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An e-book translates your work into a "portable document file" using Adobe's popular Acrobat program, for which any reader can download a reader program for free (Windows or Macintosh).

Our e-books have regular book pages, an optional Cover Page, and Table of Contents and Index pages that can link to the correct pages.

The e-book is distributed as an attachment to e-mail or via other means. If desired, you can list an advertisement for it on the Author-me.com Title Page, in our store, etc. You CAN profit  when interested readers come to our store, where they can purchase the file for a price you set. (A small part of this goes to author-me.com.)

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You have done such a wonderful job and I am so pleased with the way the book looks. All of a sudden I could not believe that I was getting so much for so little!

...AuthorMe.com e-book author Diane Oatley





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Radical Leadership for a New Millenium, by Jacob Hevi (Austria) 

Leadership has been the topic of discussion, so also values. But the intimate functional relationship between leadership and values has not been given enough attention. The thesis of this book is that authentic leadership which alone can fulfil the aspirations of humankind in the new millennium is the leadership based on, directed by and oriented towards the fulfilment of fundamental values of various groups and the universal humankind- the leader being the symbol and promoter of fundamental human values.

This conclusion is indicated by the collective historical human conscience , which implicitly sets the criterion  for authentic leadership  in various dimensions of human existence.    Click to Order



God Created You: A Guide to Temperament Therapy, by Dr. Rick Martin

Dr. Rick wrote God Created You: A Guide To Temperament Therapy to provide information in a fun, easy to understand, non-clinical format so people could understand who God created them to be, how God created others and how to have happy, healthy relationships with the rest of God’s creatures (people; yes, God created them the way they are also, just as He did you). He is convinced this book will help anyone who has any relationship (at work or home or play) to be the person God intended them to be and to enjoy happier, healthier relationships.

More info: Click here...

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Diane Oatley (born 1960, Greenwich, Conn.) has lived in Oslo Norway since 1982.and works with literature and dance in a number of capacities, among these as a poet, freelance writer, dance critic, translator and teacher/performer of Oriental Dance. Expressions of the (feminine) body has been an ongoing focus in her dance practice and writing – the latter in the form of both essays, criticism and poetry published in newspapers, periodicals and in book form in Scandinavia, USA and Great Britain. She holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Oslo.

 - Diane Oatley


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Reading “Technicians of the Sacred” some years ago promoted poetry to an important position in my intellectual life. When editors began to select my work for their publications, I was convinced that I had read the right book. I hope reading these poems will make you feel the same.

 - James Hall

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