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Part 3

By Meagan Richards


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Part 3


   I let my heart get the better of me, how could I believe that they really knew where Kyla was? They’re werewolves for Christ’s sake! Their kinds are not to be trusted, especially by me! They hate vampires! How could I be so stupid?

            A loud thump from the door caused Alexander to leap to his feet and ready himself to fight for his life if the need arose. Tristan, the one who had lured him here, stood at the door, holding a .45 and laughing.

            “Jumpy, are we, vampire?” Tristan laughed. Alexander said nothing as he sank back on to the filthy cot in his miserable cell. “Daniel wishes to see you, vampire.”

            “I don’t wish to see him.” Alexander replied. Tristan shook his head and fired the gun at Alexander’s left arm. A bolt of white- hot pain shot through his body as the steel buried itself in his flesh.

            “Yes, I think you do wish to see him.” Tristan said quietly. “Come, I lack patience with you, vampire.”

            Alexander let out a growl as he dug the bullet from his arm and begrudgingly followed Tristan from the room. His place of captivity was a huge old mansion in the south of France, again the country of great misfortune for the Vampire Alexander.

            “Welcome, vampire.” the werewolf Daniel boomed as Alexander was shoved roughly through the huge double doors that lead to his office.

            “The Werewolf Daniel, hail.” Alexander said, lowering his head in a customary bow of greeting. Daniel looked surprised.

            “Vampire, how do you know of this greeting or of this title? ‘Tis a thing of old, so it is!”

            “Sir, I am a thing of the ages.” Alexander laughed. “I choose to honor the ways of Old, a thing any being of worth would do.”

            “Hail, vampire.” Daniel said, bowing his head like Alexander had. “A thing of the ages, say you? How many ages, I wonder?”

            “To give my age would be to give my identity, sir.” Alexander replied, flexing his arm, the bullet hole now healed.

            “You are old, if you know and honor the old customs.”

            “Something many of yours don’t believe in, as well as many of mine.”

            Daniel nodded. “Respect, vampire, something rarely traded between axis. ‘Tis good, ‘tis good.”

            “If I bare my name, will you call a truce?” Alexander asked.

            “Depends on the name given.”

            “If I say a name of the old?”

            “You better your chances.”

            “Of the new?”

            “Depends on the name.” Daniel repeated.

            Alexander nodded and considered a minute. The werewolves could prove to be a useful Allis that part was certain, and he had never crossed them yet. “I am the Vampire Alexander of Ireland.”

            “Hail, Vampire Alexander.” Daniel said, bowing again. “I greet you as a friend.”

            “Hail, Werewolf Daniel, I return your greeting.” Alexander said as he mimicked Daniel’s bow.

            “Have a seat, and regard me with the tales Tristan spun to bring you here.”

            “He told me tales of ancient graves of the Vampire Kyla and several members of her pack, he does not know who I am though. I followed him only because I search for the grave of my Maker, Kyla.”

            “Tristan has always been good at spinning yarns.” Daniel agreed.

            “Tell me, Daniel, will you hold me here or allow me to leave?”

            “As you wish, Alexander. We are Allis, not enemies.”

            “Let me room here, I have some business to finish in Paris before leaving the country.”

            “What business?”

            “I have heard of several old grave sites I would like to view.” Alexander said, cracking his knuckles. That’s all, no murders, robbing, pillaging.”

“Aye, vampire, stay as you wish.” Daniel nodded slowly. “I will give you a better room, friend, and I will give you some able hands to help you in your search.”

            “I thank you, werewolf.”

            Daniel smiled briefly and called for Tristan, who would take Alexander to the east wing, where no one else stayed and were the more extravagant guestrooms were found. Tristan waited until they were nearing the east wing to ask his questions.

            “What did you do to him, vampire?”

            “We called a truce, Tristan.” Alexander smiled, liking the way the young werewolf flinched at the sound of his name. “Vampires of old are not like the ones you are accustomed to.”

            “A vampire is a vampire.” Tristan replied icily as he opened the door to Alexander’s room. Alexander smiled and closed the door behind him, leaving Tristan in the hall, fuming.

            A vampire has called a truce with a werewolf, times are changing, for which way, I do not know. Daniel, the old bastard, still alive, something I would not have expected. Then, he did not expect to see the Vampire Alexander either. Alexander laughed out loud at the thought. Tristan would never trust him, that was certain, but her had the trust of Daniel, that was all that mattered.

Shaky Truce

A man dressed in faded blue jeans, a white tee shirt, a pair of black cowboy boots and a long black leather coat strode through the Town Square early Friday morning. He drew attention because he wore a black cowboy hat and black sunglasses and was followed by two other men in similar attire. They were headed to the old cemetery behind an old pagan church, since converted to Catholic, then back to pagan in the 1950’s when witchcraft became legal. The ‘other’ beings of this world had taken it over, burying their dead on its grounds, holding their ceremonies within its walls.

“Hold.” Alexander said. They had reached the very heart of the cemetery where a huge stone crypt stood, inside it were the final resting places of several vampires of Alexander’s pack, and supposedly his lover, Kyla’s.

“You want to go in alone?” Jason, a ninety-year-old werewolf who could have passed for twenty-nine, asked. He and Alexander had became friends instantly, and a thirty (but in reality, a hundred and fourteen) year-old wolf named Charles had quickly interwoven with their group.

“Follow if you want. Vampire graves are interesting things, you never fully know whether to expect a skeleton with lethal-looking teeth, or someone who looks like they’re sleeping.” Alexander said, trying to smile but failing miserably. “Besides, I might need someone to haul me outta here or keep me from killing myself if Kyla is in here.”

“Understood.” Charles nodded as he produced a key. “Alexander, care to do the honors?”

Alexander silently took the key and placed it in the lock, it turned easily as a result of a gargoyle’s careful grounds keeping. He lit the torches and let his eyes adjust to the dim and flickering firelight before entering the burial room of the crypt.

Stone coffins lay on stone tables; silver that looked as if it had been quarried yesterday ringed the edges and held the crystal lids in place. Alexander took a deep breath and neared the nearest coffin.

“Reid.” Alexander said, feeling a tear slide down his cheek. The vampire who he had left in charge of the pack on that fateful night lay in a bed of deep blue velvet, looking as though he was asleep though he wore fashions of the 1500’s.

“You knew him?” Jason asked, looking at the long dead vampire.

“Aye, he was a Second Generation, a member of my old pack, Kyla was also his Maker. I left him in charge of the pack the night the Hunters came, I always thought he had lived that attack, gone on to great things before Death found him.” Alexander said as he carefully lifted the coffin lid. He gently removed the gold ring from Reid’s left ring finger and slipped it onto his own. “Symbol of respect.”

“I know.” Jason smiled. Alexander nodded and moved to the next coffin. Inside was a beautiful young woman who had been sixteen when Kyla changed her. Mary’s flaxen hair spread around her head like a halo and her deep green gown showed no sign of its age.

“Mary, a girl of sixteen, she was to marry my oldest brother, John when she became a vampire. She was smitten with me, but was wise enough not to do anything about for Kyla would have killed her.” Alexander smiled at the memory.

“She was pretty.” Charles said as Alexander lifted the coffin lid and removed her gold chain that John had given her as a gift many years ago.

“It must be hard for you to look at these people.” Jason said, his eyes sliding around the large burial room.

“Not as hard as I at first feared it to be.” Alexander replied. “But it will be hard if Kyla is buried here.”

“You knew all these people?”

“Aye, knew them, lived with them, hunted with them, fought with them, and should have died with them.”

“Hey, man, if the Powers willed you to live through that night, you are meant to do something on this Earth yet.” Jason laughed. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, eh?”

“I’ll try.” Alexander promised, chuckling a little. The werewolves defiantly lightened the mood in the crypt.

When he reached the last coffin, Alexander was a mess; he had himself convinced it was Kyla in that coffin because most of their pack was buried here. Charles and Jason stood by quietly as Alexander neared the grave.

Kyla lay inside, she looked exactly like she had the last time he had seen her, completely content and at peace. She wore her forest green dress, the one that he had always loved, and the ring he had given her on her left hand. He carefully opened the coffin and gently caressed his dead lover’s cheek. Then, something clicked inside.

“This isn’t Kyla!” Alexander yelled, pulling his hand away from the imposter. He pulled the hand up and ripped off the ring.

“Hey! Watch it, man!” Jason bellowed as the finger also popped cleanly off the hand.

“Shut up! It’s a fucking was doll with a charm on it!” Alexander snapped, gently removing the parchment roll from inside the false finger.

 God’s Greetings to ye who have found this!

Wonderful replica, isn’t it? I will spare the craftsman and not give his name, but I shall tell you he is a mortal. I hope this shall give you the message that I am still among you who roam this fair Earth and not in the realm of the Dead, yet.

Alexander, if it be ye who is reading this, I pray you have found this in good health and in happiness, and on your own accord. My heart is always with you.

Hunters, if it be ye who has found this message, you are the scum of the Earth! Not we ‘mythical’ beings, as you call us. We were here ages before your kind had even evolved from the tick-eating apes, which are your ancestors! I feel I should warn you, I will be avenging my pack, and my Alexander.



Alexander stared dumbly at the note. “She’s alive.”

            “What?” Jason asked, dropping the wax finger. “The Vampire Kyla is still alive? But, she was killed during the raid, the note’s a fake.”

            “No, it’s in her writing, no one could forge a vampire’s writing, it’s impossible.” Alexander sighed, gently rolling the parchment. “This complicates things greatly.”

            “Why should it complicate things? I would have thought you’d be ecstatic to find Kyla still alive.”

            “As did I.” Alexander frowned, and quickly left the crypt, leaving the werewolves to replace the coffin lid and scurry after him.





            As Scott’s health improved, Kyla began to make plans to leave Ireland, the medallion had been found, but so had the false body. An Allis Rouge Hunter had confirmed these happenings. But if he had mentioned that a male vampire had been seen in the crypt, things would have been different, perhaps things would have ended quietly then, and life would still be the same.

The Reclaiming

            “Are you sure you can do this, Kyla? The Emperor is bound to notice something is up.” Scott asked as he watched Kyla finish dressing in their Chinese hotel room. They were playing the parts of Keighlee and Curtis Smith, a married couple.

“It is a deed signed by his forefather, it must be honored.” Kyla said as she smoothed the deep green skirt. In a sandalwood box sat a deed that a young Chinese Emperor had signed, many years ago when a beautiful woman had seduced and drugged him, it was a statement that would place China in the hands of Kyla.

            “And if you get arrested?”

            “I get arrested, a slight set back, is all.”

            “You really want control of the world?” Scott asked after a moment’s silence. Kyla smiled and turned away from the mirror.

            “Aye, it is something that I have dreamed of since I became I vampire.” Kyla said, setting the brush down. “The Master told me I had great things in my future, that I am the one who will reclaim what was taken from us.”

            “You are disappointed that it will be me fighting with you instead of Alexander.” Scott nodded.

            “It was not in the stars for us to see that victory.” Kyla replied, standing. “Come, I must go now.”

            When he saw the document, the Emperor paled, like he’d just seen a ghost. “I was told this was a myth.”

            “It is not, and I wish to collect what is mine.” Kyla said. “You will remain on the thrown, though you will now listen to my will, and you will obey it if you wish to keep the status to now hold.”

            The Emperor looked aged as he knelt in front of the vampire, who now held power to his country. Kyla smiled and gently touched his shoulder. “Rise, sir, keep as you were, I will send word later.” And with that, the Vampire Kyla was gone.

            Scott was pacing the room nervously when Kyla returned. “Well?”

            “He accepted it, I have complete power in China.” Kyla smiled. Scott’s jaw moved wordlessly for a minute, making him look like a beached fish, before he spoke.

            “You rule China?” Scott asked, not quite believing it.

            “Aye, I rule China,” Kyla laughed. “It is only a small part in what I really want though, Scott, you know that.”

            “I do know that.” Scott sighed, sinking into his chair. Kyla’s many escapades worried him greatly, he was forever having visions of her being found out and being forced to become a science lab rat. Ever since she had given him the Bloodstone, Scott knew he felt a little more for Kyla than he had at first thought. But, she was still being true to Alexander, not letting herself love anyone but him. She, of course, denied it, saying she tried to allow herself to love again, but it was simply impossible! And when he laughed at this statement, Scott more-often-than-not found himself having to deal with a very pissed off Kyla.

            “You’re not sure about this.” Kyla said, her eyes piercing into Scott’s.

            “Not entirely, no. It is a big thing you have started, Kyla, something that will forever change the course of history and of the world, as we know it. You will be forced to make Allis with other beings, perhaps the werewolves, during this time. We have a very good chance of being found out and being put in a lab somewhere, playing lab rats until we either loose our sanity, kills ourselves, or pull off the Bloodstones and have them kill us.”

            “Mm, cheery outlook you have, Scott.” Kyla laughed. “You worry too much, and worrying too much is a bad thing, especially for a vampire, it makes us slow in judgment and anxious.”

            “Maybe I wouldn’t be so anxious if you were a little more cautious in your actions, dear.” Scott smiled wanly.

            “Maybe you’d be less anxious if you loosened up a little.” Kyla retorted. “Come, you ‘introduced’ me to the twenty first century, let me show you how to loosen up a little. I helped Alexander.”

            “Just don’t give me an ulcer in the process.” Scott said, standing as Kyla came out of the bedroom, dressed in a black halter top and black leather pants.

“Vampires do not get ulcers.” Kyla said as she zipped up her hooker boots.

“Of course, I should have remembered.” Scott sighed, following Kyla out of the hotel room.

The female vampire had the eye of every man she passed, whether they were with a woman or not, and she would be the woman they thought of while making love that night. But instead of bickering with their lovers, the women in the hotel gazed lustily after Scott, wishing they could go to bed with him. It wasn’t until after the door closed behind the vampires and they disappeared into the night that life at the hotel was able to return to animation and people could continue with what they had wished of Kyla and Scott.

Charming the bouncer at the club was easy, something Kyla did often when she had lived in Florida, and before Scott stumbled into her life. Speaking in fluent Chinese, Kyla easily flirted their way in to the club and pull Scott over to a table.

“You ordered ‘Sex On The Beach’? ” Scott asked. “We’re in China, you don’t want something a little more Oriental?”

“It’s only the first drink of the night, dear, there’s lots of time to try the local booze.” Kyla said, throwing her head back and laughing. Scott shook his head; this was going to be an interesting night.

When Kyla finally let Scott pull her out of the club at 4AM, six hours after arriving, she was hammered.

“Hey! Hands off, girl!” Scott yelped as he grabbed Kyla’s wrists as she made a drunken grab for his ‘pants’.

“C’mon, Scotty, when was the last time you got laid?” Kyla slurred, trying to kiss Scott since her hands were held tightly.

“I just don’t want to have you wake up, see us naked and in a bed together and try to put me into traction again.” Scott replied, pushing himself into the taxi seat to avoid the sloppy smack.

Paying the cabby was interesting since Kyla kept trying to grab Scott, and the elevator ride was even more interesting. Having let his guard down for a moment to push the buttons, Scott turned his back to the drunken female vampire and suddenly had her arms around him and her lips trying to inch their way along his cheek.

“Kyla! Stop it this instant!” Scott yelled, putting his hands on her shoulders and holding her at arms’ length.

“What if I told you I wasn’t drunk?” Kyla asked, smiling.

“I’d say I don’t believe you.” Scott sighed. He carefully led Kyla to their room, pinning her arms to her side the entire time. Well, Kyla had been right about this being an interesting evening.

When he finally got Kyla into bed, still in her clothes and alone, Scott walked over to the balcony to think. What he had done just now was odd, usually when a drunken female came on to him, he went right along with them, then, if they were human, fed off them and left before they woke. If they were vampire, he would sometimes leave when they were in the deepest realms of sleep, or he would stay and fake a hangover when he woke up the next morning. It had never bothered him before, then Kyla had come on to him. Kyla, the only First Generation female vampire, a mysterious beauty, a woman who any male of any species that walked on two legs and had working brain, would kill to be with. The only question now was, did he love her?

The Morning After

A pounding headache brought Kyla out of her alcohol-induced sleep, a hang over, and a damned good one at that. Rolling over onto her side, Kyla saw that Scott’s side of the bed hadn’t been slept in and there was no trace of his being there at all.

“You’re awake.” Scott’s voice said from the bathroom door. Moaning, Kyla turned her head and saw the male vampire standing in a cloud of steam, fresh from a shower, and wearing only a towel.

“Coffee.” Kyla said, her voice so small and pitiful, it was almost dragging on the ground.

“Remember anything from last night?” Scott asked as he walked over to the tiny kitchenette and poured Kyla a mug of the steaming liquid.

“Mm? Not yet.” Kyla said, grimacing as she sat up. “Why am I still dressed? Did I pass out on the way back?”

“Nn-oo, not exactly.” Scott said, handing Kyla the mug. “I put you in bed like that, and then you passed out.”

“Oh.” Kyla said, lifting the mug to her lips. Scott smiled and took some clean clothes into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Putting the cup on the night stand, Kyla slowly got out of bed and rummaged through her bags to find some appropriate clothing for her mood, and hangover. The outfit she decided on consisted of a large tee shirt and old jeans.

As she waited for Scott to finish in the bathroom, the Bloodstone and her vampire blood set to work, the headache slowing from a wild horse galloping across her brain, to a dull thud, to nothing. There was a variety of fruit for breakfast, which Kyla gladly welcomed.

“Feel better now?” Scott asked, ambling into the kitchen and pouring himself another cup of coffee.

“Yes, how much and of what did I drink last night?”

“You started with Sex On The Beach, the went on to vodka and finished Tequila.” Scott said, shaking his head. “I’m surprised I got you back here before you passed out on me.”

“I am surprised I didn’t go home with some guy.”

“You damn well tried, though.”

“Oh God, who was it?” Kyla asked, laughing.

“Me.” Scott said, and Kyla’s laughs turned into a gasping choke.


“Me.” Scott confirmed.

“I am so sorry about that.” Kyla sighed, leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes. Scott smiled and headed back out to the balcony, where he had spent most of the pervious night, thinking. Once she finished eating and had gathered her thoughts, Kyla joined him.

“You sure you’re alright?” Scott asked, not turning his head. “I can leave if you want me to.”

“Why would I want you to do that, Scott?” Kyla replied, leaning on the railing. Scott chuckled and turned to face her.

“I’m not too sure, as I usually am with what concerns you, Kyla.” Scott sighed. “Only months ago you were desperately trying to avoid me, then you gave me a Bloodstone. When I met you, I saw a hotheaded bitch that never listened to anyone and always had to have things go her way, or else. Now, I see you as a woman who is deeply passionate about things, and has more depth to her than I ever thought possible.”

Kyla only smiled and turned back to look over the city. “Sometimes it is best to just let time run its course.”

“Yeah, let time run its course.” Scott repeated. ‘What if we don’t have that much time, though?’

Time To Recall

            Scott and Kyla returned to the Florida residence a few days later, still not talking about what Scott had said and done in China. Looking around the house, Scott was reminded of how he and Kyla had reacted to each other during the first few months. Your typical married-couple bit.

Kyla had gone out on one of her signature runs, and Scott didn’t expect her to be back for another few hours, she had a lot on her mind lately. He had started to notice little things about Kyla he hadn’t before. The way her hair fell around her shoulders, it’s curl, the way her green eyes caught even the smallest sliver of light. Suddenly, he wondered how her eyes looked after making love, something only the Vampire Alexander had seen, and he hadn’t been heard of in years. Shaking his head, Scott went to pour himself a glass of wine, it was thoughts like that that could very well put him in traction.

Sitting on the cave ledge, Kyla looked into the gently rolling water, wondering what would happen if she just stayed there, and let the tide fill the cave. She couldn’t drown, and the salt didn’t burn her eyes, maybe she could just swim until she either reached Europe, or she became entangled in a fisher’s net, dragged up, and exposed for who she really was. Or maybe she could get rid of her Bloodstone and throw herself onto a steak, putting an end to the whole damn mess.

            Scott had all but told her he loved her, throwing a complete spin on things. They didn’t talk about it, the time never really seemed right and neither of them seemed to want to bring it up.

            Feeling the water lap around her wrists, Kyla looked down, the ledge was underwater, and time to go. Slipping into the cool gray water, Kyla started the swim back to shore, almost hoping Scott would be waiting on the beach for her.

            He wasn’t.

            Hearing the click of the door opening, Scott roused himself from his thoughts and looked up as a dripping Kyla walked into the kitchen. Another thing he had grown accustomed to, Kyla walking around the house soaked to the skin after a swim.

“We need to talk.” Kyla said from her spot in the door.

Scott sighed, and nodded slowly. “Want me to start?”

“I think you should, you know where the best place to begin is.”

“I believe that our meeting wasn’t accidental, we were meant to run into each other in that bar. The only two First Generation Vampires meeting in a small, grubby highway bar, what are the chances? Fate had something to do with it.

“I also think that the stars have changed, our paths have changed. We have changed.”

“The fates wanted us to meet.” Kyla mused, leaning against the wall and looking thoughtful. “It is very possible, Scott.”

“It’s more than possible, Kyla!” Scott insisted. ‘I love you.’

“It may be.” Kyla agreed, and fell silent, waiting for Scott to continue. Taking a few deep breaths to calm down, Scott thought his words through before speaking again.

“We are an unstoppable force when we work together, Kyla, something worse that any writer, artist, or madman could ever imagine. When the Goddess Diana came to me, she told me of an event that must not happen, it will throw the mortal’s way of life into chaos, and throw our kind, you especially, into Hell.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Kyla asked quietly.

“Because I was more worried about you and Alexander, and you threw me against the wall before I could say anything else. I didn’t really want to bring the subject up again.” Scott sighed. “But that’s not the point, Kyla, we’re doing everything we can at the moment, and what if Diana meant that you aren’t supposed to find Alexander, either alive or dead. Can’t there be a reason as to why you haven’t found him yet? You’ve been searching for nearly five hundred years, there has to be reasoning as to why you haven’t found even traces of him yet!”

Kyla clenched her jaw tightly before answering. “Are you saying that Alexander and myself are not Soul Mates? That I should forget him?”

“No! God, no, Kyla, I’d never tell you to forget about Alexander!” Scott said, standing up so quickly, his chair crashed to the floor behind him.

“Then what are you saying?”

“That maybe you are destined to find another lover, someone to help you get over Alexander, and who can also let you remember him well and let his soul rest in peace.” Scott sighed, hanging his head.

“I should find another lover?” Kyla repeated, like she didn’t hear, or maybe didn’t understand, what Scott had just said.

“You’ve been alone for four hundred and seventy eight years, don’t you think so?”

“How? Scott, I haven’t loved since 1523, it’s like a dead emotion to me now.”

“Emotions never die, they just become dormant for a time, waiting to be used again.”

“Emotions never die?” Kyla laughed. “I think that an emotion not felt or used for 478 years is pretty damn dead!”

“God you’re stubborn, Kyla.” Scott said. Before Kyla cold respond, Scott had taken her in his arms, and was hugging her tightly, stroking her hair and resting his head against hers. Not knowing how to react, Kyla slowly raised and lowered her arms several times, debating is she should touch Scott or not.

“Scott.” Kyla said, gently pushing him away.

“I did something wrong?” Scott asked, frowning and letting his arms fall to his sides. Kyla just shook her head and ran from the room, heading for the front door. “Kyla! Wait!”

Kyla paused to give him a pained looked before opening the door. Muttering ‘fuck’, Scott ran after her hoping to catch her before she made it to the sea and dove into the inky waters, killing any chances of him catching her.

Hearing footsteps behind her, Kyla blindly wheeled around a corner; desperate to get away from whomever it was following her. She didn’t want to face anyone or anything right now. Tears formed a filmy veil over her eyes and sobs rose from her throat, choking past her lips. As she ran blindly through the night, Kyla stumbled on a tree root and went sprawling, landing hard on her knees. Unable to get up, Kyla knelt there, on all fours, sobbing, tears spilling from her eyes, which were screwed shut. Scott carefully knelt beside the crying female, always wary of her hands and feet that could easily slash his face or deliver a good kick to his groin.

“Kyla.” Scott murmured, wrapping his arms around her.

“No, don’t touch me.” Kyla said, trying to shove Scott off her. Instead, she felt Scott gently rest her head on his shoulder and start to rock her like she was a little child who had skinned her knee while running home from the fields.

“Sshh, it’s all right, Kyla let it out.” Scott cooed.  “Just let it out.”

“Why do you do this?”

“Because I don’t want to see you get hurt, Kyla. You tripped over a tree root, what if I let you go and you fell onto a rock and tore your stomach open? It was not even three weeks ago that you were staked three times.”

“I don’t care, just leave me alone!” Kyla screamed, trying to pull away from Scott.

“You know I can’t do that.” Scott replied standing and pulling Kyla up with him. “Come on, we’re going back to the house and you’re going for a long bath.”

“No.” Kyla insisted stubbornly. She tried to slip put of Scott’s arms and fall back to the ground but the male had a good grip on her, and there was no way she could slip out of his grasp.

“Yes, you don’t know what you’re doing, Kyla.” Scott said gently. Kyla’s face twisted as she started to cry again. Holding her so she couldn’t escape but also so he didn’t hurt her, Scott slowly walked back to the house, speaking gentle words Kyla, trying to calm her.

After securing the window so Kyla couldn’t climb out, Scott ran steaming water into the clawed tub. Rooting through the cupboards, he found some vanilla candles. Pausing for a moment to think it over, Scott finally pulled the candles out and lit them, filling the room with their calming scent.

“Kyla, are you going to be cooperative or am I going to do this the hard way?” Scott asked, going into Kyla’s bedroom. He nearly sighed with relief when she brushed passed him in a robe. The door clicked shut and Scott heard the lock turn, and a few minutes later, Kyla splash into the tub. ‘Ok, she’s mad at me.’

An hour later, Kyla came out of the bathroom and into the den where Scott sat, reading. Hearing her feet pad into the room and feeling her presence beside her, Scott closed the book and looked up.

“You’re mad.” Scott said, meeting Kyla’s eyes.

“A little ticked off, yes.” Kyla agreed. “You do not listen very well sometimes, Scott.”

“And you do some very stupid things sometimes, Kyla.” Scott replied.

“You should have let me go.”

“I couldn’t do that, I would drive myself crazy with worry.”

“About what? I tripped over a rock and ended up having my guts spilt to the ground?”


“Why do you do this to me?” Kyla asked, her brow creasing. “It annoys me to no end!”

“And you running off all the time worries me to no end.” Scott said, standing up. Kyla sighed and crossed her arms over her chest as Scott brushed by her and crossed to the window.

“Why did you not let me run?” Kyla asked quietly.

“I don’t know.” Scott shrugged. “It didn’t seem right.”

“I hope you do not expect some sort of reward for what you did.”

“Kyla, I don’t even expect you to say, ‘thank you’ from you.” Scott smiled wanly. “I know that much about you.”

Kyla looked a little surprised at his words. “You don’t?”

“Just, don’t put me in traction or kick me out, and I’ll consider it thanks enough.”

“You’ll consider it thanks enough? Scott, I know enough about you to highly doubt that.” Kyla laughed.

“If I wanted to lay you, I would have done so when you were plastered and putting the moves on me, not when you’re completely alert and completely capable of putting me into traction.” Scott replied, not turning around. He heard Kyla’s sharp intake of breath at his cold answer, but didn’t feel as badly as he had feared.

“Maybe I should just leave you here and now, Scott, let you live this life alone.” Kyla scowled.

“You won’t do that, you’d miss me, Kyla. You saved my life so you wouldn’t have to be alone!” Scott yelled, wheeling around and facing the female vampire.

“You sound awfully sure of yourself.”

“Because I am awfully sure of myself.”

“If it weren’t for me, you’d be dead.” Kyla spat. Scott’s eyes narrowed into dangerous slits as his fangs slid out.

“You want to fight, Kyla? Than let’s do this properly, shall we?”


When Scott woke up the next morning, he found himself still on the den floor. He had scratches, gashes and bruises all over his body from the fight between himself and Kyla. Raising a hand to his neck, Scott felt the healing gash that marked the place where Kyla’s fangs had torn at his throat, he had lost a fair amount of blood last night. Sitting up slowly to avoid head rush and not to fall backwards if a headache slammed into his skull, Scott finally noticed the hand sprawled across his naked torso. He couldn’t help what happened next, it just slipped out.

“Holy fuck!” Scott screamed, jumping backwards, forgetting about his stiffness and loss of blood. It was Kyla’s hand that had been resting on him, and the hand was attached to an arm, which was attached to a very naked Kyla. His screaming roused Kyla who looked around dazed for a moment before everything sunk in.

“Shit.” Kyla said, looking around desperately for something to cover herself in. She grabbed a cushion off the couch and covered her chest with it, pulling his knees up to the cushion and crossing them.

“I think we started wrestling of a different sort last night.” Scott said, taking a pillow off another couch and covering himself with it.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God.” Kyla muttered. She was white as a sheet and trembling.

“Hey, calm down, please?” Scott asked, scooting over to Kyla and trying to touch her arm.

“NO!” was suddenly screeched in his already ringing ears. “Haven’t you done enough?”

“Kyla, we both know that I couldn’t have done anything without you going right along with it, babe.” Scott said, his face suddenly becoming a mask of stone. “And if my memory serves me correctly, you went right along with it and fucking screamed for more.”

“Get away from me.” Kyla hissed.

“Fine, just don’t come crawling to me later with that itch you can’t scratch.” Scott said, standing and dropping his pillow. He walked out of the room, leaving his clothes scattered across the den, as he stalked towards his room, leaving Kyla in the den.

‘Who the hell does she think she is anyway? First, she can’t stand to look at me, then she suddenly lets me lay her in the middle of her den floor? Now she refuses to let me come within three meters of her.

She fucking screamed for me when she came, she screamed my name! Hell, she was the one who started kissing on me! I asked if she wanted to do it, I asked if she’d be mad when we woke up, and she said, ‘Take me, Scott, have me.’ Then she screamed and begged for more.

Still stewing about Kyla, Scott slipped under a sheet and let sleep take him into its murky depths again. His dreams didn’t let him escape either, his sleep ridden with images and memories of the previous night.

Kyla sat curled up in the den until she heard Scott’s door slam. She quickly slipped into her cloths and ran into her room, slamming the door and pulling out her bathing suit. She selected a tiny black bikini and slipping into it, left her room, heading to the ocean. Looking at herself in a mirror for a moment, Kyla let herself remember the past night’s festivities. Scott did have a point, she asked him to do her, and she had screamed for him, really screamed. Usually she faked to please the man, but Scott had surprised her, her orgasm surprised her! Closing her eyes, Kyla made up her mind.

Pausing by Scott’s door for a moment, Kyla dropped the cross she had worn since 1801. Smiling to herself as she left the house, Kyla walked deliberately in sight of Scott window, so, if he was watching, he’d get an eye full of skin and skimpy bikini.

            Zipping up his jeans as he left the room, Scott’s eye caught a glimmer of silver on the floor. Looking down, he realized it was Kyla’s cross, the one he’d never seen her without.

            ‘So, she decided she has an itch she can’t scratch by herself.’ Scott thought, pocketing the cross. Hoping he wasn’t wrong about the entire thing and was walking into a trap, stepping into a fresh pile of shit, how ever you want to put it, he headed down to the beach, taking his time, knowing that Kyla was probably on one of her signature swims. Walking almost to the water’s edge, Scott sat, letting the cool seawater wash over his feet and halfway up his thighs, soaking his jeans.

There was no way to keep track of time as it slipped by, minutes could have been hours, and hours could have been minutes. Fluffy clouds danced across the sky and sea gulls dove and squabbled as Scott patiently waited for Kyla. Several times he thought he saw her, but it turned out to be a fish, jumping at bugs dancing on the surface. He finally lay back in the warm sand, and closed his eyes, thinking he’d just close then for a moment.

What shook him from his sleep was a female’s voice calling him, and the water now lapping at his chest. Opening his eyes, Scott saw a velvety black sky dotted with stars instead of a vibrant blue with a fiery sun, he also the dark outline of Kyla.

“Wake up, you dildo! The tide’s coming in.” Kyla said impatiently as she gave him another shake.

“Jesus Christ, girl! I’m awake, you don’t need to scramble my brains!” Scott said, sitting up.

“How long have you been out here?”

“I came out here around one, why?” Scott asked. “I came looking for you because you dropped this.”

Kyla watched as Scott extracted the necklace from his pocket. “Aye, I dropped it.”

“Is that all you have to say? ‘Aye, I dropped it’?” Scott demanded, standing up. “Kyla, what the hell do you think you’re doing? First, you can’t get enough of me, then you don’t anything to so with me, now you’re dropping stuff outside my door!”

“How about you, Scott? You would have happily ripped my head off this morning, now you fall asleep in the water waiting for me?” Kyla demanded, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at Scott.

“You’re not going to win, again, Kyla.” Scott scowled. “I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I’ll keep in touch, incase you ever decide what you want.”

“Like hell you’re leaving.” Kyla said, pulling the male to her and pressing her mouth to his.

“No.” Scott said, pushing Kyla away. “I’m not putting myself through this again, once was too much already.”

“Stay with me tonight, and if you still want to leave in the morning, I won’t stop you.” Kyla said quietly. Scott looked down at Kyla, and immediately felt his rage leave.

“If I still want to leave in the morning, you won’t stop me.” Scott sighed. Kyla nodded. “Alright, I’ll spend the night with you.”

Scott’s Choice

It was Kyla who awoke first this time, and she nearly passed out with relief when she saw Scott still asleep beside her. She lay beside him, watching him, until he awoke himself, nearly an hour later.

“You’re not screaming out swears this time.” Kyla said quietly.

“You’re not trying to kill me either.” Scott replied, sitting up. He slid out of the bed and grabbed his Jockeys.

“Do you know what you’re going to do yet?”

Sighing deeply, Scott nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m leaving, it’s for the best, really. Neither of us knows what we want anymore and I can’t stand fighting with you every time we’re going to make love. There’s no way this would work.”

            Kyla nodded and rolled onto her back. “Take what you want, then, I’m going down to the beach. Don’t try to tell me when you’re leaving, I don’t like good byes.”

“I won’t take long to pack, I’m just taking some clothes with me. I was planning to leave the rest of the stuff here, a majority of my stuff is still in my place.”

“Do what you will.” Kyla said, sitting up. “You’ll keep in touch like you said, won’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ll keep in touch.” Scott smiled. “I’m going to go pack, Kyla. I’ll take a cab to the airport.”

“Alright.” Kyla agreed. “Since I won’t see you later, good bye.”

“See ya later, babe.” Scott smiled; giving Kyla a quick kiss before he grabbed his pants off the floor, slung them over his shoulder, and walked out the door.

Scott quickly threw clothing, toiletries, his journal and other assorted items into a few sports bags. He had heard Kyla leave the house, she had paused by his door for a moment, like she wanted to ask him to stay, but had kept true to her promise in the end. She had instead left a set of keys and a note saying that he could take the Corvette to the airport, she’d have someone pick it up later. Scott refused to give himself any time to think about maybe staying, so he kept his mind centered on Canada, and his cabin at Lake of the Woods. He had it winterized, so all he had to do was take the bush plane or ‘copter to his land. It would be nice even the in cool weather of the Canadian November, no one bothered him there, and Kyla didn’t even know about it, so it couldn’t scream reminders at him every time he opened his eyes.

Pausing before he got into the car, Scott looked towards the beach. “See ya later, babe.”

Shaking his head, Scott got into the car, and drove off.

When Kyla finally allowed herself to return to the house hours after Scott had left, her Corvette was gone, and so was Scott. She went up to the room he had stayed in and closed the door, locking it. There was no need to return to the room to clean; it would only cause a tidal wave of emotions that she didn’t need, not now, not ever. Sighing, Kyla slowly walked into her room and looked at the bed. Scott would be on the plane by now, headed to wherever his wherever was.

Nothing in the house would offer her any comfort, so she left, headed for the highway bar where she and Scott had first laid eyes on each other.


“Hey, doll, you here alone?” Kyla looked up and saw a sandy haired man with deep brown eyes.

“I am not a child’s play thing, but I am alone.” Kyla frowned. The man laughed like she had just cracked a joke.

“I’m Stephen.” the man smiled. “And what’s your name, my little pretty?”

“Keighlee.” Kyla sighed. “Now I suppose you are going to ask to buy me a drink.”

“You’re a psychic, Keighlee.” Stephen grinned, plopping into the empty chair. “What’s your fancy, little lady?”

“Nothing, I have to leave.” Kyla said, standing quickly and heading to the door. A she fished her keys from her pocket when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“C’mon, babe, don’t you wanna have a little fun with me?” Stephen smiled, tightening his grip on her shoulder.

The reference to ‘babe’ set Kyla’s temper off. “Don’t call me ‘babe’ and if I wanted to have a ‘good time’ with you, I would have let you buy me the fucking bar!” Kyla screamed in his face. “Now let me go before I hurt you!”

“Hurt me? I’d like to see you try, babe.” Stephen grinned, putting emphases on the last word. “I’d like to see you fucking…try.” Now, the last word was so high pitched, it could have shatter crystal. Kyla had brought her knee up briskly into Stephen’s groin, causing him to collapse to the floor in a quivering heap.

“I think I just fucking succeeded.” Kyla said, turning on her heel and walking out of the bar, swinging her hips as she went.

Still smiling smugly, Kyla started the car and headed home. She realized that she was in the Viper again, the same car she had taken on the night she met Scott. Frowning, Kyla turned on the radio in hopes to let her mind wander with the music. It was a good idea, but Drowning by the Backstreet Boys flooded through the speakers. The knob was turned so fast and so strongly it popped off. Swearing on top of her lungs, Kyla threw it onto the floor and stepped a little harder on the gas. Had Scott been there, he would have been yelling about Kyla trying to kill them and for her to slow the fuck down before the car flipped and ended up in a gigantic fireball. Smiling fondly at the memory, Kyla turned off onto her driveway.

While Kyla was just walking into the house, Scott’s plane was landing on his island property on the Lake.

‘Finally, someplace quiet, peaceful, no other people around to bother me. I can think, I can do my own thing.’

The phone in the kitchen seemed to scream at him, though. ‘It’s only been seven hours! Am I that deep in love with her that I can’t go seven hours without talking to her?’ Scott sighed, yes; he was in that deep. Picking up the phone, he dialed Kyla’s number.

“Hello?” Kyla’s voice asked after the twelfth ring.

“Kyla? It’s me.” Scott said after a moment’s panic where he nearly forgot how to talk and almost hung up. He almost did again when he heard the stunned silence from the other end of the line.

“Scott, I didn’t expect you to call so soon.” Kyla finally said.

“I surprised myself by calling, I didn’t intend to call you so soon either.” Scott smiled. “You want me to go?”

“No! No, you just caught me off guard, that’s all.” Kyla said quickly. “Where are you?”

“I can’t tell you yet, Kyla, I’d send for you to come put here to be with me.” Scott said fiddling with the phone card. “I wanted to thank you for lending me the ‘Vette.”

“It was the least I could do, since I promised I wouldn’t ask you to stay.” Kyla smiled. “That was a difficult promise to keep.”

“It was a difficult decision to make, I was almost hoping you would break your word and ask me to stay.”

“Would I break my word if I asked you to come back?” Kyla asked, almost shyly.

“No, but I can’t.” Scott sighed. “I need to sort my head out, and I think you do too. We’re both confused over all of this.”

“I know.”

“Then why ask?”

“It never hurts to ask, does it?” Scott could hear the smile in her voice when she said it.

“I’ll talk to you later, alright? It’s late and I’ve had a fair journey today.” Scott said.

“Sleep come quickly.” Kyla bade.

“Sleep come deeply.” Scott said, finishing the old saying as he hung up. God knew how much he wanted to go back, but it wouldn’t do any good. He would know when it was time, the Gods would let him know, until then, he’d wait. Scott looked at the phone for a full minute before he left the kitchen, headed to the den. The stereo was sitting in the corner, its remote waiting in a holder. Before he knew what he was doing, Scott had turned on the stereo and had Garth Brooks’ To Make You Feel My Love playing. It was un-needed torture to his heart and soul, he knew and understood that, but it fit the mood, it fit him.

Back in Orlando, Kyla sat in the kitchen, staring at the too-white wall; no stains to stare at, no cracks to watch, no insects to squash into oblivion. Then she thought about the man at the bar. There had been something unsettling about him, he reminded her of someone. Shaking her head and standing, Kyla laughed bitterly. ‘I am letting my mind wander to places best not touched.’ Still cackling, Kyla left the kitchen and went to bed.

Just Like Old Times (III)…

The power within the fire smiled its chilling smile that made a bath in liquid nitrogen look like a dip in a hot tub on a summer’s day. It knew what had happened between Alexander and Stephen, and it knew what happened between Scott and Kyla. Things couldn’t have happened better if it had helped them along. Packs were torn apart, feelings were thrown into chaos, and the three vampires that really meant anything in the world were all in different countries. All dealing with feeling of love, hate, confusion, and damnation.

Cackling insanely, the face within the fire let a pool of flame show him the Vampire Kyla. She slept fitfully on come-stained sheets that she and Scott had shared the previous night, tears still drying on her cheeks. She was beautiful, yes, and it lusted after her greatly, but she was oblivious to what was going on around her. Scott had left her, that was good; now it would be easier to lure her into its grasps, and pull her into its world. The Vampire Scott was moping somewhere in Canada, it couldn’t tell where though. Since he dawned one of the cursed Bloodstones, it had become impossible to invade his mind. He planned to return to Kyla when the time was right, she would love him, they would discover they were Soul Mates, and live happily ever after. That was very possible, meaning time was limited and it would be near impossible to get to Kyla if Scott was true in what he said about Kyla.

There’s wasn’t the only problem, Stephen had returned to America, and was very close to Kyla. He hit on her in a bar, before she kneed him and walked away, swinging her hips in her seductive way. Alexander also knew that there was a very good chance Kyla was still alive. He had found the false burial place of her, and found the note inside the finger. The werewolves were also on his side now, which was another unfortunate happening. But, Alexander was still in Paris while his precious Kyla waited for Scott to return to her arms in Orlando, or for him to tell her where he was and to send for her. The love triangle was like that of a badly written soap opera, and with any luck, it wouldn’t be executed like a badly written soap opera.

Snarling like a rabid dog, the face within the fire winked out, disappearing to its place in Hell until it felt it was time to return to this astral plane once again. This time, the sniveling slave of the fire was unaware that its master had come forth, and was making plans that didn’t include the many years of faithful service.


Staring into the vodka glass, Alexander’s head swam with questions. ‘What if Kyla is still alive? Does she still love me? Will she want to be with me again? Do I still love her? Will we be able to love each other again, or have we been apart for too long? Or, has she found someone new, someone more powerful, someone who found the secrets of the Bloodstone? Will she still want to lay eyes on me after I ran from the castle like a coward? None of these quarries would be answered, and that put part of his mind at ease, but made the other part scream louder. Slamming his glass onto the stained table, Alexander threw a few crumpled notes down and strode out of the tiny bar. He was back in Winnipeg, and Joey was still not finished yelling at him for disappearing for nearly three months. ‘I thought you had gone and killed yourself! If it wasn’t for those fucking notes you sent me, I would’ve called the cops!’ Frowning, Alexander slid into his dark blue Corvette and headed towards home. Joey started as soon as he opened the door.

“Lemme guess, another bar? Or was it one of those rent-by-the-hour motels and some crack whore?” Joey demanded.

“Shut up!” Alexander roared. Joey immediately shut up and backed into the wall so fast, he hit his head and it bounced foreword. “I’m a grown man, Joey. If I wanted lectures, I’d ask.”

Joey’s mouth moved soundlessly, making him look like a beached fish as Alexander stormed past him and into the basement, slamming the door as he went. When he reached his momentos room, Alexander looked at a painting of Kyla he had painted from memory years ago.

“Why did you leave me, love? Did you now love me as much as you claimed to have or have you just put me to rest?” Alexander asked, letting his fingers brush over the paint. The picture didn’t reply; it just stared foreword with the grim determination the he remembered so well. Sadly shaking his head, Alexander turned away from the painting and looked around the room blindly until he saw what his heart was looking for; a small golden vile. Kyla had given it to him, she told him it would take him to her, but he had to use it wisely, for it would only work once and such powers, if put to ill use, could drive the user to insanity.

The vile was cool to his touch, and inside it moved a thick liquid that would finally end his search. It was corked with a silver stopper, sealed with majick beyond his knowledge and a love that he had once known. Before he could break the seal and use the ancient majick, he heard Joey coming down the stairs. Quickly slipping the vile into his pocket, Alexander slipped out of the room, he refused to let Joey enter it, he had taken the only key to it when he left in July.

“Alex, why don’t we call a truce?” Joey asked, extending his hand to his friend. Alexander paused for a moment, considering, before grasping Joey’s hand in his own.

“Truce.” Alexander echoed.

“Are you ever going to tell me what you keep in that damn room of yours?” Joey asked, smiling.

“Fine, I’ll tell you.” Alexander grinned. “I keep half a dozen naked women in there, chained to the wall, spread eagle, there’s also a whole shit load of sex toys in there, I’m fulfilling a sexual fantasy I’ve had for years, and I like having a woman blow me whenever I tell her too.”

Have You…

Two days later, and still holding the truce he and Joey called that night, Alexander was in Polo Park when he saw a face that looked oddly familiar. He saw the black haired man in American Eagle Outfitters, looking at a pair of eighty dollar jeans. Watching him closely, Alexander followed him as he went from the clothing store, to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, to the food court. He became convinced he knew him when he went into the dine-in section of Michael’s, an Italian restaurant.

“You finally got enough guts to face me, eh?” the man asked when Alexander walked up to his table.

“You knew I was following you?” Alexander asked, a little surprised.

“Aye, I’m not an idiot.”

“But…but…” Alexander stuttered. The black haired man graced him with an icy glance.

“Please, I’d like to eat my meal in peace.” the man said and turned back to the book he was reading. Alexander noted, with some amusement, the book was ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, Kyla would have found it an amusing read.

“Please forgive me then, I was mistaken.” Alexander said, forcing a smile and leaving the table. Still watching the man carefully, Alexander ordered and ate his meal in silence. He was positive he had met the man somewhere before, but he just couldn’t place where or when he had met him. The man eventually left, but Alexander didn’t bother following him, he got a dangerous feeling from him, and it scared him.

When he finally left the mall, Joey was awake and wandering around the kitchen, looking a little dazed.

“S’up, man?” Alexander asked, dropping his lone bag containing a single sweater from American Eagle on the table.

“Being utterly amazed that you didn’t by out the malls and that I’m not getting phones calls of thanks from any major stores.” Joey said, looking at the lone, and rather flat, shopping bag.

“I ran into someone I know.” Alexander said, smiling. Vampires, creatures that could sell the Golden Gate Bridge to the Queen of England before selling the Empire Stare Building to the President of the United States, lying was like a second language to them.

“But you only bought one fucking sweater.”

“So? Would you prefer I go out for another six hours and by out the Leather Ranch and purchase a new Prowler?”

“Hey, a sweater’s fine.” Joey said, setting the bag back down and opening the fridge door. “You want anything?”

“Sure, get me a slice of pizza.” Alexander said, collapsing into a chair and pulling the sweater from the bag. It was bright yellow and started ‘American Eagle’ across the front in black letters. Shrugging, Alexander slipped it back in the bag, he had just gotten it because the girl serving him was hot and it had also been when he thought the guy he was following didn’t notice him.

            “Something wrong, Alex? You look like your dog just died.” Joey asked as he put a plate of pizza in front of his moping friend.

            “Yeah, it’s been two years since Sarah died.” Alexander lied. He had told Joey that he had been engaged to a woman named Sarah, but she had died in a freak accident several years ago.

“Oh, I forgot, sorry, man.”

            “Don’t be, I should move on.” Alexander said, forcing a smile. “And onto another topic!”

            Joey laughed; his friend was in good spirits, a welcome change from his violent mood-swings that usually ended in him going on a wild shopping spree and Joey getting phone calls from businesses thanking Alexander for his business. Flashing a carefree grin at Joey, Alexander walked out of the room and jogged up to his room, the vial all but forgotten.

            That night, Alexander dreamed. He dreamed that Kyla was beside him again, and they were happy. Kyla was smiling like she always had when she was extremely happy and her arm was linked through his, the ring he had given her so many years ago still shone like new on her finger.

            “I never gave up on you, I knew you were still alive, somewhere.” Alexander said, looking down at the beautiful red head.

            “I know, Alexander.” Kyla smiled, tossing her hair over her should in her carefree way.

            “We’re finally together again, Kyla. You and I are free to love, and to take what is rightfully ours.”

            “Aye, we are.”

            “I love you.” Alexander said, leaning down to kiss her.

            Slipping deeper into sleep and the dream, Alexander didn’t notice as the vial that now lay under a nightstand start to glow with a ghostly light. Alexander also didn’t hear the soft laughter that filled the room like sweet music.

The Vial

            When he finally roused himself from his near coma-like slumber, Alexander remembered the vial. Sitting up and looking around, he saw it under the table.

            “I’ll finally know.” Alexander said quietly as he leaned over and took the vial in his hand. The power it held was awesome, and it could easily be fucked up, sending the Majicks that it contained spinning out of control, lost forever.

             Joey had gone to work, so Alexander had the house to himself so he lots of time to work the majick. He practically flew into the basement, locking the doors behind him, just in case someone decided to drop in. He would finally know what the fate of Kyla was, and where he could find her.





            He hadn’t called Kyla in a month, and was sitting in the kitchen starting at the black phone that could carry his voice for Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada, to Orlando, Florida, United States of America. Trying to get over Kyla was pointless, he had done all the stupid, crazy stunts he could think of, and still missed her. On several occasions, he had gone skinny dipping in the small stream on the island, at mid-day, done the same in the lake, but in the wee hours of the morning before the sun rose. None of it helped.

            Sighing, Scott stood up and started to pace, something he had done a lot of lately. The ice on the Lake was solid enough so he could take the ski-doo into Kenora to do the little shopping that he needed. People often wondered who he was, and if he needed anything, if he’d maybe like to stop by one night for drinks and cards. All the invitations were politely turned down with excuses like, ‘I have a tight deadline, maybe another time?’ ‘I’m sorry, you see, I’m a writer, and my publisher if breathing down my neck for my manuscript.’ Stuff like that.

            Looking at the phone, Scott made up his mind. He picked up the phone and dialed Kyla’s phone number. She answered on the fourth ring, sounding hopeful but ready for disappointment.

            “Kyla, are you alright?” Scott asked, fear stabbing into his chest like an icicle.

            “Scott? I’m fine, really.” Kyla said, her voice normal now. She was hiding something and he knew it.

            “How are you?”

            “Bored, lonely.”

            “You? Bored? What’s this world coming to?” Scott wailed, causing Kyla to laugh.

            “Aye, bored.” Kyla confirmed. “I’ve been doing things around the house. How about you?”

            “The same.” Scott said. They chatted back and forth, not able to get off the small talk. Kyla finally asked something that broke the chain.

            “Have you decided yet?”

            Scott paused to think; had he made up his mind? He thought about how he could nothing without thinking of Kyla and decided. “Yes, I have.”

            “What are you going to do?”

            “I can’t tell you for sure until I tell you something, Kyla, then I’ll know for sure.”


            “I love you, Kyla. I don’t want to be with you unless you feel the same.”

            “Of course I love you!” Kyla cried. “Why do you think I haven’t left the house in a month? I didn’t want to miss you if you called!”

            Scott relaxed and slumped back in his chair. “Do you think you could leave Orlando for the freezing Canadian winter?”


            “Good, Kyla, I’m staying at Lake of the Woods in Ontario. I want you to fly to the Winnipeg Airport and I’ll meet you there, ok?”

            “I’ll have my plane ready in an hour.” Kyla said, Scott could hear the smile in her voice. “I’ll see you in five hours.”

            “Fly well, my love.” Scott said, placing the phone back in its cradle. He had done it, and Kyla was coming.

The Airport

            Scott saw the man who had followed him in Polo Park as he waiting for Kyla to arrive. He looked like he was waiting for someone as well, and from the look on his face, Scott guessed he was waiting for a lover who he hadn’t seen in a while. Glancing at his watch, Scott saw that Kyla was due to arrive in approximately ten minutes, so he left the bench he had been seated in and wandered over to the gate. On his way, he purchased a dozen blood red roses, and saw the man do the same.

            He finally spotted the flame red hair twenty minutes later. Kyla swept into the lobby, her hair and face framed with a black headband, an off-white parka, black gloves, black gloves, white jeans, and several bags. Before she spotted him, Kyla gave the man a strange glance and merged with the crowd so he couldn’t see her.

            A minute later, Scott was holding the Vampire Kyla in his arms, her bags dropped on either side of them, temporarily forgotten.

            “Shall we go, m’lady?” Scott asked, taking Kyla’s bags from her, much to her distaste.

            “Aye, the man over there is troubling me.” Kyla said, glancing over her shoulder. The man sat, waiting patiently for someone, he looked so hopeful that Scott felt a pang of pity for the man.

            “My cabin is nowhere near as grand as you mansion is, but it’s home.” Scott said as he lead Kyla to his bright red truck.

            “You forget that I was kept in dirt cellars that smelled of urine for days on end, Scott. Anything is heaven compared to those places.” Kyla smiled as she slipped into the cold vehicle.

            “Great, my place is better than a piss-soaked hell hole, I feel so much better.”

            “You know what I mean.” Kyla said, gently touching Scott’s arm. He glanced at her and grinned.

            “C’mon, babe, let’s get outta here. I don’t like driving over the Lake in the dark and I avoid it whenever possible.”

            Kyla smiled and settled back in her seat, closing her eyes. It was impossible to tell if Kyla was asleep or not, so Scott drove in silence. The sun would be rising in a few hours, and if things went well, they would be at the cabin to welcome the sunrise.

            He and Kyla were the superpowers now, though the rest of the world didn’t know it yet, but as surely as morning follows night, it would know, in time. They each wore a Bloodstone, rendering them completely immortal to anything anyone should throw at them, and they could take out entire armies if the need should arise. Kyla already had China under her thumb, and Scott wondered what else she had up her sleeve, if there were any other deeds to countries that had been signed by lustful rulers in generations past. Knowing her, there probably were more ancient scrolls saying that the country lay in the hands of this mysterious seductress, and what she didn’t hold deeds for, Kyla could just as easily take the country once she set her mind to it, with little or no resistance from the people. And once it was all said and done, they would rule together, literally feeling on top of the world. Nothing would challenge them and they would have finally reclaimed what was taken from their kind so long ago. The werewolves, gargoyles, witches, and all other beings that had been banished from the mortal way of life would rise from the ashes and they would all listen to the Vampires Kyla and Scott. Smiling at this, Scott looked over at his sleeping love, their names would soon be made known to the world and they would know that vampires were not a product of the imagination. That vampires were not things that could be warded off with garlic, crosses and holy water and certainly couldn’t be killed. Had Kyla known of these thoughts, she would have smiled and told Scott to be patient, not to get ahead of himself for those who are too confident are often doomed to failure.

            When he reached Kenora, Scott pulled over and gently woke Kyla. She yawned and opened her green eyes, stretching as she went.

            “We’re in Kenora, Kyla, I want you to be awake for the drive to the cabin, it’s amazing.” Scott said as he resumed the drive. The gray light of dawn was coloring the sky and the last remaining stars were winking out, only the moon held her place as a reminder of the night.

            They passes silent islands and empty cabins that had been abandoned until summer showed her lovely face once again. Trees were heavily laden with white snow that had not met the pollutants of the city, the few birds that braved the frigid weather were beginning to stir and greet the rising run with their perky calls. For the few people who used their cabins year-round, it was still too early to rise and the passing truck never disturbed their heavy slumbers.

            Scott’s property stood on a large island that had once belonged to a summer camp, his cabin was nestled in the majestic trees, visible in the winter but hidden to everyone else in the summer. He pulled his truck onto the dock and up the make shirt corduroy road he had constructed to serve this purpose. Kyla watched in silent awe as deep scattered from the oncoming vehicle and bounded gracefully into the safety of the trees.

            “Hurry, I want to show you something, Kyla.” Scott urged as she climbed out of the truck, feeling her stiff leg muscles stretch eagerly.

            “What is it, Scott?”

            “You’ll see.” Scott smiled, and with that, took her hands and led her into the cabin, leaving her bags in the truck for now.

            The pink glow of the sun was just beginning to pierce the sky as Scott led Kyla onto the covered balcony. It offered a clear view of the Lake, no trees obstructing the view, so they would watch the sunrise in picture perfect serenity.

            “Do you like it?” Scott whispered as the orange ball suddenly reared it’s blazing face to the sleeping world, Kyla couldn’t speak so she simply leaned into Scott and pulled his arms around her. They watched the amazing sunrise for nearly forty minutes before they turned away from the window and broke the silence.

            “I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunrise so beautiful.” Kyla said quietly.

            “It’s even more breath taking in the summer, when the colors dance off the Lake and are bolder.”

            “I’d like to see that.”

            “You will, my love, you will.” Scott promised. “Come, I must retrieve you bags from the truck and you can rummage around in the kitchen until you find something to eat.”

            “Alright.” Kyla agreed, and allowed Scott to lead her downstairs to the kitchen. Scott kept a well-stocked kitchen, every type of spice, gadget, etc. imaginable. Kyla finally decided on waffles, which she found in a freezer about the fridge. While she was brewing the coffee, Scott wandered back into the kitchen.

            “Find everything alright?”

            “Yes, you keep a neat kitchen.” Kyla smiled. “Waffles and coffee, I didn’t eat on the plane, I found myself not really hungry.”

            “Why did the man in the airport bother you, Kyla?”

            “I don’t know, he made me nervous, it was like deja vou, I can swear I’ve met him before, I just can’t place where.” Kyla frowned as she retrieved the waffles from the toaster and poured the coffee. “Do you know the feeling?”

            “Aye, all too well.” Scott nodded, then he smiled. “So, you like it here?”

            “It feels safe, and it’s quiet, very beautiful. I love it here.” Kyla smiled. “You worry too much.”

            “It you females who cause the males to worry so much.” Scott said, remembering the first time he had told Kyla that. The female laughed quietly and set breakfast on the table, taking a seat across from Scott.

The Reclaiming (II)

            It was only days after Kyla arrived at the Lake when she told Scott she had plans to carry on with her plans of world domination.

            “It is not going to be as simple as China was, Scott, I do not have a deed to all of America, but I have a deed to the original colonies. But that does not do much, sadly.”

            “You want to take the Untied States of America?” Scott asked, not really believing what he had just heard.

            “In time, love, in time.” Kyla smiled. “I wish to take Europe, Asia, and Africa first. That grants me power to most of the world, Canada and Australia included, and if things go to plan, we won’t have much resistance.”

            “Kyla, you’re taking total power! People will see you as a modern day female Hitler!” Scott cried.

            “I know, but I will not be as obvious as Hitler was.”

            “Ok, China was easy, how do you expect to take England?” Scott demanded.

            “With the Bloodstone, Scott.” Kyla said. “They do more than grant us immortality and look good.”

            “The Bloodstone, sheesh!” Scott moaned, slapping the heel of his hand to his forehead.

            “Don’t hit yourself, dear.” Scott let out another howl of frustration and stormed into the balcony where he had taken Kyla when she first arrived here. A while later, he felt a hand on his arm and turned to see Kyla, who was smiling softly.

            “You can still drive me up the wall.” Scott smiled. Kyla laughed quietly.

            “Come, dear, it’s late and we need to have an early start tomorrow.” Kyla said, slipped her hand into Scott’s. He followed her into the bedroom that they now shared and turned off the lights.

            Kyla roused him at five the next morning, the moon still shone brightly in the sky when they left for the airport, and England where Kyla would set about the task of claiming what was rightfully theirs. He had to admit, his fantasy was coming true, and he was powerless to stop it.

            The night that it would all take place, Scott was gritting his teeth to Kyla’s musical tastes as she got ready. The Offspring’s Pretty Fly For A White Guy was playing and Kyla was somehow managing to squirm to the music, mouth the words with feeling, and put eye liner on. Scott had to laugh, Kyla was in a long black dress with some gold and diamond jewelry, she looked every inch a high-class woman who you’d expect to see sipping Champaign at a museum opening, and here she was, listening to Wheatus.

            “Do I strike you as funny, Scott?” Kyla smiled, turning around. She looked perfect.

            “Yes, you look every inch the aristocrat, and here you are, memorizing lyrics to The Offspring and Wheatus.” Scott chuckled. “I would have expected The Legends Of The Fall- Main Theme.”

            “Well, you should know not to expect the obvious from me, love.” Kyla said as she dropped some make up into a sleek handbag, “we must hurry if we want to be on time.”

            “My lady.” Scott said, looping his arm around Kyla’s. The female laughed as Scott escorted her to the waiting limo.

            The Palace was amazing, and the jingle of diamonds almost drowned out the small orchestra that played in a corner. Kyla looked cool, calm, and collected as she and Scott breezed into the Palace, and presented their invitation.

            “You’re sure about this?” Scott asked quietly as he raised a Champaign flute to his lips.

            “It is now or never, Scott, you and I both know that.” Kyla smiled. “Come, I will see reason to your worry once we try the U.S.”

            “It is 10O’Clock, no time to turn around even if we wanted to.” Scott sighed, looking up as a clock struck the hour. “We must hurry, as to not offend her Majesty.”

            It was Kyla’s turn to laugh. “I shan’t worry about that, dear, and as for turning around, it is never too late.”

            Queen Elizabeth II looked regal as she sat piston-straight on her thrown as Kyla and Scott entered. There were only a few Royal guards around; they had had the good luck of being granted a private meeting. Scott held his place beside Kyla, his jaw clenched and his eyes staring straight ahead; he was ready to attack if anything went wrong.

             The Queen of England paled at the sight of the document Kyla presented her with. The Prince Charles flushed with anger, but held his tongue, as Kyla claimed power to the monarchy and gave dictation as she had to the Emperor of China.

            They left quickly, it was not best to hang around at a time like this, anything could happen. Scott was still amazed they carried it off at all, and Kyla was containing a wild laugh that she let out as the car pulled away.

            “We did it, Scott! We rule Great Britain, Australia, and Canada!” Kyla cackled. “We are well on our way!”

            “I know, love.” Scott smiled. “But I’m not letting you drink anything tonight, remembering what happened last time.”

            “As you wish.” Kyla smiled. “Tonight is ours.”

            Scott grinned, he and Kyla were sitting atop a good portion of the world, and there had been no resistance to date. It was an amazing feeling, they were reclaiming what was rightfully theirs and they were doing it together, as mates. Nothing could stop them, they possessed Bloodstones, each was a First Generation Vampire, and they were the most dangerous combination of all, lovers. They knew each other better than a pack, and they held a trust that would never be betrayed.


            The city of London was rich in history, something that Kyla loved and something Scott craved. They walked the Bloody Tower hand-in-hand, listening to the history that they had lived through, it was amusing to listen to the mortal guides tell people about how they thought life was like back then.

            “We should write our own history series.” Scott whispered as the guide demonstrated a thumbscrew. “It would be accurate and more interesting than this dribble they feed people nowadays.”

            “It would be taken as a lie, love. Humans are very fickle creatures, they are set in their ways. They are so blind, they think they are the only intelligent creatures on the face of this planet and the ones who actually let themselves think clearly are called insane and snubbed from the public eye.”

            “They’ll learn in time.” Scott smiled.

            “Aye, but by then, we’ll have what is rightfully ours.”

            Scott gave Kyla’s hand a light squeeze and patiently listened as the guide explained what was bestowed on the pool souls who, at the time, were believed to be vampires, witches, werewolves, or other ‘mythical’ creatures. The mortals would have flipped had they known the two oldest and most powerful vampires in the world were standing among them.

            After they left the tower, Scott and Kyla headed to a small pub, each wanting a quiet drink and dinner. Wondering how he ever lived without this female on his arm, Scott lapsed into the chivalry that his father had taught him in Ireland, causing Kyla to smile and blush slightly and every other woman in the bar to look longingly at the man who was playing the perfect gentleman.

            “If you were to dawn a suit of armor, you’d really fit the part.” Kyla giggled as Scott stood as she returned from the bathroom.

            “Only if you wear a dress like the one you are wearing in the portrait that hangs over the fireplace in the den.” Scott smiled. “We would be the perfect medieval couple.”

            Kyla shook her head and took a bite of her fish and chips dinner. “I haven’t been here in over forty years, Scott.”

            “You’ve been here before?”

            “Aye, in the fifties, it hasn’t changed very much.”

            “Think we’ll be eating here again in another forty years?” Scott asked. Kyla smiled and took a gulp of her beer before answering.

            “I’d like that, Scott.” Kyla said quietly. Scott returned the smile and the meal was finished in a comfortable silence, something only two lovers could do without lapsing into boredom.

            They walked back hand-in-hand to the hotel, laughing quietly and sharing loving looks. While Kyla showered, Scott lay on the bed in the bark room, staring at the ceiling thinking about what had happened in the past month and a half. He had found his Soul Mate, and they were in the process of taking over the world. Grinning, Scott spread out on the bed, purposely taking up the entire queen sized bed, and fell asleep.

            After her shower, Kyla walked into the bedroom, and saw Scott sprawled across the bed. “The jerk.” She grinned as she dropped her things and crossed to the bed. ‘He’s asleep, how cute.’ And with that, Kyla jumped on Scott, causing him to wake up with a surprised ‘oofff’.

            “What was that for?” Scott asked, though he already knew the answer.

            “You were taking up the whole damn bed, love.” Kyla replied, grinning.

            “Couldn’t you have woken me like a sane person?” he knew the answer to that too.



            “C’mon, love, it’s not that hard!” Scott called up to Kyla who stood tottering on the edge of the hill on a snowboard.

            “Says you!” Kyla called back, but started the downward slide. She made it about three meters before falling flat on her butt.

            “C’mon, Kyla!” Scott said, laughing. Kyla stuck her tongue out at him but stood up. It was five meters this time before her shaky slide ended in a belly flop. A swearing Kyla soon ended her first snowboarding run at Scott’s feet.

            “I have half the bloody hill inside my jacket!” Kyla said as Scott helped her up. “I should kill you, you know.”

            “C’mon, it’s just wet and a little cold.” Scott smiled, hugging Kyla. “Here, I’ll help you warm up, dear.”

            “No, I’ll help you cool down.” Kyla said, pulling Scott down with her and before he got an ‘oofff’ out, Kyla was shoving snow down his parka.

            “Hey! Quit it!” Scott yelped, trying to grab Kyla’s hands. She let out a shrill giggle and squirmed out of his reach, a difficult task because of the snowboard. The laughter of the two vampires filled the cold December air like music, carrying across the island and drifting and finally fading over the frozen lake.

            “You said that would be easy!” Kyla laughed as they limped back into the house. “My legs feel like I just finished running fifty miles over solid rock!”

            “It was you first time, give it a chance!” Scott smiled, opening the door and letting them into the warm house. “Want anything to drink?”

            “I’d like a brandy while I try to get feeling back to my ass, then a cold flute of Champaign as I take a long, leisurely soak in the tub.” Kyla said, peeling off her winter gear and wincing as she sat down. Scott chuckled as he poured Kyla’s drink, Kyla was new to the Canadian winter-fun bit, last time she had been in a snowy winter was in the early 1900’s, when women didn’t really participate in these such things. He grinned and bowed deeply as he offered Kyla her drink, earning him a rolling of the eyes and a quiet laugh.

            When Kyla went off for her bath, Scott wandered into the small reading room her had in the cabin. The fireplace was lit, casting a comforting light and a slightly smoky smell though out the room. Tall bookshelves lined the walls and overstuffed leather chairs were scattered through the room. Selecting a book, Scott sank into a chair and set his drink on a small table beside him. He had always loved reading, his father had spent a good deal of money so his sons could read, and Scott was forever grateful for it. It was one of the few things that he was grateful to the old bastard for. He had hated his father with a passion, and had welcomed the change when the Master changed him.

            Shoving the thoughts from his head, Scott opened his book and began to read. He was soon lost in the world of fiction that was unfolding before him, drawing him ever deeper into it’s depths. His drink sat, forgotten, beside him, and the clock hands spun unheeded while the fire crackled, letting out an unheard crack and shooting unnoticed sparks every so often. Worlds lay hidden within the covers of his books, waiting for him to visit them for a first time or to slip into their pages once again. Some people scoffed for his love of literature, and Scott only rolled his eyes, he had nothing good to say to these people, nothing at all. One of the few writers who Scott would take with him throughout the years was Stephen King, and he would relish the day that Harry Potter was finally left in the dust.

            “Good book, love?” Kyla’s voice asked. Scott jumped a little and realized that her hands on his arms and was leaning on his shoulder.

            “When did you get out of the tub?”

            “Fifteen minutes ago.” Kyla smiled. “You were really lost to the world, weren’t you?”

            “Aye, you startled me.” Scott said, closing the book and setting it on the table beside his once cold drink. “Looks like I also forgot about my drink.”

            Kyla laughed quietly and shook her head. “Sometimes I wonder if you would read right through the Apocalypse.”

            “If it was a good book, yes.” Scott grinned. “Unless you screamed, then I’d come running to your rescue.”

            “My hero.” Kyla smiled. “I’m going to bed, it’s late and I’m sore. The soft bed is singing a siren’s song tonight.”

            “Care to try again tomorrow?” Scott called after Kyla’s retreating back.

            “No!” she yelled back. “You lied about it being easy today and I doubt I’ll be able to move when I wake up!”

            Scott doubled over laughing, tears spouting from his eyes and his gut soon cramping from the laughter that bubbled out of his stomach and exploded from his mouth. When he had calmed down, he followed Kyla to bed, hoping she was still awake and she had been lying about how stiff she was.

            Kyla was asleep, curled up in a ball with most of the covers wrapped around her, her way of getting back at him for laughing at her. Smiling, Scott stripped down and slipped under what covers were left. This didn’t last long, shivering a little, Scott moved closer to Kyla, wrapping himself around her, granting him access to the quilts. He soon fell asleep, his body wrapped around Kyla’s like he was trying to protect her from something that might try to attack during the night.

Just Like Old Times…  (IV)

            The Majicks had been released, and Alexander knew Kyla was alive. The thing inside the fire let out a scream of rage and flared up violently. Things had been going so well before that dumb vampire had taken it into his head to use the vial to find Kyla, and now he was as determined as ever! And Kyla, she had discovered love again, rendering her the most powerful being on Earth’s physical plane! She had given Scott a Bloodstone, and he had been the genius who had finally realized that they were Soul Mates.

            It had thought that Kyla wouldn’t accept it, and would pull a disappearing act on Scott, like she had on everyone else who had proclaimed love to her, and who she had felt a spark of feeling for. No, she had acted like a school girl when Scott had told her he loved her, and that he wanted her to join him in Canada. She packed and took off without a second thought, and hadn’t thought of Alexander in weeks.

            “And if he should find her again, they will form a pack, and will be unstoppable.” It said to itself. “Kyla has already begun to take power of the world, and she is already easily commanding the mortals.”

            It knew if she completed her task, its chance of success would be dashed before they begun, it would be trapped between worlds for eternity. But, if Alexander could find Kyla and Scott in bad terms, it could throw fate off course. Kyla always had been over emotional about things, and of Alexander would find her and Scott at the wrong time, she would surely flee. Yes, Alexander would have to find them at the wrong time, and Kyla would disappear for another couple centuries, or Scott would kill Alexander and Kyla would loathe him.

            This thought calmed it a little; there was still a good chance of its success. Alexander always had been bad at timing things, and the other two always did have bad tempers. Its lips twisted into a blood-freezing smile as it flickered out, going back to Hell to wait for it coming.

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