By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 7



"I think we have to strike Sin where it hurts," started Magus,"As most of you know, Sin has made a camp on top of Mount Beny. My brother, Teel, an I shall march up there and take Sin's camp. Trick will be your new military leader."


            The Bracketts nodded. Trick turned away to get to work on new strategies. Teel, who stood beside Magus, started asking questions.




            Magus and Teel were hiding behind a barrel. They were waiting for any sign of Sin.


            "There!" whispered Teel.


            "Let's go."


            They sprinted over to the entrance to the door to Sin's tent. The workers didn't pay any attention to them because they had cloaked themselves with magic. Surely Sin could see them, if she/he got the chance. Magus knew they had to move fast. Magus didn't get a chance to finish his plotting when a red fireball blasted through the tent. It hit Magus in the stomach. He flew backwards a few feet. He wavered a second before collapsing on his back. He lifted his head once more then let hit go back again. Teel watched Magus then turned back to the hole in the tent.


            "Going to fight me?" asked Sin, stepping out of the hole in the smouldering tent. Teel walked backwards. "Why would you want to do that? After all the time we've known each othe? Now that you've found your brother like I promised you, you betray me?"


            "What?" asked Teel, clearly confused. He shook his head and backed away some more.


            "That last trip must've scrambled your memory slightly," said Sin,"You should get your memory back soon enough. I see you are trying to infiltrate my camp. Observe."


            The workers all began to board the Ark. They formed several lines for each of the large openings in the Ark. After the workers had boarded, the Ark rose and soared over to the edge of the cliff. The ground began to shudder. Out of the center, where Magus was, of the mountain rose a tall round tower. It started deep beneath the earth and rose sky high, many miles above Mount Beny, carrying Magus with it.


            Sin disappeared and the Ark headed towards the top of the tower.




            Teel stood at the entrance to the tower. It was at the bottom of Mount Beny. Although the tower was in the middle of the mountain, there was a cave at the foot of the mountain.  In deep in the cave was the entrance to the tower.


            An inscription at the top said Tower of Dognis.


            "Tower of Dognis? Okay."


            Teel walked through the entrance.



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