By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 8


            The second battle took place at the foot of Mount Beny. Sin had sent a hundred of her/his soldiers. Trick had all of his soldiers lined up to. Sin's calvalry charged. In response, Trick's troops fired there hand guns. Behind the gunners were Bracketts operating a metal shell. The calvalry continued to charge. Most of them were gunned down, but the remaining soldiers broke through the gunners and met a worse fate with the metal warriors.


            Next, everyone on both sides charged. The metal warriors were destroyed easily with electric staffs. But Trick's troops killed everyone in their path. When most of the warriors were gone, Trick rode onto the battle field. He rode over to the remaining captured soldiers.


            "Kill them," ordered Trick.




            By the time the second battle had ended, Teel had already scaled most of the Tower. He had managed to sneak past most threats. He had been forced to fight a dragon and a giant bat. He defeated the bat but had to run from the dragon.


            He was had found a giant lift. Unfortunately, it was guarded. To robed figures with skulls for heads. He jumped onto a rafter above the lift. He silently crawled till he was over the lift. There was a crack. Teel looked behind him. the rafter had cracked under...


            A giant spider! The rafter spilt and the giant spider and teel fell on to the lift. The rafter crushed the skeletons swiftly. The spider landed on its back. Teel hopped onto its abdomen. He ducked to avoid the legs that were moving wildy. He brought out his rapier and brought it down in its stomach. He lifted it up and brought it down again. The spider's legs convulsed.


            The lift had already started to go up.


            "Um, is that a dinosaur?" asked a voice. Teel turned around and saw a bizaare looking monkey. It had white fur and was hopping about.


            "Where?" asked Teel stupidly, looking around.


            "HEHEHE!" The Monkey started transforming. It grew first at the legs, whick turned scaly. Then its whole skin turned scaly. Its head pretty much stayed the same in shape and size. It tossed its head back and roared. It towered six feet above Teel.


            "Oh boy."




            The third battle took place in the sky around the top of the Tower of Dognis. Sin's troops, now called astrites for their tendency to fall out of the sky and attack villages, had dive bombed a Trick's army in airplanes. The planes were thin and had small wings. They had sent flaming balls of lead directly to the army, killing alot.


            Trick's troops had chased them in their own airplanes, to the top of the Tower. Magus had awaken already and was attacking the astrites with balls of flame that he conjured up. Two went down immediately. The others were surrounded. Magus shot one of them, but the other two escaped by shooting threw the circle. The other planes were on their trail instantly. A few quick manuevers, and they were dead too.


            Magus blew a hole in the top of the Tower. He jumped into it.  


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