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In the Crosshairs of a Mother's Eye

By Rebecca Crawford

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Copyright 2003 Rebecca Crawford





     The bus ride lasted two hours, next thing Liz knew they were swinging into the gates of Fort Gordon Signal Center.  It was a lot like Fort Jackson, but you could tell it was more lenient, as a lot of the soldiers were driving their own privately owned vehicles (POVs).  There were troops marching, soldiers in their PT clothes walking or running all over the campus.

     The bus came to a stop in front of the base welcoming center.  All the new soldiers went in to begin the in processing procedures.  Liz had her picture taken and was given her identification badge for base entry.  After administration finished with the paperwork, Liz was then directed to her new barracks for her MOS.  She arrived at her barracks, which was a large two story building.  There were soldiers at each entrance checking those coming in and out, another guard duty that would come once she was settled in.  She carried her duffle bag in and was stopped by the soldier on duty, “Hello, you’re a new arrival.”

     “Yes, Private Foyer.”

     “Nice to have you on board, I’m private first class (PFC) Dobbs.”  He scrolled down his list finding her name.  “You’re in room number thirty seven.  There are a lot of new arrivals due in.  Go ahead and stow away your gear in your room, pick whatever bunk you want.  The chow hall is open from 1600 hrs to 1900 hrs, for the dinner run.  So feel free to go eat there or you can go off base.  You have a lot more freedom now that you’re out of boot camp. This is almost like a normal job other than duty here and there.”

    “I’m glad it’s more relaxed.”

     “Yeah, it’s almost a shock to the system.  You have your weekends off, of course, unless you’re pulling some wonderful duty.  Just always report for formations on time, do your work, pull your duty, and you’ll be good to go.”

     “I think I can handle that.  Thanks Dobbs.”

     “No sweat. If you have any questions, just ask.  I’m almost done with my schooling so I won’t be here much longer, but I would be glad to help you out.


     Liz went to her new room picking out her locker and bunk.  She stowed away her uniforms and gear, then took off to the chow hall.

     The food was plentiful with a lot to choose from.  Liz went through picking out what she wanted and found a seat. ‘This is great’, Liz thought, ‘I can take my time and really taste my food’.  She sat there eating watching the line fill up, as well as, the seating area.  Next thing she knew a soldier slide into her booth seating himself across from her.  She looked up and was dumbfounded.

     “Hi, I’m Specialist Richards.  I hope you don’t mind, but all the seats are taken.”

     “No, uh, that’s fine.”

     “What’s wrong?  You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

     Liz dropped her eyes, looking at her food, “Sorry, it’s just, have we ever met before?”

     “I don’t think so.  I think I would remember you.”  He gave her a handsome smile.  “So, what’s your name and what MOS are you in?”

     “My name’s Private Foyer, I’m a 39Echo10, Electronics Device Repair.”

     “Ah, the night visions repair section.”

     “Yes.  And you?”

     “31Echo20, Field radio repairman; I’m actually done with my schooling.  I’ll be leaving in a week for Fort Bliss, Texas.  I will secure training in air defense artillery school.  It will also be my permanent duty station.”

     “Sounds like you have it all figured out.”

     “I’m getting additional training there because I want to go special ops.”

     “Sounds exciting and dangerous.”

      “I’m a big boy, besides I’ve always enjoyed a bit of danger.  How about I show you around the base?  It’s Friday and you’re free to do as you please until Monday morning.”

     Liz felt a little reluctant, “Well, alright.  I do need to learn my way around here.”

     “Then I’m your man.  Do you have a first name?  I would hate to keep referring to you as private Foyer.”


     “I’m Calvin.”

     They finished eating their meal and left the chow hall.

     “Where are you from, Ms. Liz?”

     “Helena, Montana.  And you?”

     “Lexington, Kentucky.”

     They walked along Calvin pointing out what each building was.

     “I hear Kentucky is a beautiful state.”

     “Yes it is, but you’re much prettier.”

     Liz blushed, “Thank you, but I do believe you’re exaggerating.”

    “No, I don’t think so.  In the chow hall when I first sat down, what was that spooked look about?”

     “I don’t know if I should say or not.  You might think its crazy.”

     “I doubt it, but I’ll let you know if I do, so tell me.”

     “Your dark hair and icy blue eyes.”

     “Okay, what about that?”

     “I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

     “Wouldn’t that be nightmares?”

     Liz laughed, “See I told you!”

     “I’m just kidding.  That is unusual, or is this a pickup line?”


 They continued their walk about the base, crossing the work out and running field, occasionally saluting an officer that came along.

     “Liz, how about we go see a movie off base?  I’ll take you back to your barracks and you can change into some civilian clothes.  I’ll go and change into mine then come back and get you.”

     “That sounds great!  After basic I could use some real leisure time.”

     Calvin walked Liz to her barracks then left for his. “I’ll be back to get you in twenty minutes!”


     Calvin turned the corner of her barracks out of sight, Liz went inside.  She opened the door to her room.  There were two other girls there unpacking.  “Hi, I’m Liz, looks like we’re all rooming together.”

     “I’m Tiffany and this is Shameca.”

     Tiffany was a tall Caucasian brunette; Shameca was a tiny cute black girl.

    “Nice to meet you both.”

     Shameca looking at Liz, “So, which bunk did you claim?”

     “I really haven’t yet, so take your pick.”

     “Good, I want a bottom bunk with these short legs.”

     Liz and Tiffany laughed at her.  Liz quickly changed then combed her hair in the mirror.  Tiffany stood at her locker glancing in Liz’s direction, “All ready met a soldier, huh?  Is he hot?”

     Liz gave Tiffany a sideways look, “Yes, to the first question and for being hot, well, he is nice looking, yes.”

     “Good for you!”

     “It’s just a movie, besides he leaves in a week.  What could happen in that short of time?”

    Shameca was chuckling, “Anything you want, girl.”

    “You, two,  I’ll catch up with you later.”

     Liz ran her fingers over her hair one last time then went outside.  She could still hear the girls laughing down the hall.

     Calvin was standing in the break area outside, smoking a cigarette when Liz came out.  “I hope you don’t mind.  It’s a bad habit I’ve acquired, but do enjoy.”

     “It doesn’t bother me.”

     Calvin snubbed his cigarette out, “Let’s catch a cab.  Are you ready?”

     “I’m here aren’t I?”

     When Calvin stood up she noticed his height.  He was at least five inches taller than her.  She guessed her nervousness earlier caused her to miss that detail.  He really was pretty hot.

     They went to the movies and watched an action film.  Liz didn’t mind, but her favorite were romances.  After the movie was over they went outside standing there.  Calvin absorbing her nice looks, “What would you like to do?”

     Liz heard her stomach grumble, “How about we get something to eat.”

     Calvin scanned their surroundings, “There’s a restaurant across the street. Will that do?”

     “You’ll find that I’m not picky.”

     “I find that and admiring quality.”

     Liz looked up at Calvin adoring his sense of humor, “I rather like you, Calvin Richards.”

     “At last, someone likes me.  Since we’re being direct, I would like to say that I find you quite interesting as well.”

     They crossed the street to the restaurant.  Once they were seated and had placed their orders, they sat there in silence.

    “Liz, why are being so quiet?”

     “Hey, you’re quiet too.”

     “I have a week before I leave, and you have a two week break before your schooling starts.  I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight.  Would you like to spend the next week with me?”

     “Oh, I guess it wouldn’t be so torturous.”

     Calvin sat laughing as Liz grinned at him, “You’re never at a loss for words are you?”

     Calvin eyes were soaking in her good looks and enjoying her good natured personality.  He couldn’t remember the last girl he did take out that was anything close to her qualities.  Now he meets a girl that strikes his interest and has to leave soon.  “Liz, when I do leave will you write to me?”

     “Sure!  I’ll be your official pen pal.”

     “A pal, huh?”

     “Okay, a pen buddy; how’s that?”

     Calvin chuckled, “Good enough.”

     They finished their dinner and caught a cab back to the base.  Calvin walked Liz to her barracks.  They stood there feeling a little awkward.  Calvin broke the silence between them, “How about I come by tomorrow at 10:00a.m.?  I really had a great time tonight.”

     “Tomorrow sounds great and I had a nice time too.”

     Liz walked away stopping at the doorway of the barracks, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

     Calvin smiled, “Goodnight, Liz.”

     Liz went inside to find her roommates in their bunks talking. “Hope you weren’t waiting up for me.”

     Tiffany turned, lying on her side facing Liz, “Not really, do you have any good details you care to share?”

     “No.  I had a good time though.”

     “No kiss, nothing?”

     “Tiffany! No! I just met him.”

     “Tiffany started laughing, “Will you tell us when you do?”

     Liz changed into a big t-shirt and climbed into bed, “I might.  Goodnight you two.

   The next morning Liz woke up at 8:30 a.m.  She showered and dressed talking with some of the other new girls that would be in her MOS school.  At 9:30 a.m. she went outside to find Calvin already in the break area.  Liz went over to him, “You’re here early.”

     “I couldn’t wait to see you again.”

    “A likely story.”

     “Liz, you’re too much.”

     “I know.”

     Calvin gave Liz a smile, “Let’s go find some chow to start out our day.”

     “The military always uses the term chow.  It makes me think of dog food.”

     Calvin got up, “Your crazy, but I like it.  Are you ready?”

     “Lead the way.”

     They spent their second day together in Augusta.  They went go-cart riding, hit the arcade, and then went walking through the mall eating ice cream..  It was a fun day and night fall came quickly.  They went back to the barracks.  Liz was enjoying being with him.  Calvin was funny and exciting.  “So, will you be coming back tomorrow?”

     “Without fail.”

     Liz felt more comfortable with Calvin now.  She stretched on her tip toes to kiss Calvin’s cheek, but he turned his head capturing her kiss on his lips.  Liz pulled away with a surprised look, her cheeks reddened.  “Good move.”

 Calvin looked around the barracks grounds then encircled Liz in his arms, “No, Liz, this is a good move.”  Calvin planted a kiss on her, parting her lips with his tongue.  He could feel her resistance ease.  Calvin pulled his lips from hers whispering in her ear, “I’ve wanted to taste the softness of your lips since the first day we met.”

     Liz had wanted it too, but didn’t know if she should because of his leaving soon.  “I wish you didn’t have to go away, Calvin.”

     “Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and get stationed in the sa.m.e installation.”

     “Yeah, and maybe I’ll win the lottery.”

     “Liz, be positive, it can happen.”

     “I’m trying to be, but you know the military, more than likely you never get stationed where you request.  All we can do is enjoy the time we have left.”

     Calvin held Liz’s hand, “Tomorrow you decide what to do.”

     “I’ll give it great thought tonight.”

     “Same time, same place?”


     Calvin backed away from her, “I better get to my barracks.”

     He walked away turning his head and slightly waving as he left.

     The next few days they spent doing whatever sounded fun.  They laughed a lot, holding hands everywhere they went.

     It was now Friday morning and Calvin was due to leave out Sunday evening.  Liz’s attraction to him had grown far beyond what she had intended it to.  “Calvin, why don’t we get a motel room in Augusta? We can spend the day and night swimming or watching movies?”

     “Anything you want.”

     They caught a cab to Augusta and got a room at a nice Inn.  It had two full size beds.

     Calvin looking over at Liz, “So, which one do I get?”

     “The one that’s near the sliding doors.”

     “And your reasoning for such a choice?”

     “If we have an intruder, they’re likely to attack you first.”

     “The only attack that might occur in this room is me attacking you.”

     Liz gave Calvin a devious grin, “You better watch out, I’ve been well trained.”

     “I would love to test your skills.”

     “Can you swim?”

     “If I can’t, will you save me?”

     “Well, I suppose, but then I’ll have to limit you to the kiddy pool.”

     Calvin laughed, “I think I’m remembering my swimming techniques.”

     “I thought you might.”

     “I’ll change in the bathroom, you can change out here.”

     “You’re just trying to catch me naked, Liz.”

     Liz walked toward the bathroom, “You never know.”  She shut the door.

   They both changed into their bathing suits.  Liz grabbed a couple of towels from the bathroom before coming out.  When she rounded the corner of the bathroom, she stopped and so did her heart.  Calvin was standing there looking way to delicious to her.  His body was well toned.  He was like a Greek god.

     “What?  Haven’t you seen a guy in his swim suit before?”

     “Yes!  It’s just those green swimming shorts, there, uh, a good color for you.”

     “That’s all?”

     “That’s all I’m telling.”

     Liz past by him in her bikini, Calvin turning his head watching her, she was beautiful.  Liz slide open the sliding glass door stepping out into the pool area, Calvin stepped out behind her.  Liz chose two lounge chairs covering them with their towels.

     “Calvin, call room service and order us some drinks.”

     “Ah, demanding are you, what would you like?”

     “Something with alcohol, you pick.  Let’s see how well you know me.”

     “Alright, you’re on.”

      Calvin went to the poolside courtesy phone calling and placing their order.  He came back over laying on his lounging chair.  “The drinks will be out in a few minutes.”  Calvin turned his head in Liz’s direction, “I told them to look for the sexy guy in green shorts.”

     Liz couldn’t help but laugh, “They’ll never find us now!”

     “We’ll see.”

     Fifteen minutes later the waiter appeared with their drinks, walking right up to them.  Calvin took them, handing Liz hers.  “Just put it on our room bill.”

     “Very well, sir.”

     The waiter walked away.  Liz was sitting up smelling her drink trying to figure out what it was.  “Okay, Calvin, what surprise did you have mixed up for me?”

     “A long island ice tea.”

     Liz sipped it, “I never had one before, it is good.”

     “In more ways than one, it sneaks upon you.”

     “We’ll see about that.”

     Liz chugged down half her drink, and then got up diving into the deep end of the pool.  She splashed Calvin with water, “Are you coming in?”

     “With all the water you just got on me, I feel like I all ready have.”

     Calvin got up jumping in next to Liz.  Before he surfaced he pulled her under the water.  They both came up at the same time.

     Liz pushed the hair out of her face, “So you want to play do you?”

     Liz jumped on Calvin dunking him under the water.  When he came up she splashed his face, he went after her.  Liz swam quickly toward the shallow end of the pool, but Calvin caught up to her encircling his arms around her.  “My, aren’t we frisky today.”

     Liz pulled from his embrace swimming to the steps getting out.  She went over and got their drinks, then came back to the pool steps and sat down.  Calvin waded over and sat down next to her.  They sat there soaking in the warm sun’s rays sipping on their drinks.  Calvin stared at Liz’s long lean legs as she was lying with her head back.  Her strawberry blond hair was glistening in the sun.  Calvin’s eyes were working their way up to her smooth stomach, the droplets of water was beading up on her making her skin shimmer in the sun light.



     “Never mind.”

     Liz pulling her head up turning to Calvin, “What did you want to say?”

     Calvin sat looking into Liz’s eyes.  It made Liz feel like butter, melting inside.                             

     “I hate the suspense!  Come on, what?”


     “What about me?”

     “You’re so beautiful, Liz.”

     “They must have skipped your eye test when you in-processed.”

     Calvin took Liz pulling her upon his lap.  “A blind man tells no tales.”

     Liz could hardly contain herself.  She smothered him with her lips, kissing him fiercely.  Her heart began beating fast against her chest.  She ran her hands through his military cut hair down to the sides of his face. She traced his lips with her finger.  “You make me feel so warm and desirable, Calvin.  Order us another drink, and then come inside the room with me.”

     Calvin’s temperature over loaded, “Okay, I’ll meet you inside.”

     Liz got up off Calvin’s lap and went inside.  Calvin went to the courtesy phone ordering them another drink to be delivered to their room. 

     Liz went inside the room wrapping her towel around her.  She quickly went to the mirror checking her appearance, and then went over sitting down on the bed.

     Calvin came in with his towel draping over his shoulder.  A knock came at the door. Calvin went over opening it, the waiter stood there with their drinks.  Calvin thanked him grabbing the drinks then shutting the door.  Calvin walked over sitting down next to Liz handing her a drink, “Per your request.”

     Liz took a large swallow of hers, “Thank you.  Calvin, I must admit I’m extremely nervous.”

     “Why, Liz?”

     Liz looked at him with a sad expression, “Because you’re leaving, I’m very attracted to you and I may never see you again.”

     Calvin gripping Liz’s chin in his hand, “No matter what happens, Liz, we’ll find a way to be together.  I have come to adore you, and I don’t want to leave you either.”

     Liz could tell by the way he looked at her that he was telling her the truth, from his heart.  A tear streamed down her face.

     “Hey, why the tears?”

     “For us, Calvin.”

     Calvin putting his hands on her lowering her to the bed, grabbing her drink and sitting it on the night stand.  He lay beside her holding her to him.  “Don’t be nervous, Liz, let it happen.  It was meant to be, you and me.”

     “If anyone besides you would have said that I would have known it was just a line to get me in bed, but you, I know you’re the one.”

     Calvin rolled over on top of her brushing her hair back gently.  “I’m in love with you Liz.”

     “I’m in love with you too.”

      “If you’re not ready to do this, I can wait.”

     “Calvin, I want you and need you.”

     Liz reached up pulling Calvin close to her; she softly sucked his ear lob, running her hands up and down his back.  Calvin untied her bathing suit top letting it drop open exposing her well rounded breasts, feeling them with his hand.  “You’re so soft, so delicate.”

     Liz ached with unwanted anticipation for his erection she now felt hard against her thighs.  The heat was burning between her legs setting her world on fire.  “Please, take me, Calvin.”

     Liz wrapped her legs around him feeling his warm skin next to hers.  Calvin got up pulling Liz with him.  He started caressing every inch of her; he lifted her up sliding her bikini bottoms down, Liz pulling her long legs out of them.

     Calvin got up standing beside the bed whispering to her, “Take my shorts off Liz.”

     Liz knew she wanted to see him, feel him, and touch him.  She pushed down his shorts rendering to his hard erect penis.  Calvin climbed over Liz laying her back down on the bed, lowering his hand and covering her mound probing it with his fingers feeling the warmth deep within her.  Liz whimpered with joy and desire.  Never before had she felt as one with someone.  All the fear was gone, no shame, no regrets, just need for him to be deeply inside her.  She wanted to loose her virginity to him, her body shook with yearning. 

     Calvin now looking into her half parted eyes, “You’re my hearts desire.”

     “And you’re my first.  You’re all I’ll ever need or want.”

    Calvin placed his lips over hers, plunging his tongue deep within her mouth as he mounted above her.  He spread her legs apart with his knee, “Mine you’ll be forever.”

     He sank his hard throbbing penis within her; feeling her warmth wrap around him.  It was the most incredible feeling of bliss he’d ever known.

     Liz cried out with longing hunger as Calvin pushed in and out of her.  Liz climaxed; spilling her hot juices over Calvin, he felt the heat bursting inside of her.  It was the greatest feeling Liz had ever known.  Calvin sighed loudly as he filled her with his own hot juices.

     Calvin collapsed; lying heavily atop her, as if she had sucked every ounce of strength from him.  He lay on her breathing heavily, his heart pounding against her chest.  Liz stroked his hair as she slowly returned to reality.  “Calvin, I never knew it could be so good.”

     Calvin’s mind was still reeling from the joy of their love making.  “What?”

     “I never knew what it was like between a woman and a man that way.”

     Calvin pulled himself upon his elbows looking earnestly at her.  “I can’t believe you never slept with a man before.”

     “No, never, but I came close once.”

     “Liz, I never would have guessed, your kisses made me unaware, you seemed so experienced.”

     “Calvin, I wanted you as much as you wanted me.”

     “No, Liz not wanted but want.  I want you always.  Promise me from this moment forward, we’ll do everything we can to be together.”

      “Calvin, how?  I have schooling here for six months, and then I get assigned to a permanent duty station of the Army’s choosing, not mine.”

     Calvin wrinkled his eyebrows in thought, “We can get married.”


     “Do you love me?”

     “Yes, Calvin, I do.”


     Liz giggled, “So when is this to happen?  You’re leaving tomorrow.”

     “It happens tonight.”


     “Do you love me enough to spend a life time with me, Liz?”


     “Then get dressed, we have to find a chapel or justice of peace.”

     “You’re serious.  Calvin, you love me that much?”

     Calvin slowly turned to Liz, his blue eyes now upon her, “Love?  No, its more than that, it’s a forever feeling I can’t explain.”

     Liz’s heart sank with his endearing words.  “I felt it too, from the moment I met you, I just thought I was crazy.”

     “Maybe those dreams were more than just dreams.”

     Liz kissed him, and then smiling, “I can’t believe were doing this!”

     “Believe it, now get dressed!  We have to get back for our honeymoon.”

     Liz rushed into the bathroom putting on the nicest shirt and pants she had with her, and then fixed her hair and makeup.  When she came out Calvin was ready, looking good as always.

       “My bride to be, let me look at you.”

     Calvin walked around her then pinched her butt.

     Liz jumped, “Hey!”

     “You look good enough to eat.”

     “I guess I know what your dinner plans are for tonight.”

     “Yes, you and me together tonight.”

They left the room catching a cab into town.  They asked the driver where they could get married on such short notice.  The fat cab driver turned looking at them, “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

     Liz and Calvin looked at each other then back at the cab driver.  Calvin said, “Yes, quite sure.”

     “Do you have rings?”

     Calvin and Liz began laughing, Calvin said, “I think we missed that detail.”

     “Pawn shop or jewelry store?”

     Calvin thought, “Pawn shop.”  He looked at Liz, “We’ll get better rings later, okay?”

     “Okay by me.”

     The cab driver spoke as he was driving, “Hmm, I know just the place, for the rings and marriage.”

     Within forty minutes they arrived in front of a small church on the outskirts of Augusta.  The cab driver turned off the engine turning to them, “Go in and see Preacher Hayden.  He’ll take care of you.  Should I wait?”

     Calvin leaned forward handing him fifty dollars, “Would you?”

     “No problem, sir.”

     Liz and Calvin went inside of the church in search of the preacher.  For one hundred dollars they got two plain gold bands and were married at the alter of the empty church, but all Liz and Calvin saw were each other anyway.  The preacher’s wife acted as their witness.  When the preacher said kiss the bride, Calvin gave her a passionate kiss that she would never forget.  They thanked the preacher and his wife and walked out. 

     The cab driver was there waiting as he had promised, Liz and Calvin climbed into the back of the cab shutting the door.  The cab driver turned to them, “I hope you’re both happy.”

     Calvin grinned, “That’s an understatement mister.”

     “Glad to see love is still in the air in America.”

     The cab driver drove them back to the Inn.  Calvin thanked him and tipped him well.  They went inside to their room, Liz walked over to the sliding glass door looking outside. “Did we really do that?  Get married?  It’s like a dream it happened so fast.”

        “Yep, we did it.”   Calvin walked up behind Liz wrapping her tightly in his arms, “And now you’re all mine forever.”

     “Shouldn’t we call our relatives or something?”

     “Not yet, we’ll do that later, for now I want my bride in bed.”

     Liz giggled, “Why?  Are you sleepy?”

     “No, not yet, but when I get done with you I will be.”

     Calvin undressed Liz scanning her beauty.  He then removed his clothes.  He picked Liz up in his arms and carried her to the bed laying her down.  Calvin stroked her cheek, “I will love and cherish you always.”

     “I love you, Calvin.”

     The evening was spent in passionate exploration of each other.




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