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Cymric Strain - Book 2

By Una Howell (USA - circa 1893)

Chapter 27 - A Page Removed!

Copyright Scott Dunbar 2010

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Chapter 27

A Page Removed!

There are experiences universal, and experiences individual, and the impediments of marriage are both. Naturally a family like ours that lived at peak pressure could be expected to …


Our supply of experience was already running low. However, Dell Eberhard whipped up a fluffy trousseau, and after being caught in a few “showers,” at the end of the first semester (time not place), we mumbled our vows to the blessing of a blizzard.

The Rich Young Man Who Was Not Rich At All had added some fifty pounds to his figure in a few weeks, which led some to question his identity as he walked down the aisle, but no one interrupted the ceremony. Everyone not only help his peace but, with the originality that characterizes wedding guests, said it was a “lovely wedding.”
We noticed a few, minor slips, but we would. For instance, the orange blossoms arrived the day after the wedding, and the cellist didn’t arrive at all. He had forgotten the day.

Then the organist’s wife, who had never been known to be devout, prior to that seizure, refused to allow her husband to play on Ash Wednesday. After all, a wedding is not child’s play to be classed with “The Farmer in the Dell. The soloist was studying to be a priest and he didn’t regard the ceremony as unholy at all. In fact he sang “Call Me Thine Own” with a most uncelibatarian fervor.

The solution to the organ problem was like this: A was disbarred altogether. B played for C so that C could play for me though B wanted to, but bowed to expediency. It was quite involved.

The slip de luxe that didn’t show, but might have, was the groom’s. In a guarded moment he carefully locked the two wedding rings made of gold from the family mine in one of the trunks he sat on all the way to Chicago (He would have no “NEWLY WEDDED” labels defacing his luggage!) It was a really nice little turn his unconscious mind did him but he didn’t act on it. Instead he hustled back to the railway baggage room and sealed his fate.

The arrival of the bridal party was so late that the clergyman, who was crouching in a cold corridor, had almost reached the freezing point, and the groom’s parents barely ducked under the white ribbons. Their sit-down sounded the alarm for “Lohengrin.”

Once the hurdles were achieved, the shivering minister tied the know and the Rich Young Man Who Was Not Rich At All kissed his bride and whisked her away to  haven such as Mignon described.

“Where the orange flowers grow
Where the fruits are like gold
And the red roses blow”

And so ends the saga of a family, incused a short-legged, long-haired member who had the most wonderful friends in the world and sang her way into the hearts of gentle people.

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