tested is my patience.”

     “The strong do survive.”

     “I’ll think of you every moment, Calvin.”

     Liz fell into Calvin’s arms burying her head in his chest.  Calvin pulled her chin up to look at her, “I love you.”

     A tear slowly escaped her wet eyes, “I love you too.”

     “No crying, it makes your eyes look like a lonesome place of unhappiness, and I know you’re not unhappy.”

     “I’m not crying; my heart is, it sheds the tears of your leaving.”

     Calvin grinned, “You always say the most unexpected things.”

     “I want to keep you always interested and on your toes.”

    “Now think of this not as good bye, but as see you soon.”


   Calvin kissed the tear that now lay at the corner of her mouth; then wiped away the trail it left behind.  “I’ll call you tomorrow with my mailing address and phone number, okay?”

     Liz just shook her head up and down in recognition of his words.

     “Ah, for once the great Liz is speechless.  A moment I’ll truly remember.”

     Calvin kissed Liz with a passion that only solidified the love he held for her and then he climbed into the cab.  “Do good in school, it’s for us now.”

     “I will, Calvin.”

     Calvin blew her a kiss; and turning to the cabbie, “Away chariot.”  Calvin shut the door and the driver pulled away.

     Liz stood as if frozen in a moment of time as she watched Calvin disappear.  She stood there for some time ignoring her surrounding lost in deep thought.

     Shameca slipped up behind Liz.  “Hey girl, what are you doing out here staring at the road?”

     Liz was jolted back to reality by Shameca’s high pitched voice and giggling.  Liz turned toward Shameca with an astonishing look on her face.

     “Liz, girl, what are you crying about?”

     “Oh, it’s a long story.”

     Shameca grabbed Liz’s arm leading her back toward the barracks room.  “I’ve got all evening.  Come to the barracks and tell me all about it.”

     That evening Liz held Shameca’s interest with the unfolding details of the past week.  Shameca was thrilled for Liz.  “Like I told you, girlfriend, a lot can happen in a week.  Now you and Calvin getting married was a little more than I expected, but you just never know when Mr. Right will come knocking’ at your door.  It was just your time.  Hope my man is as fine looking’ as yours, except a little darker.”

     “Shameca, I like your out look on life.  I like that about you.”

     “Shoot Liz!  We all have our special ways.”

     They spent the rest of the evening laying in their bunks and talking about what they would do after they completed their schooling and where they hoped to get stationed.

     The door opened at 11:00 p.m.  Tiffany came in.  “Are you two holding down the fort?  You’re for sure holding down the bunks.  So, Liz, what’s been going on with you and that handsome soldier boy?”

     Shameca giggled.  “Girl, that could take a while to tell, but I’ll sum it up for you.  Is that okay Liz?”

     Liz grinned; nodding her head in acceptance.

     “Liz has a new last name, seems she’s taken a soldier boy for her own.”

     Tiffany turned to Liz.  “You married him?”

     “Yes, I did.”

     “Wow!  Congratulations!”

     “Thanks, Tiffany.”

     “I met a nice guy too, but I don’t think he’s the one I’ll marry.”

     Shameca lay there laughing.  “You go, Tiffany, sow those wild oats girl!”

The three of them laughed, exchanging stories and details.  At midnight their conversation started tapering off.  Shameca’s snoring began.  Soon they were all asleep and lost in their own thoughts and dreams.

     The next week they spent exploring the base.  Calvin called Liz faithfully every night.  Liz missed him horribly, but kept that at bay during their phone conversations.

     Liz went to the in processing building and give them a copy of her marriage license.  Afterward, she went to the base uniform facility and had new name patches sown on her uniforms.  Liz felt closer to Calvin with his last name emblazed across her chest.

     Tomorrow would be the first day of schooling.  Liz was determined to graduate with honors.  It would keep her mind off of Calvin and give her that competitive feeling she so enjoyed.  She was now Mrs. Calvin Richards and was happy to carry his name.




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