By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 6


            When Magus, Trick, and Teel arrived at the at the Vice-Council, or what was left of it, they saw a throng of Bracketts. They were all carrying weapons, even the kids. When the group saw Magus, they lowered their weapons.


            "What happened here?" asked Magus.


            "The Ark came," replied one of the Bracketts.


            "The best is yet to come!" cried a voice.


            Magus turned around and saw Sin. Sin smiled. The villagers charged Sin. When the weaopons and villagers reached Sin, she/he dissapeared in a flash of fire. Some of the villagers were burned.


            Magus looked on in rage. His face was twisted in anger. He turned to the Bracketts.


            "We can't bargain with it, we have to fight!" declared Magus.


            "Command us Wise One!" cried some of the villagers.




            The first battle took place on Grass Hill. Sin lined up the Bracketts under her/his control. Magus lined up his troops. Magus' troops waited for the signal. They had been ordered to wait for Sin to make the first move. The enslaved Bracketts were suddenly thrown up into the air. They soared over to the front lines of Magus's troops. When they hit the ground, they exploded killing members of the first and second lines. Magus troops charged.


            Magus waved his Striped flag. Out of the ground, in the gap between the third and fourth line, rose a giant machine. It had the face of a Brackett but the body of a spider-like creature. It walked with the troops.


            Sin stood at the top of the hill. Her/His hair bellowed in the wind caused by the oncoming storm. The cloud had already become gray with clouds. The Ark came over the hill floating over Sin.


            The spider crouched and jumped over the front lines. It started up the large hill that Sin stood on. The Ark opened fire with the guns on its side. The bolts hit the spider all over the place. The magic barrier deteriated and the outer shell began to melt and give away.


            The spider jumped into the air and curled its legs up. Then it burst into a mixture of fire and electricity. When the dust cleared, the troops could see the soft, blue, glowing magic barrier that surrounded Sin and the Ark. The barrier was let down and compartments on the Ark opened. Out of the compartments came tiny ants. A whole googolplex of them. They crawled down the hill.


            The troops were swarmed with them. Once the ants left a body, there was not much left. The ant moved through the army quickly.


            BOOOOM! There was a clap of thunder. Then rain. Magus did the first thing he could think of. He jumped into the air and shot out a bolt of lightning. The electricity spread fast. The remaining Bracketts were killed, but so were the ants.


            Magus walked away, as did Sin.



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