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The Phoenix
*When the sun hides, it reappears*




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Early in the morning, Ikem opened his eyes; he saw the voodoo man and the prisoner having an argument,
“Let’s finish the rituals now” the voodoo man said
“No, it’s just a matter of putting knife in his throat. I want him to suffer more than that, I want to fulfill the tricks of the young scholar, and I want to bring more pain to him” the prisoner said
“Look at the lad, see his eyes, you have punished him enough. End his misery and fulfill the dreams of chief as your own dreams” the voodoo man said
“No, I must take him through the long walk” the prisoner said. He lifted Ikem into the air, as though he was toy. Blood caked on his head, the prisoner tried to open Ikem’s eyes but Ikem shut them,
“You are strong boy; you can leave through the pain I will make you go through.”
He took Ikem out into the daylight. Ikem’s heart pumped harder; he knew that if he doesn’t do something now his death was near. As they were walking towards the little bush at the end of the street, Ikem bit his chin. The prisoner let him down and cried in pains and of blood trickling down his burned face. Ikem scooted deep into the bush and hid beside a plantain tree.
“If I catch you I will eat you raw!” the prisoner was shouting and drawing close to the plantain tree.
Ikem knew that if he tried to escape, he would definitely catch him; if he hid he would still catch him. Beside him was a broken branch of tree, he lifted the wood and held it firmly. As the prisoner darted across his hiding place, Ikem hit him his legs with the stick and ran away, but that didn’t stop the prisoner from giving him a hot chase, though he limped. Ikem darted to the street, though he was beginning to feel weak. Ikem stomped his feet on a stone, and felt on the ground, he tried to limp but felt very weak. The prisoner approached him with a great speed. He got to where Ikem was in a jiffy. The prisoner wanted to grab him when a gunshot fired. The prisoner petrified and fell like a stone on top Ikem. Somebody lifted the body out of Ikem; behold it was the policeman with a round face and round smile.
“Ikem, you are okay” the policeman said
“Yes I am” Ikem said
“How did you know were to find me?” Ikem asked
“That day I saw you and that boy, I knew he was no good lad. As both of you went home, I saw him return again. So I traced him and saw were he lives, I knew he was deceiving you. Moreover I found out he has a file in our station; he once tried to smuggle penknife into the prison for a prisoner. So I traced it from there and found out that the prisoner was Danga, anyway Danga didn’t die. I personally rescued him and he was prosecuted and imprisoned. When we had that Danga escaped from the prison, I knew where he would be. Here of cause,” the policeman said. Ikem smiled at him, soon other policemen brought out the voodoo man in handcuffs. The voodoo stared at Ikem as though if left he would chew him alive. The police officer that caught him gave him a hot slap; the cowries he tied felt off from his hair, he cried in great pain as though he was in great pain.

“Well I also gave him his own great walk into the land of the dead,” the policeman said
“You know about the book.” Ikem asked
“Yes, I grabbed my own copy when I traced him. Remember no piracy.” the policeman smiled
The medic came and took Ikem to the police station.



Continued ...


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