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Part 4

By Meagan Richards


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Part 4


            He had entered Hell. Things had gone downhill ever since he had opened the vial and cast the spell.

            “Alexander! Where are you?” Joey yelled up the stairs.

            “Don’t yell, I’m right here.” Alexander muttered from his chair. “What happened now? The cops coming to pick me up? I go bankrupt? One of my ex’s find me?”

            “You got a letter, man. It’s from some Keighlee Morgan.” Joey said flipping a white envelope to Alexander who caught it with the grace of a predator.

            “Keighlee Morgan, must’ve been a while ago.” Alexander sighed as he opened the letter. He was fully expecting some bitch to be sending a child support notice, which was impossible because he couldn’t have kids, but he would give the bitch the money. Maybe he’d even play daddy to the child. He took the folded paper out of the envelope and opened the letter contained. Dearest Alexander, he read, I have finally found you. I beg your forgivnance that I was not able to deliver this in person, but I have some pressing business to attend to.

            I am in Lake of the Woods in Ontario; the place I have taken up residence is on the island where the camp used to be, I hope you understand what I am talking about. I beg you to come to me, we have been apart too long and I do not wish to keep the distance any longer. Come as quickly as possible, I am waiting.

You love,


            Alexander read the letter over several times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming before springing from his seat and flying to his room to pack. Joey ran from the kitchen to see what the commotion was all about.

            “Don’t tell me the cops really are after you?” Joey asked, suddenly scared.

            “No, no, nothing like that.” Alexander said as he stuffed clothing into a bag. “Keighlee Morgan is my cousin, one I didn’t know I had.” He had always told Joey he was the last member of his family.

            “Why didn’t she just call?”

            “I don’t know! Maybe she doesn’t have a phone, maybe she was scared I’d laugh at her, maybe because my number is unlisted!”

            “Right, all the girls trying to kill you.” Joey said, stepping out of the way as Alexander bolted for the stairs.

            “I’ll call!” Alexander yelled as he slammed the door. He didn’t hear the quiet laughter.

            The drive to Kenora seemed to take forever, and the ski doo ride to the island stretched an eternity. When he got to the island, Alexander flew up to the cabin before getting a grip on himself.

            He quietly opened the door and slipped inside, climbing the stairs with the same care. When he found the master bedroom, Alexander set his bag down and slowly opened the door, not exactly knowing what to expect. What he saw, though, was definitely not what he expected. Kyla was sprawled on the bed, wearing a pair of men’s boxers and a men’s tee shirt, her long hair pleated, her long legs crossed, and reading a book that looked to weight twenty pounds. She didn’t even look up when she spoke her first words in 578 years to him.

            “You’re not getting any money off me.”

            Alexander frowned in confusion, then burst into laughter. Kyla glanced up sharply and jumped off the bed, her book landing with a loud bang beside her.

            “Alexander!” Kyla gasped, her eyes wide and staring. “How?”

            “I got your letter, love.” Alexander smiled, taking the piece of paper out of his pocket and offered it to her. Kyla didn’t move, in fact, she looked ready to bolt at any moment.

            “I…I…when?” Kyla asked. “I did not send any letters!”

            “Love, look at this, it’s in your writing.” Alexander said, taking a few steps closer and trying to give Kyla the letter again. She cautiously took the paper and read it, a confused look replacing her earlier one of surprise.

            “Alexander, I did not write this.” Kyla said.

            “Then who did? It took me to you.” Alexander said, letting out a nervous laugh. “You don’t think someone set us up like this so they could take us both out at the same time?”

            Kyla shook her head and held up her hand. “Bloodstone.” She didn’t move as Alexander moved closer to her and looked at the blood red stone on her finger.

            “Aren’t you glad to see me?” Alexander asked, trying to meet her eyes.

            “Scott should be back any minute.” Kyla sighed, turning her back. Alexander laughed.

            “The one who you refused to lend money to?” Alexander chuckled. “If you want me out, tell me, I’ll leave. I still love you enough to do that for you.”

            “Don’t say that!” Kyla yelled, wheeling on the surprised male.

            “Why not?” Alexander sounded genuinely hurt. Kyla let out another frustrated yell and slammed her fist on the small bedside table, splintering it. She cringed as a large splinter of wood was shoved into the soft flesh of her hand.

            Alexander did what was natural to him; he went to Kyla to help her, to hold her. He carefully pulled the wood out of her hand and pressed her into his chest like nothing had changed. And, for a moment, it was like nothing had. Then Kyla pushed him away and scooted against the wall, like she was trying to get away from him.

            “What’s wrong, Kyla?” Alexander asked.

            “Scott, he should be back soon. He won’t understand if he sees you suddenly showed up.” Kyla said, standing and trying to leave the bedroom.

            “Who the fuck is this Scott you keep yelling about? If he’s a Hunter, we can kill him together, just like old times.” Alexander demanded grabbing Kyla’s arm and pulling her towards him. At that moment, something hit Alexander from the side and sent him flying.

            “Don’t you dare lay another fucking hand on her!” a male’s voice screamed as the owner’s body landed on Alexander’s back.

            “Back off!” Alexander grunted, and bucked foreword, throwing the male off him. Before he could attack, another pair of hands had grabbed him and threw him against the wall.

            “That’s the second wall to meet its end like that, and thank God it’s not my head,” the man said as he stood up and wrapped an arm around Kyla’s waist. “Who is it? A Reggae?”

            “Scott, you just attacked the Vampire Alexander.” Kyla said gravely. “And, Alexander, you just flipped the Vampire Scott.”

            The two males looked at each other, then back at Kyla.

            “Scott, I need to talk to Alexander.” Kyla sighed. “Alexander, come.”

            “I’ll be down at the boathouse, Kyla.” Scott said, giving Kyla a quick kiss on the cheek and leaving the room without a backward glance. Kyla waited until she heard the door close behind Scott before taking Alexander into the small library. Alexander gladly sunk into one of the chairs in the library, holding his throbbing head.

            “Do you want a drink?” Kyla asked.

            “Please.” Alexander nodded, wincing as black dots darted in front of his vision again. Kyla poured brandy into crystal glasses and handed one to Alexander.

            “Well, that was Scott.” Kyla sighed, sinking into a chair opposite of Scott. “I am sorry your first meeting couldn’t have been under better circumstances.”

            “He’s your new lover.”

            “Alexander, Scott is my new love. He’s the last First Generation male vampire left on Earth, and we are in the stages of taking what is rightfully ours. We already have England and China, and we’re getting ready to take Germany next.”

            “So it’s a power thing.”

            “No, it’s a love thing.” Kyla frowned. “You and I may have been lovers once, but that was long ago, and Scott and I are Soul Mates. I’m sorry about how harsh this sounds, but it’s true.”

            “Fine! I’ll leave. It was nice seeing you again, Kyla, and getting my head put through you bedroom wall.” Alexander screamed, standing up.

            [“That’s what it wants!”] A small voice screamed, causing Kyla to cringe.

            “What is it, love?” Scott asked, a twinge of panic in his voice. He hadn’t gone down to the docks like he had said he was.

            “Alexander, sit down or I swear to God I will break your fucking legs in three places.” Kyla hissed. Alexander paled and did as she bade immediately. “Now, we may not like it too much, but we’re a pack now, we’re stuck with each other and it’s best that we learned to make peace.”

            “What? Kyla, listen to yourself!” Scott gasped.

            “I’m his maker, and I have not yet released him from my pack.” Kyla smiled weakly. “I have no real desire to, not yet at least.”

            The two males looked at her like they couldn’t believe what she had just said. “Kyla, please repeat what the hell you just said.” Alexander said slowly.

            “I said, I’m still your maker and we’re still a pack. Now, I have no hold over Scott, he can leave if he should so choose.” Kyla repeated, holding Alexander’s gaze with her own.

            “You’re not getting rid of me, love.” Scott smiled. “Once you and I whispered those three little words, you were stuck with me.”

            Alexander frowned, and sunk lower in his chair. “Here we are, one huge, happy family.”

Enter: Scott

            Alexander had been at the cabin at Lake of the Woods for a week, and he had done a fairly good job of avoiding Scott.

            “Hey, Kyla?” Scott called as he wandered into the kitchen. His face fell when he saw it was Alexander. “Where’s Kyla?”

            “I dunno, she took of somewhere as the sunlight pierced the sky, thought you of all people would know where she is.”

            Scott frowned. “It’s Kyla we’re talking about here, Alexander, it’s a miracle if I can make it through the day without pissing her off.”

            Alexander started to laugh. “I remember her when she was like that, when I thought she was letting me bed her, she told me she didn’t give second chances. Once I almost lost her, I accidentally left my chamber door unlocked and Kathleen walked in, Kyla slipped out the window dressed in one of my bed sheets. She didn’t return for two weeks, by that time, I was ready to pluck my eyeballs out for her.”

            Scott grinned and pulled up a chair. “I chose to leave her for a while, to, you know, to sort my head out and to let her think things over, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

            “It’s Kyla, she’s got this weird power over males of any species.” Alexander smiled. “C’mon, when you first laid eyes on her, wasn’t she the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen?”

            “Aye, but she was also supposed to be a quick lay then supper.” Scott admitted, smiling guiltily. Alexander let out a hearty laugh and nodded.

            “When I first saw her, that’s all that was on my mind, except the feeding part. I was to wed her older sister, Kathleen, when we met. She let me think she was letting me do this for my benefit the entire time we were sleeping together.

            “Kyla had actually been engaged to my brother several years before, that’s when the Master changed her. She ran, and killed a woman who could have been her twin sister to make it look like she had killed herself to avoid the marriage. When she made herself known to me, she had changed so much, and I was so taken with her beauty, I never even thought she could be Kyla.”

            “What the hell did she go by then?”

            Alexander chuckled. “She told me she was my angel, sent from the Heaven’s above, so, that’s what she was to me, Angel.”

            Scott agreed with a laugh, and the peace between the two males was sealed. They soon left the topic of Kyla and moved to other things, filling the spaces of the years, and talking about what they hoped lay ahead.


            Later that night as Alexander drifted off to sleep, the tittering laughter sounded again, and again, Alexander’s sharp ears were too far from reality to hear it.

            He felt something move slide into the bed beside him and slide a pair of arms around him. He took a sharp in take of breath and rolled over quickly, not exactly knowing what to expect. The pair of bright green eyes staring into him nearly brought the scream that was building itself in the back of his throat through his lips.

            “Don’t scream, Scott doesn’t know I’m here.” Kyla whispered, pressing a finger to Alexander’s open lips.

            “What are you doing here?” Alexander asked, already knowing the answer. Kyla laughed quietly and traced his lips.

            “I think you know.”

            Alexander nodded and drew Kyla closer to him. It was like they were back in Ireland, wanting each other and not wanting to be found out. Kyla was just like he remembered, and the lovemaking was just like he remembered. He was in ecstasy, and he didn’t want to leave.

            Later, when he was in the deepest realms of sleep, the whispered voices came, and invaded Alexander’s mind as he slept.

            ‘She doesn’t love Scott.’

            ‘He’s forcing her to be with him.’

            ‘She still loves you.’

            ‘Don’t let him cloud her mind anymore.’

            ‘Take her from this before it’s too late.’

            ‘Don’t let her slip away again.’

            ‘If you do, you’ll loose her forever.’

            Alexander frowned in his sleep as the powers that had threaded themselves together to make themselves look like his lover melted and vanished. When he woke up, he didn’t remember the voices that had poisoned his sleep, but he did remember how Kyla came to him, and how she had left before the morning light. He didn’t know that in their bedroom at the opposite side of the cabin, the real Kyla and Scott had been making love at the same time he had the vision.

            He came out of his room around ten the next morning, and saw Kyla and Scott in the kitchen. Knowing better than to run to Kyla and embrace her, Alexander smiled and quickly poured himself a cup of coffee before his mouth could deceive him. Drinking it slowly, Alexander watched as Scott kissed Kyla on the cheek and left, saying he’d be back in a few hours and that he’d replenish the alcohol stock.

            “You’re in an oddly good mood this morning.” Kyla observed as Alexander started to sing quietly to himself.

            “I have my rights, don’t I?” Alexander smiled. “What’s wrong with you? You look like someone just shot your dog.”

            “Something’s happening and I don’t like it.” Kyla frowned. “Scott told me of something that can’t happen, and I fear that it had already started.”

            “What’s happened?”

            “Things I can’t begin to explain.” Kyla sighed.

            “Like what?” Alexander pressed.

            “You showing up again, for one thing, dreams, voices.” Kyla listed. “You know, things.”

            Alexander cocked an eyebrow. “Dreams?”

            “Yes, dreams, the things that come to you when you sleep.”

            “I know what dreams are!”

            “Sometimes I wonder.” Kyla replied, brushing past Alexander and into the library.

            ‘Dreams? Is that what happened to me last night? A dream?’ Alexander wondered, staring into the almost empty coffee cup. Shaking his head, he dismissed the thought and left the kitchen, destined for the crisp morning air. It hit him like a wreaking ball, casing him to shut his eyes for a moment.

            ‘It couldn’t have been a dream, she was just like I remembered. Everything was just like I remembered.’

              He extracted a cigarette from his pocket and pit it, blowing out the match with the first exhale. Watching the smoke spiral lazily into the clear December sky, Alexander looked across the frozen lake. The only ski-doo tracks in the powdery snow were the ones Scott had left behind when he left to the main land. The setting was something he expected from Kyla, and of vampires of the higher rankings, peaceful, serene, set apart from other beings.

            Sighing heavily, Alexander took a final drag from his smoke and flicked it over the side of the patio, into the unpolluted snow beneath. He watched closely, but lost the place where the smoke struck in its final resting-place until the spring melt came and whisked it away, to places unknown.

            ‘Why can’t I be like that? Just going wherever I feel whenever I feel? All my life I’ve been waiting for a sign to take me to my next destination, I can never just go.’

            Alexander looked up as a bald eagle soared over head, casting its proud shadow over the frozen water and ground as it went. Sighing again, Alexander went back inside, it was cold out, even for him, a vampire. He went up to his room, keeping his senses sharp so he wouldn’t run into Kyla. On his way, he passed the master bedroom, and his predators nose caught the smell of sex lingering on the air like a sweet and teasing perfume. Letting out a small growl of anger, Alexander ran the rest of the way to his room, not caring if Kyla appeared or not.

            He slammed his door and fell foreword onto his bed, tears distorting his eyesight and horse sobs hitching out of his mouth. His crumpled bed sheets offered no comfort, and his pillows were soon soaked through with hot tears. It had happened all over again, he had lost Kyla again, except this time, it was for good.







            She heard Alexander’s door open again just as she heard the front door open and Scott’s call. Pausing for a moment, Kyla went to see how Scott had faired in town.

            “Hail, love!” Scott cried when he saw Kyla appear.

            “Hail, yourself.” Kyla chuckled. “Been into the booze a little early, Scott?”

            “No, I’m just in a good mood.” Scott said defensively as he slipped off his winter gear. His eyes glanced down and noticed something missing. “You took off your ring.”

            Kyla glanced down at her hand quickly. “Aye, I thought it was appropriate.”

            “You’ve worn it for nearly six hundred years!”

            “Aye, but I don’t love the man who gave to me anymore, I love another. It’s not exactly proper to wear one man’s ring when you love another, is it?”

            “No, I guess not.” Scott said, with an almost dreamy look in his eye. Kyla raised a questioning eyebrow and received one of Scott’s trademark grins that lit his entire face.

            “Come on, let me help you take all this into the kitchen and we can decide what to do from there.” Kyla said, picking up one of the bags before Scott could protest. Scott’s grin didn’t falter as he helped Kyla carry the bags into the kitchen and put the groceries away.

            “You’re taking the night off, love.” Scott said as he and Kyla sat at the table with steaming mugs of tea.

            “Am I now?”

            “Aye, I’m going to make you a nice, romantic dinner, then while I clean up, you’re going for a nice, long bath, then for the rest of the night, I’m going to pamper you.” Scott smiled.

            “And what, pray tell, has brought this on?”

            “You’ve been under a lot of stress, love. I know I’m far from the perfect guy, and I’ve pulled a number of stunts in my time, Alexander showed up, and all this shit about my premonition and then us taking over the world. You deserve it.” Scott said, reaching across the table and covering Kyla’s hand with his own. A calming quiet settled over the two lovers, they knew that they had forever to enjoy each other’s company.

            Around four, Scott chased Kyla into the library and sat her down in front of a roaring fire with the book she’d been reading before he disappeared into the kitchen to make dinner.

            Half and hour later, Kyla smelled frying chicken wafting from the kitchen, the herbs used teased Kyla’s nose and made her stomach rumble, reminding her she ate a very small lunch that day. She listened to Scott as he cursed, swore, and basically begged the kitchenware and food to cooperate with him; it was an important date. It was another hour before Scott, dressed in a black tux, exited the kitchen and bade her inside.

            “I feel a touch under dressed here.” Kyla smiled as she entered the kitchen. The table was covered with a deep red cloth, two candles in silver holders were the only light in the kitchen, a single red rose adorned the center of the table and two plates with steaming parmesan chicken and linguini sat on either end of the table.

            “Nothing is too good for my girl.” Scott said, pulling out Kyla’s chair for her.

            Scott kept true to his word, after they finished eating, he shooed Kyla off to the main bathroom where he drew her a steaming bubble bath and left her with her book and a flute of Champaign. He was making her feel like a princess, and she loved every minute of it. Forgetting about the book, Kyla slowly sipped the drink and let the calm engulf her, she hadn’t seen Alexander since the scene in the kitchen. Oddly enough, it didn’t bother her any, Scott was here, and she knew he would never leave her.

            The water was starting to get cold when Scott opened the door.

            “Ready to get out, love?”

            “Yeah, the water’s getting cold.” Kyla smiled.

            “Then I have something I need to attend to while you get out.” Scott said, grinning and backing out of the bathroom.

            Kyla sighed and stood up, Scott was up to something. He had been oddly happy when she told him that she wouldn’t be wearing Alexander’s ring anymore, and it was a rare occurrence to see him cook anything more challenging the Lipton Sidekicks, and an even rarer occurrence to have him cook something like that for two. Slipping on the housecoat Scott had left for her, it was warm from a spin in the dryer, Kyla sighed, what the hell was the boy up to?

            Leaving the bathroom, Kyla wandered up to the bedroom, still wondering what Scott had up his sleeve. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what her lover had done with their bedroom.

            Candles stood around the room, casting a romantic air in the room, red satin sheets adorned the bed and roses stood in several crystal vases and rose petals littered the bed. 

            “Oh my God.” Kyla gasped.

            “You like?” Scott asked, his casual half smile dancing on his lips.

            “Scott, do this too much and this’ll be the only way to get sex.” Kyla laughed, shaking her head.

            “You deserve to be spoiled, love.” Scott shrugged. “I want to show you how much you mean to me.”

            Kyla perked her eyebrows. “Is this because of Alexander?”

            “No, I just want to show you how much I care.” Scott said as he produced a small jewel box. Kyla gave him another questioning look and opened the box. Inside sat a ring with a delicately woven gold band and a diamond set in its center. Gently lifting her hand, Scott slipped the ring onto Kyla’s finger, where Alexander’s ring had sat until today.

            “It’s beautiful.”

            “A cheap prize from the bottom of a Crackerjacks box compared to you.” Scott said, shrugging. “I had hoped for it to compare to you, but I see that it was an impossible dream.”

            “You realize, you’re stuck with me.” Kyla said, looking into Scott’s eyes.

            “And I thank God everyday.” Scott smiled. “C’mon, I want to give those satin sheets a test run.”

            Kyla giggled and fell back onto the bed with Scott in her arms, grinning like a man insane.


            Kyla screamed in frustration, she was sick of this! She had been fighting with it for over an hour and was getting nowhere, except more and more frustrated. Scott and Alexander rushed into the room where she had set up shop, so to speak, expecting the worst. Instead, they found Kyla sitting at a desk with a number of papers, diaries, and letters spread before her.

            "What are you doing?" Scott asked as Alexander poured her a stiff drink for a crystal bottle.

            "Trying to figure out how the hell I can get the rest of Europe without much trouble." Kyla sighed, slumping back in her seat and pressing her hands to her face. "I swore I had something that would help me."

            "It's called your sex appeal, dear." Alexander smile as he handed Kyla the glass. She shot him an amused look before downing the contents and grimacing.

            "Shit that's strong. No, Alexander, I meant a document of some sort, I don't really feel like fucking all the monarchs all over again."

            "You mean this?" Scott asked, holding up an ancient piece of paper that contained the signatures of a number of long-dead rulers and dictators.

            "Yes! Where was it!?" Kyla said, gently taking the paper from Scott.

            "Under this shit." Scott said, gesturing to a pile of papers. "Think that'll actually help us, Kyla? I mean, so much has changed since that was signed. People may rebel."

            "So? Let them rebel, I don't give a fuck, they have to listen to this, and if they're half the people they make themselves out to be, they will." Kyla smiled, placing the yellowed paper into a black briefcase and locking it. "We fly out in two days."

            "Where to this time?" Scott sighed, Alexander grimaced, he hated flying.

            "Rome, that's where this was created, and that is where it will be put to use." Kyla smiled wickedly. Her green eyes flashed in the light, reminding Scott of the brutal hunter she was.

            "At least it's warm." Alexander shrugged. "Could be worse, could be Siberia."

            "Don't give her ideas." Scott advised as Kyla carefully put the sea of papers away, in some sort of order that only she could make sense of.

            "Sush, you." Kyla said from the filing cabinet on the other side of the room. "It'll be worth it in the end, just wait and see, we vampires will finally have what is rightfully ours."

            "Yes, Kyla." Scott agreed humbly, he knew enough not to cross her on this subject. Alexander snickered and left the room, making his way to his bedroom in search of some much-needed rest before the trip.

            This would be the first time he had gone on one of these expeditions, Scott had been with her for England and China. God, she was really going through with this, she had talked about it when they had been in love, and she had laughed about it as well. Kyla had changed with the times, something she would continue to do for as long as she lived, or needed.

            Sighing, Alexander flopped onto the bed and shut his eyes, letting sleep take him away from the conscious world and into the realm of dreams. It would take some adjusting, but he was just glad to have found his Maker again.

            Back in the study, Scott was confronting Kyla about her quest. "Why so fast? I know I'm not as sure as you, but even you must admit this is fast!"

            "It's too slow! It always has been too slow!" Kyla screamed back. "You don't get it, do you? This is something our kind has waited for for centuries, and now I can make it happen. The mortals can't do a thing about it, we have more Allies than they do! An entire sub culture that has been forced into hiding for too long, now is our chance to shine!"

            "But the mortals have nuclear weapons, the power to blow this planet to pieces! And they have uncountable weapons! Not to mention their numbers, and stubbornness! Do you really think they will take to one queen ruling them all?"

            "I told you! I will keep the present monarchs and other leaders in their positions! They will continue to lead their people, but with consulting me first!"

            "This won't last, you're going to bring endless suffering to us and other species that are best left unknown by the mortals." Scott argued. "Open your eyes, woman! Can't you see what you've become?"

            "My eyes are open, Scott, it is you who has made an error." Kyla said coldly. Before Scott could help himself, his arm reached out and he struck Kyla, across her face, snapping her head back. He felt the impact of the blow as if it had been dealt to him even before his arm had finished its motion. Kyla's lowered head slowly turned to him, a thin line of bright red blood ran from the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

            "Oh God." Scott whispered. He reached out to touch Kyla, but she hissed at him and slapped his hand away. Without another word, she ran from the room, leaving Scott standing in shock, replaying what had just happened, over and over, in his mind, like a sick movie.

            Hearing the door slam, Scott collapsed to the floor, numb. He couldn't believe what he had just done; he had just struck Kyla, his Soul Mate. It wasn't like he had meant to strike her, it just happened, an accident. He shut his eyes and pressed himself onto the hardwood floor of the cabin, like he wanted his body to be absorbed into it. 'Why the hell not? It would make this whole thing easier.'

            It was three hours before Kyla came back, her hair was a mess, her cheeks red from the cold outside and her green eyes calm, free of the insane glow that had held them earlier.

            "Kyla, you can't know how sorry I am. I never meant, or wanted, to strike you." Scott babbled, standing so quickly his chair crashed to the ground behind him. He was fully expecting the female to belt him but good.

            "No, no, you were right." Kyla said quietly. "I have become obsessed with this quest. You are right, I should slow down."

            "That still doesn't make it all ok."

            "I broke a wall with your head, we're even." Kyla smiled wanly. "Come, Scott, don't be so proud. You helped me."

            "I still feel bad." Scott argued. Kyla gently pressed her mouth to his for a soft kiss.

            "Don't." Kyla whispered. "Please, go into the study and put those papers away, I'm scared to look at them, in fear I will go mad again."

            "Of course." Scott agreed, slipping out of the kitchen and into the den. He quickly packed the papers, sliding them into binders, plastic covers, and folders and put these in boxes, and shoved the boxes into the farthest reaches of the closets. He worked as quickly as possible, not wanting too much contact with the documents, but less wanting to be in this room.

            "Done all ready?" Kyla asked as Scott left the den, locking the door behind him.

            "Aye, and you will not open this door unless I grant you permission to, Kyla." Scott said gravely as he pocketed the key.

            "It is for the best." Kyla agreed, slipping her slender hand into Scott's, like nothing had happened. "Come, there are several good movies on television tonight and I want to watch them with you, love."

Scott wearily followed Kyla into the living room, he still felt sick to his stomach, but Kyla seemed to be fine, there was no evidence of what he had done. She cuddled up to him like always, and he held her in his arms like always. It was like nothing had changed, almost.

Set In Motion

          A week had passed since Scott had raise his hand to Kyla, and he finally trusted himself with her, again. But, for now, he had the cabin to himself; Alexander had gone to town for something-or-other, and Kyla was wandering the island. Neither would be back for hours.

            Smiling to himself, Scott cracked his beer and drank deeply. It was nice, being alone, no one else to bother him. Letting out a loud belch, Scott frowned and looked at the selection of channels the dish offered. 'Over 200 bloody channels and nothing on,' he thought impatiently as he shut of the t.v. It was late January of the freezing Canadian winter, and it was still a long way from spring. Sighing deeply, Scott got up and wandered aimlessly around the room. It wasn't like there was nothing to do, it was just that there was nothing he wanted to do. Without realizing it, he had wandered into his study, a different one from the one where Kyla kept her documents, but still was a dangerous place to be. He kept his notebooks there, and one of the notebooks contained his notes and thoughts of the dream of Diana he had had months ago. Before he could stop himself, he sat at the desk and opened the notebook. His neat, slanted printing filled the pages, and little doodlings filled the margins.

            Frowning a little as he read, Scott looked at the last page, one that was filled with a writing different than his.

            'She's mine.'

            'She doesn't love you.'

            'Let her go.'

            'Leave here if you value your life.'

            'She belongs to us.'

            'Go now.'

            "Huh?" Scott grunted as he looked at the messages scrawled across the page. "Who the fuck...?" The writing wasn't Alexander's, or Kyla's, and no one else knew it was here. Hell, barely anyone else knew the cabin was here, let alone a measly notebook.

            He flipped through the rest of the notebook, looking for more messages written by the unknown guest, but found nothing. He didn't like it, he didn't like this at all.

            When Kyla and Alexander returned to the cabin, around the same time, Scott had thrown all their clothes into bags and had them waiting by the door.

            "Um, Scott, what are you hinting at?" Alexander asked nervously. "Did we wear out our welcome?"

            "We're leaving, going back to Ireland. Kyla, I called the present owners of the castle and told them that the descendants of the family wanted the castle closed to tours and ready for living in, immediately. I paid them well, and my plane is waiting." Scott said, picking up the bags.

            "Why?" Kyla asked.

            "Something's here and I don't like it." Scott replied as he locked the cabin door and walked down the steps, Kyla and Alexander looked at each other before following Scott to his truck.

            "Can you please tell me why you're so hurried to get away from here?" Kyla asked once they were seated on the plane and flying over the frozen Canadian landscape.

            "Something's going to happen, and I think we should be in Ireland when it does, we're strongest there, and it is our home." Scott said, looking Kyla in the eye.

            "What's going to happen, Scott?"

            "I don't know, just something." Scott said in a tone that said the topic was closed and better left that way.

            He lapsed into silence, and stayed like that for the remainder of the long flight. Kyla gave up trying to talk to him and went to chat with Alexander for a while before curling up on the plane's couch and falling asleep. Alexander simply picked up a book and stuck his head between his earphones, loosing himself to the world.

            When the plane landed, Scott was still silent, thinking about what might happen. He knew something bad would happen, and probably sooner than later, but he didn't know what would happen, or when it would happen. The other thing he knew was that Kyla's life was possibly at stake because of it.

            "Are you going to talk now?" Kyla asked quietly as she and Scott lay together in the large master bedroom on the Irish castle, the same room where she and Alexander had bedded many years before.

            "What do you want me to say, Kyla? I don't know what's going to happen, how it'll happen, or when it'll happen. All I know is that it will happen and when it does, there's a chance that your life is at risk." Scot said, rolling over to face his lover.

            "How can it be, Scott? We all wear a Bloodstone." Kyla smiled.

            "I know, but how do we know that that gem is a shield against everything? What if there's some power coming out of Hell? What if it's something from before our time and the time of the Bloodstone?"

            "That's just it, Scott, what if. What if it's just a ghost? What if it's just a fairy?"

            "No, it's more than that." Scott said, rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling.

            "Try to get some sleep, Scott, and don't worry so much, I promise to calm down until this is passed." Kyla sighed, and Scott felt her curl up next to him.

            He could tell she was asleep, but Scott himself couldn't sleep, he was too wide awake, too many things weighing on him mind for sleep to come easily. Sighing, Scott held Kyla and stared at the dark green canopy over the bed. It was an hour before he drifted into a restless sleep.

            When he woke up the next morning, Kyla was just rousing herself, and Alexander was screaming. His instincts kicking in, Scott vaulted off the bed and flew to where the other male was shrieking blue murder, the bathroom. When he got there, Scott felt his stomach give a sickening lurch.

            Blood dripped from the walls, ceiling, and pooled on the floor, it filled the bathtub, sink and toilet. A dripping message was written on the mirror; 'she's ours'.

            "Alexander! Get a grip on yourself, man!" Scott screamed, dragging Alexander out of the bloody bathroom and slamming him into a wall.

            "What...where did it all come from?" Alexander moaned, shutting his eyes and grasping Scott's arms tightly.

            "I don't know." Scott sighed. "Fuck, we gotta get this mess cleaned up."

            "What mess, and what were you screaming about, Alexander?" Kyla asked as she slowly walked up to the two males. Without waiting for an answer from either of them, Kyla opened the bathroom door.

            "No!" Scott yelled, leaping over to the open door.

            "What mess? All I see is a ring around the tub." Kyla frowned. Scott slowly turned around and looked into the bathroom; the blood was gone, no trace of it.

            "I think we're in deep shit." Alexander said, looking over Scott's shoulder.

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